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Objects may become unseeable in future—–>This is no Magic

Posted by seshdotcom on October 26, 2008

Ah finally the Science has come to a level where you can make Objects Invisible.A long term research conducted by the Scientists has almost come to a level of having a cheers when they said we are almost complete with the research of materials that make 3D Objects and even living beings invisible.The scientific theory behind this was the materials they prepared redirect the light around the Object and this was indeed a great invention by the research committee because they were previously able to mask only 2D Objects.Why can’t we make Humans Invisible by using our cloak theory?????This has been a longstanding Question I mean from the day the Project Started–>This new thinking moves scientists to somehow take up the Challenge and work toward it.When I read this I got a perfect explanation from one the scientists How is this achieved????–>It was said that People can see Objects because they scatter light that strikes them,reflecting some of it back to the eye,Now coming to how cloaking is done—->Cloaking uses a special type of materials called Metamaterial,to reflect the any sort of waves around an Object like light waves this Metamaterial are Manufactured by using metal and circuit board materials such as ceramic or Teflon–>Which is very often used in coating of Objects to reduce the sticky nature.And the scientists are now doing a vigorous research on how to make Meta-materials to make the light bend..

I hope that this would be the greatest challenge to the mankind(making a thing invisible is not easy)lets c the result


12 Responses to “Objects may become unseeable in future—–>This is no Magic”

  1. Yeah it would be off very good tool to security officials and criminals and not for ordinary civilians like us. but its interesting to read these advancements in technology. Even if u can make invisible person like this they are detectable using thermal vision or xraying them(too dangerous)!!!

  2. aslam said

    But what is the purpose of invisibility…????? I dont see any of the world’s problems getting solved by it..!!

    So i prefer the scientists to work on something useful like – providing a solution for world food problem, fossil fuel substitute, energy crisis, global warming etc etc..!!

  3. seshdotcom said

    Yeah Aslam I think they can do something like that I feel that..And one more thing they could have helped the poor instead of launching rockets and satellites—>Sources say it costs about some 350 crores to launch something like chandrayaan so why don’t they spend this money for the poor helping them to give shelter and food I totally don’t understand the abstract

  4. seshdotcom said

    But I reckon that it would be helpful in some area as kingsley said it could be use din two extremes

  5. Sundar said

    Wow, superb post da machi..

  6. seshdotcom said

    Hi da Sundar thanks da So We will wear the inivisibility cloak and ——- 🙂

  7. davidfarney said

    Great pic here, Sesh. I’ve heard about this tech but hadn’t “seen” it yet. ;0

    And I agree with the rest of you: hard to believe this tech is being developed for anything but military use.

  8. davidfarney said

  9. seshdotcom said

    Hi David yeah even I was flabbergasted when I came to know about this—>And yeah I think it would probably help the sergeants..

  10. seshdotcom said

    Hi David yeah even I was flabbergasted when I came to know about this—>And yeah I think liek Kingsley said it would probably help the sergeants..But when you see from Aslams Standpoint that would also seem to be reasonable Yeah it can be used for both Purposes A Constructive/Destructive Purpose

  11. Anna Rees said

    Very Harry Potter!! Lets hope that this technology is used for the right reasons although I fear this will not be the case

    Best Wishes

  12. seshdotcom said

    Hey yeah I completely agree with you don’t know how it is going to be used…I think it would be very beneficial to Private detectives…

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