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How is the Mythical Kingdom today????

Posted by seshdotcom on October 25, 2008

Greece is no exception when it comes to Unpeaceful life—->It was a war-ridden Kingdom—> Greece has gone through a Period of Rough Patch.The conflicts between the locals has led to many changes in Kingship and as you know Greece was one of the worst affected in the Balkan Wars(First Balkan War and Second Balkan War)and after that during the World War Two(II) the Mythical Kingdom was occupied by the Nazis(The German troops Under Hitlers Leadership).As we Indians Believe in the thing—–>Democracy always wins and it is the best system—–>The Hellenes believed in the similar fashion and the democratic forces eventually won, and in 1949 the Greeks established a government with both a top executive(i.e The King)and elected lawmakers–>Who amend or repeal laws.And in the early 1960’s this Government was replaced by Military dictatorship which lasted for a decennary and four years.And now Greece is an Independent country and their system of production and distribution reflects to their system in the ancient past like The Greeks have the world’s largest fleet of merchant ships and perhaps the most important thing to economy is Tourism,people from around the world come to explore one of the historic hearts of Western civilization

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