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Fat Dolphins go on to take prescribed selection of foods

Posted by seshdotcom on October 3, 2008

People see even Animals have started dieting

People see even Animals have started dieting

Dolphins at a Japanese Marine park was found to be too hefty and they have been advised by the vet to be on diet for 6-8 months.The Dolphins over there are going on a low fat diet after developing something called pot bellies.This was decided by the veterinary doctors when they threw some fishes into the pool and the Dolphins were not able to reach those fishes quick enough as they used to be in their aquatic performances.Kinosaki marine world in western Japan said some days ago that all its 19 Dolphins have been in practice of ingesting food in a regulated fashion to achieve or maintain a controlled weight—-These steps were also taken in order to control the Heart diseases that is getting developed in the Dolphins due to Overeating.One of the veterinary doctor told the media that “We are Puzzled by their poor performance and only then it struck to our mind that it looks rounder”.The same doctor visited that Place some 6 months ago and during that time the weight of the dolphin was measured and when he came back again it has increased by 25 Pounds-Goodness Me thats Huge!!!

So it was an interesting piece of article published in a Magazine so I thought of sharing it

Courtesy whale and Dolphin World

So lets c whether the Dolphins are going to teach a lesson to mankind to control Overeating :):)

3 Responses to “Fat Dolphins go on to take prescribed selection of foods”

  1. Philip said

    Looks like Dolphins have learnt from Humans

  2. seshdotcom said

    Hey it looks like Dolphins learnt from humans but I am afraid that not much of the Humans are putting into practice like the Dolphins

  3. We can only hope people and dolphins start practicing moderation in eating. Are we just becoming a FAT world?

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