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The Pink Slip Menace(Don’t know when you will be a Victim)

Posted by seshdotcom on November 16, 2008

This is not a new thing for you to read but you may become a Victim of this Pink Notice Hades .The Global Economic Crisis is Drilling holes on everybody’s life especially in the life of IT Professionals.All the top companies has now began to think of the future and if this wretchedness is going to continue for another 1-2 Yrs then I bet you Zillion dollars that each one of you will have weeping eyes and a Pink Notice in your Hand.It was said that this wobble started with the Crash of an Gargantuan Bank and after that it had a pendulous effect.And many of the companies are now starting to plan for Cost Cutting and reconstituting…The Problem is many of the companies don’t have any work for the Hired resources so the dead air is running around the Conference hall as Can this Person be Cast out—->Suddenly you get a Mail you’re Fired(But most of the Companies will have it a last Option—>Just like that Firing won’t happen) so it is not that you are a Bad Worker(The Situation demands) and I would like to say one more Proverb in Tamil at this Point NOBODY CAN CHANGE WHAT WAS WRITTEN ALREADY.So slogan for all the people would be Be Prepared(For anything Anytime) but all companies aren’t the same many of the companies have been doing well even during these hard times..So what would be running inside the mind of a IT Professional when he goes to Office Will I be in this Seat Tomorrow ??? If so for how many tomorrows I will be here????.So I can say only one thing be a Optimist and don’t have even a negligible % of feeling that things will go badly..Hey and I would like you share with you one of the funny Serial I watched named The Office starring:Steve Carrel—>It is fully related to this The Office takes the Story like how a Polished Firing will happen—>In One Such Episodes they were about to fire a lady and Steve Carrel was the Chief of that particular Organization and he makes a Plan of sending her during her Birthday so he tells his workfellows to buy her a cake with a Greeting Message Bird-Day instead of Birthday(Indirectly tells that you gonna fly out of this Place today)..And there were many such comedy stuffs happening in that..But it has a serious effect on everybody’s life so lets Hope that the resurrection would happen soon…

People now see how a Silly Little Pink Slip can Change your Calm Life into a Tornado 🙂 🙂

2 Responses to “The Pink Slip Menace(Don’t know when you will be a Victim)”

  1. aslam said

    Yes, the time is tough, especially for the non performers.. or “dead weight” as they call it. And not just the IT, various other industries are either closing down or cutting costs.

    Things will change, and people have to be on top of their game to hold on to their jobs.

    As for getting fired on the birthday is probably the worst present anyone cud have.. i hope that at least the cake was good..! I suppose the greeting card and the cake were pink as well…

  2. seshadri said

    yeah it is too bad to be fired on Birthday :)..Probably as you Said atleast the Cake should have been Good 🙂

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