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The Constantine’s Constantinople

Posted by seshdotcom on November 29, 2008

The Constantinople Saviour City erected by the Saviour--->Constantine

The Constantinople Saviour City erected by the Saviour--->Constantine

I should say thanks to Flavius Valerius Constantinus who was the saviour of the Christians of Roman empire and the Architect of the city called Constantinople by 395 C.E(Common Era). the Roman Empire had split in half, reunited, and then split again. The Eastern Part including Greece, was ruled from Constantinople(The new name is Istanbul/Stambul/Stamboul). Even before this point, the Greek-speaking people of the  east was becoming the epicenter of economic political center of the empire, and it was the seat of four of the five bishops of the Christian Church, who were based in different Places like Constantinople, Alexandria, Jerusalem, and Antioch, Syria. Rome and the western half of the empire fell to invaders in 476 C.E(Common Era) and this Hellenized empire was later  known as the Byzantine Empire.

The Byzantine/Byzantium Empire:

The Byzantine(Byzantine/Eastern Roman Empire)emperors were aware of what they had learnt and some indeginous Qualities they had like for example they had two cultural Traditions. Rome had been famous for its highly developed system of laws and courts, as well as efficient government and a very very skilled/sophisticated engineering. The Byzantines also knew their roots went back even further, to the greatness of Classical Greece and its art, science, and philosophy.The Roman Empire would have expressed strong disapproval of at its peak, the Roman Empire stretched from Great Britain to the Middle East, from North Africa to Germany. The Romans did not conquer as wide a  path or strip as Alexander the Great had, but their control braved out longer. Through that dominance, a culture known today as Greco-Roman combined the best that both Rome and Classical Greece had to offer<——–>Greco-Roman world <——–>

Courtesy:Wikipedia for the Picture

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US Jobless claims and Obama’s Actions

Posted by seshdotcom on November 28, 2008

NEW Jobless Claims fell more than expected in last month or 2 weeks or so from a 16 year high.The MASSIVE stimulus plans to drive the world out of recession has took center stage on all the countries.The number of people continuing to claim Unemployment insurance have also dropped—->Economic expert from different countries say that the Jobless claims now can show you the clear picture of how fast the companies are laying off workers—>The important thing about this is the Employees who quit or fired are not eligible for any of the benefits that are given to the people.The economy has been beaten to death for the past 3 months and it will take time to bring it back to the normal position—>It has been Bludgeoned very badly that you cannot recover from this menace easily.

Obama’s Actions:

Obama with the Possible Saviour of Fiancial Markets

The new entrant + Experienced Person will it make a difference

Obama’s who became the new entrant to the White house has taken some necessary measure which may appease many of the Human hearts—>he has named Paul Volcker–A famous economist and The Former Federal Reserve Chairman) as the Head of the advisory panel to advice and assist him to stabilize the Financial Market which is in a Jeopardy Level 1 now.Obama said to a Pressman that he will now focus squarely on economy.He has also taken a very good step to cut billions of dollars in uneconomical government spending.Volcker will head the White House Budget Office and will take care of all the financial things going in and around the US Markets

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Wiki founder to break Google Search Engine’s Stranglehold

Posted by seshdotcom on November 26, 2008

Will Jimmy make it happen???

Will Jimmy make it happen???

Jimmy Wales–The Famous Wiki Founder hopes that wikia search—A Project that he Spearheads,will break Google’s domination as the world’s most widely used internet search engine.Google and fellow behemoths Yahoo and Microsoft dominate the internet search engine market which wales said was causing some worry among web users in one of the interview to a Pressman he said “Right now in the US in Particular we have a really strong concentration of Industry”.And he pointed out some Statistics that over 90% of the searches in the US are done through three firms(THE YAHOO,THE MSN,THE GOOGLE) so a lot of people are really concerned about this,the people feel that Do we really want all our editorial control of the internet all being piped and ripped  through one or two or three companies–What if they are down on a day 🙂 :P???Certainly not!!!!.

About Wikia Search:

Wales said that Wikia Search will run on a open Platform and follows the same principle like Wikipedia and he Quoted that “All of the existing search engines are proprietary Black Boxes”,—You don’t know how things are ranked but this is not going to be the case with wikia search you can get some meaningful answers for your Queries..

I am sure that Jimmy is a Determined Guy and will make it happen—->Lets c how the pages,the Brins,the yangs are going to handle this….

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The trend has changed–tailormade Bones comes into Pharos Light

Posted by seshdotcom on November 26, 2008

Now there is nothing like you cannot do in the 206 hard things you have in your Body if something happens to it.A Famous Private clinic in Japan are running a Clinical Trial on the World’s first custom made bones which according to one of the Leading Orthopedic Surgeon will exactly fit into the Skull and moreover it also gives way to the Natural Bones.It is still under vigorous testing if it turns out to be a Success then this will certainly help the Doctors all over the World—They could easily create new Bones now(Would you believe it!!!!The technology has taken us very far).The way that the Patients(Whose Bones are Broken)are treated now is the real bones are replaced by Substitutes made of Ceramic—>But now what these Nipponese Chaps have done is they have created this Made-to-Order Bones using a Powder of Calcium Phosphate(This is actually the Substance that makes up real bones & they are called CT Bones(Computed tomography Bones)—-A Medical Imaging technique introduced by Alessandro Vallebona.It is said that the bones made out of these technique can match even the Bones which have Complex Structures like that of Jaw,cheeks etc..,

Certainly this is a Boon to the People all over the World—-A renaissance in the Medical Industry

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Ban the advertizings for FAST Food to overthrow Obesity

Posted by seshdotcom on November 23, 2008

The Attractive Tasty/Vicious Stuffs (The excess body fat )Obesity the Seven Letter word is becoming a horror to the World(especially for the Young Guns who have just started to realize what life is).A survey conducted in one of the most crowded states of U.S reveals the fact that—THE BAN OF FAST FOOD ADVERTISEMENTS AND HOARDINGS PLAY A VERY MAJOR ROLE IN CUTTING SHORT OBESITY.One of the senior member of the team said “We have Known for sometime that childhood obesity has gripped our culture,but a small research-A experiment sort of research has been done that advertises television advertising as a possible cause”.The team is also appointed by the Government to create awareness about Obesity—Like Promoting/explaining the people to have Green Vegetables like(Why they should have it????/The Good things which the Vegetables do to your Body)as their morning Breakfast instead of Cheese Bread/Burgers.They are trying to come up with new policies to try and curb America’s Obesity outbreak.

The Percentage is said to steadily rise.Television watching itself is said to rise Obesity rates..(Why don’t we Stand and Watch TV at home 🙂 dudes follow this for next one month 🙂 lets see whether there is any improvement 🙂

So try to avoid things that mainly cause Obesity like Sedentary lifestyle,having excess Burgers and items which increase fat in your body….Youngsters this will Help/play a Huge Part in your Future when you go in search for 🙂

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The Pink Slip Menace(Don’t know when you will be a Victim)

Posted by seshdotcom on November 16, 2008

This is not a new thing for you to read but you may become a Victim of this Pink Notice Hades .The Global Economic Crisis is Drilling holes on everybody’s life especially in the life of IT Professionals.All the top companies has now began to think of the future and if this wretchedness is going to continue for another 1-2 Yrs then I bet you Zillion dollars that each one of you will have weeping eyes and a Pink Notice in your Hand.It was said that this wobble started with the Crash of an Gargantuan Bank and after that it had a pendulous effect.And many of the companies are now starting to plan for Cost Cutting and reconstituting…The Problem is many of the companies don’t have any work for the Hired resources so the dead air is running around the Conference hall as Can this Person be Cast out—->Suddenly you get a Mail you’re Fired(But most of the Companies will have it a last Option—>Just like that Firing won’t happen) so it is not that you are a Bad Worker(The Situation demands) and I would like to say one more Proverb in Tamil at this Point NOBODY CAN CHANGE WHAT WAS WRITTEN ALREADY.So slogan for all the people would be Be Prepared(For anything Anytime) but all companies aren’t the same many of the companies have been doing well even during these hard times..So what would be running inside the mind of a IT Professional when he goes to Office Will I be in this Seat Tomorrow ??? If so for how many tomorrows I will be here????.So I can say only one thing be a Optimist and don’t have even a negligible % of feeling that things will go badly..Hey and I would like you share with you one of the funny Serial I watched named The Office starring:Steve Carrel—>It is fully related to this The Office takes the Story like how a Polished Firing will happen—>In One Such Episodes they were about to fire a lady and Steve Carrel was the Chief of that particular Organization and he makes a Plan of sending her during her Birthday so he tells his workfellows to buy her a cake with a Greeting Message Bird-Day instead of Birthday(Indirectly tells that you gonna fly out of this Place today)..And there were many such comedy stuffs happening in that..But it has a serious effect on everybody’s life so lets Hope that the resurrection would happen soon…

People now see how a Silly Little Pink Slip can Change your Calm Life into a Tornado 🙂 🙂

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All about Honey-The Universal sweety Alkahest

Posted by seshdotcom on November 10, 2008

A Sweet Intro:

Honey is made from the nectar of flowers. The nectar is collected by theWorker bee(A Sterile Bee which is proficient in collecting food and maintain hive) and stored in a ‘honey bag’.It was used as a sweetening substance long before refined sugar – in bread, cakes, and other sweetened stuffs like sweetmeats,confections etc.,–and in some countries, is still used as such.And almost all parts of the world honey has its important application in coating breakfast cereals


The Busy Worker Bee on full song

Chemical composition and Other areas where honey proves to be a frontrunner:

Wiki says honey has 40% fructose, 35% glucose, and 4% other sugars, including
sucrose and it has a very small composition of Protien.

You cannot expect much of Benefits from this Sweet Fellow but he does have some Medicinal Qualities..The Presence of Sugar Fructose and Glucose makes honey a rapid source of energy.But even more Medicinal Claims have been made for Honey—>Like it is used for giving some sweetness to Cough Syrups,I don’t know whether this is true or not my relatives used to tell me that Honey is applied as an antiseptic to skin sores and ulcers and I have also heard of Egyptians, Assyrians, Romans using Honey as an antiseptic.

One of the far-famed product of Honey is Royal jelly is a salivary secretion of the worker bee. It is whitish in colour, has a Soggy appearance, and possesses a slightly acidic flavour with a characteristic perfume

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The Champion takes the field for the last time

Posted by seshdotcom on November 9, 2008

The Spirit is still there

The Spirit is still there

This is my second post about this Great Player—>Sourav Chandidas Ganguly.One of the Greatest Cricketer who has his name in BOLD+ITALICS in the History Books of Cricket.But I am very sad that he didn’t score in his second innings but I am happy that he scored 85 in his first innings to rescue India from the Lurches.It would have been a great thing if he would have scored a century because he started his International Career with a Bang against the England with a Century(Rahul Dravid also made his boffo debut in that match).Today 9.11.08 will be a Memorable day for Sourav as he tied his Pads for the last time in International Cricket his Flesh/Mind would have told him fight fight!!!! but he wasn’t able to do that but it doesn’t matter he is one of the Class Act that Indian Cricket has ever seen.Who can forget his Timely Knocks against Australia in the Brisbane Test Match/Dhaka Finals against Pakis.Sourav as a Bowler has also done some remarkable damage to the Opposition he has a Nickname Man with the Golden Arm/Prince of Calcutta—>Boycott’s Pet.Tomorrow the only thing that will be running inside the Brain cells of Saurav is the Memorable Knocks he made against the Pakistanis @ Dhaka and the Times where was Proved to be a Prized Wicket for the Opposition and Last but not the Least the Series Win against Australia @ Home especially the Test Match that was won in the front of the Home Crowd and that too after following On.

His Strength:

He is one Batsman who hits the Ball very Long,I Can never forget the Match where he took Andy Whittal outside the Ground three or four times in an Over which made Umpires get a new Ball.He Posses that Silky touch which many of them don’t have he is a Sweet timer of the Quilt which takes it past the Boundary ropes in the first 15 overs.And one of the other Biggies he Produced was against the Bowling of Arshad Khan and Aaquib javed in one of the Matches in Dhaka.And do not forget this–He is one among the Most destructive Opening duo that the World has ever seen(Sachin/Saurav) Duo which once had the Highest Opening Partnership record.

Saurav we miss you—>You are one among the Players who have made the Game of Cricket feel Proud of having people like you— Having a Classic Player..Your good form will last forever in IPL


To watch his Innings of 144(which is one of the Favourite Innings for me) visit:

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How did they keep track of days????

Posted by seshdotcom on November 9, 2008

People who first see the word Obelisk: Obelisk A stone pillar having a rectangular cross section tapering towards a pyramidal top(Courtesy:Wordweb)

The Tall Stone--A timekeeping device

The Tall Stone--A timekeeping device

The Older Egyptians were among the first people to subdivide the daylight and nighttime periods into very small increments. They kept track of these days and nights with very Old Aged Technologies/System but clever shadow clocks.Many Obelisk served as shadow clocks. The Shadows cast by these tall, slender, tapering, four-sided monuments, which date from as early as 3500 B.C.E.,enabled observers to divide the daylight hours into morning and afternoon. Marks on the ground nearby recorded the lengths of the shadows at various times of the year. On the longest day of the year, the shadow at noon was at its shortest length of the year. Other ground marks near the obelisk’s base indicated smaller subdivisions of time.But I think this was really one of the Greatest System the Egyptian People had because during that era—>There is no way for people to know that there is something called time etc.. etc.. what made people to find this—->It is because of the changing days and nights and Light….

Timekeeping @ Night:

The Timekeeping @ Night times was a very late innovation.The  Ancient Egyptians developed a device called the merkhet, one of the world’s oldest known astronomical tools.They also used a device called plumb-lines.Who knows The Egyptians may also have developed the world’s first portable timepiece—ancestor of modern watches.The Modern Watches/Clocks is it a Brainchild of the Ancient Egyptians

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Now no More Hinderance to 100% Solar Energy

Posted by seshdotcom on November 2, 2008

This is going to change the Universe Green pow N

This is going to change the Universe Green pow N

A New Material have been created by the researchers that overcome two main Obstacles to solar power:

In the Current Existing System we were not able to make a Material which absorbs all the energy contained in the Sunlight—>This new Material overcomes this Conundrum by helping the Panel/Any other Objects which is Used to absorb 100% power from Sun and it does this by making electrons in a way that makes them easier to capture–>The researchers haven’t revealed the name of the substance that is going to turn the future

The research carried out by a team in Ohio State University chemists and their fellowmen combined electrically conductive plastic with metals including Molybdenum and Titanium to create a Hybrid Material—-The Purpose of Using these two metals in Particular is by using this the entire Solar Spectrum can be covered.Now let me explain you what exactly is happening in a Solar Energy Generation

The Sunlight has the entire spectrum of colors that can be seen with the naked eye and all these colors are said to be in different Energy levels/Frequencies of Light—>Today’s Solar Cell Materials can capture only a Small range of frequencies or say is able to absorb only certain Colors at certain frequencies of light so because of this we were not able to get the full energy of which the sunlight Provides they were able to absorb only a small fraction of the energy contained in Sunlight.

This new material(Titanium+Molybdenum) can absorb all the energy contained in the visible light at once.The Material generates electricity just like the other solar cell materials do like it Energizes the atoms of the material and then the The Electron flow out of the device as electric Current(And this should be captured in a Matter of Seconds or else you will lose about 40% of what you actually get from the Sun)_,but this is the place where most of the current system proves to be inefficient—>It is said that the materials which the Current Solar Cells use where not able to Capture the electrons flow as current Quickly as they should be captured and this task is termed as Charge Separation by the Connoisseurs in that field.By using this new Material it is said that Charge Separation has become Effective—->By making a Longer Survival Time for Electrons.

By using this I think we can extract the 100% of the Solar Energy and Promote Green Atmosphere

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