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Now no More Hinderance to 100% Solar Energy

Posted by seshdotcom on November 2, 2008

This is going to change the Universe Green pow N

This is going to change the Universe Green pow N

A New Material have been created by the researchers that overcome two main Obstacles to solar power:

In the Current Existing System we were not able to make a Material which absorbs all the energy contained in the Sunlight—>This new Material overcomes this Conundrum by helping the Panel/Any other Objects which is Used to absorb 100% power from Sun and it does this by making electrons in a way that makes them easier to capture–>The researchers haven’t revealed the name of the substance that is going to turn the future

The research carried out by a team in Ohio State University chemists and their fellowmen combined electrically conductive plastic with metals including Molybdenum and Titanium to create a Hybrid Material—-The Purpose of Using these two metals in Particular is by using this the entire Solar Spectrum can be covered.Now let me explain you what exactly is happening in a Solar Energy Generation

The Sunlight has the entire spectrum of colors that can be seen with the naked eye and all these colors are said to be in different Energy levels/Frequencies of Light—>Today’s Solar Cell Materials can capture only a Small range of frequencies or say is able to absorb only certain Colors at certain frequencies of light so because of this we were not able to get the full energy of which the sunlight Provides they were able to absorb only a small fraction of the energy contained in Sunlight.

This new material(Titanium+Molybdenum) can absorb all the energy contained in the visible light at once.The Material generates electricity just like the other solar cell materials do like it Energizes the atoms of the material and then the The Electron flow out of the device as electric Current(And this should be captured in a Matter of Seconds or else you will lose about 40% of what you actually get from the Sun)_,but this is the place where most of the current system proves to be inefficient—>It is said that the materials which the Current Solar Cells use where not able to Capture the electrons flow as current Quickly as they should be captured and this task is termed as Charge Separation by the Connoisseurs in that field.By using this new Material it is said that Charge Separation has become Effective—->By making a Longer Survival Time for Electrons.

By using this I think we can extract the 100% of the Solar Energy and Promote Green Atmosphere

3 Responses to “Now no More Hinderance to 100% Solar Energy”

  1. vasudevan said

    சேஷாத்ரி ராக்ஸ்ஸ்

  2. seshdotcom said

    Thanks Patcher

  3. seshdotcom said

    It is not like something more technical but yeah it has some technical stuff inside that–>What and How it happens internaaly in a Solar Power Generation

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