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How did they keep track of days????

Posted by seshdotcom on November 9, 2008

People who first see the word Obelisk: Obelisk A stone pillar having a rectangular cross section tapering towards a pyramidal top(Courtesy:Wordweb)

The Tall Stone--A timekeeping device

The Tall Stone--A timekeeping device

The Older Egyptians were among the first people to subdivide the daylight and nighttime periods into very small increments. They kept track of these days and nights with very Old Aged Technologies/System but clever shadow clocks.Many Obelisk served as shadow clocks. The Shadows cast by these tall, slender, tapering, four-sided monuments, which date from as early as 3500 B.C.E.,enabled observers to divide the daylight hours into morning and afternoon. Marks on the ground nearby recorded the lengths of the shadows at various times of the year. On the longest day of the year, the shadow at noon was at its shortest length of the year. Other ground marks near the obelisk’s base indicated smaller subdivisions of time.But I think this was really one of the Greatest System the Egyptian People had because during that era—>There is no way for people to know that there is something called time etc.. etc.. what made people to find this—->It is because of the changing days and nights and Light….

Timekeeping @ Night:

The Timekeeping @ Night times was a very late innovation.The  Ancient Egyptians developed a device called the merkhet, one of the world’s oldest known astronomical tools.They also used a device called plumb-lines.Who knows The Egyptians may also have developed the world’s first portable timepiece—ancestor of modern watches.The Modern Watches/Clocks is it a Brainchild of the Ancient Egyptians


4 Responses to “How did they keep track of days????”

  1. thats interesting to see the purpose of obelisk. I always thought of obelisk as a gaurd tower as potrayed in command and conquer series 😀

  2. seshdotcom said

    Yeah even I was Surprised to realize that this was the actual Purpose of Obelisk

  3. aslam said


    You do take ur games very seriously..!! Next you will say that monks go into battle fields and convert enemy troops, as in AOE..!

    I thought that these obelisks were sort of monuments to the Gods. Anyway, Egyptians were a smart lot, especially in engineering. Quite like us in ancient India.

  4. seshdotcom said

    Yeah Aslam even I was baffled when I came across this partiular thing certainly they are the Connoisseurs…

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