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Martial Arts-What exactly it is???

Posted by seshdotcom on October 2, 2008

As Zillions of pages were filled and torn and many liters of ink were poured to define Martial arts still there wasn’t a complete realization of what Martial arts exactly is.At this point I would like to write something about this I saw some two movies Yesterday and I got some flavor of what Martial arts is so here we go—-

The only thing I know about Martial arts some few days back is it is an Weaponless self defense

Kids in china Taking Martial arts Classes

Chinese Kids Taking their Martial Arts Classes

How did it get Ushered in :

I think Japanese where the commom practitioners of this Sport.The first word which people often talk in Japan when it comes to Martial arts is bujutsu which I searched in Wiki and found out the meaning bu- “warrior,” and jutsu- “technique” or “skill so altogether it is a Warrior with extraordinary skills.Martial arts is not only a skill of striking others but it is also involved with defending yourself from others vicious blows.The Martial arts not only became popular in Japan it spread throughout the World and became very popular in China.In early times, a number of terms were used to describe Chinese martial arts, which are now known as wushu.The word Wushu means to teach the military tips and tricks.When I searched for some more things on chinese Martial arts I saw that after 1949, traditional sports, including the martial arts, were placed under a government Physical Culture and Sports Commission. Martial arts for nationwide competition were standardized into three major categories of boxing (changquan, nanquan, and taijiquan)-Changquan means Long Boxing in chinese.So by end of 1960’s and 1970’s the Martial arts became very popular in China and Japan.

2 Responses to “Martial Arts-What exactly it is???”

  1. Wushu said

    Wow, it’s great to see other sites and blogs promoting / explaining Chinese martial arts and specifically defining what is wushu.

    I actually have some further discussion about wushu including tutorials and how tos on

    Keep up the martial arts news! Thanks!

  2. seshdotcom said

    Hey I will surely see thanks for your comments..Do you have an E-Mail??

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