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Ban the advertizings for FAST Food to overthrow Obesity

Posted by seshdotcom on November 23, 2008

The Attractive Tasty/Vicious Stuffs (The excess body fat )Obesity the Seven Letter word is becoming a horror to the World(especially for the Young Guns who have just started to realize what life is).A survey conducted in one of the most crowded states of U.S reveals the fact that—THE BAN OF FAST FOOD ADVERTISEMENTS AND HOARDINGS PLAY A VERY MAJOR ROLE IN CUTTING SHORT OBESITY.One of the senior member of the team said “We have Known for sometime that childhood obesity has gripped our culture,but a small research-A experiment sort of research has been done that advertises television advertising as a possible cause”.The team is also appointed by the Government to create awareness about Obesity—Like Promoting/explaining the people to have Green Vegetables like(Why they should have it????/The Good things which the Vegetables do to your Body)as their morning Breakfast instead of Cheese Bread/Burgers.They are trying to come up with new policies to try and curb America’s Obesity outbreak.

The Percentage is said to steadily rise.Television watching itself is said to rise Obesity rates..(Why don’t we Stand and Watch TV at home 🙂 dudes follow this for next one month 🙂 lets see whether there is any improvement 🙂

So try to avoid things that mainly cause Obesity like Sedentary lifestyle,having excess Burgers and items which increase fat in your body….Youngsters this will Help/play a Huge Part in your Future when you go in search for 🙂

9 Responses to “Ban the advertizings for FAST Food to overthrow Obesity”

  1. aslam said

    Definitely our in door lifestyle as well as all the junk food is making people obese. However, banning the advertisement seems like a very far fetched thing. After all there are huge fast-food empires, with hundreds of outlets around the world. So banning advertisement seems a very very difficult task.

    What can be done, is for these fast-food empires to produce more healthier food, and encourage youngsters to work out more ( how about throwing away the remote and changing channels using the buttons on the TV ..? ).

    Ultimately its the personal choice of the person. He/she knows what happens bcos of too much fat, hjealth problems etc etc. If he/she doesnt wants to be fat and obese, he/she knows what has to be done. No use of blaming companies and advertisement for it.

    ( Incidently, i think i burnt a few calories typing this comment 😛 )

  2. seshdotcom said

    Yeah as you said banning the advertisements seems to be far fethcing thing but this certainly helps out in case of Kids—>They see whatever that is shown on the Television and ask Daddy I want/Mummy I want that(If not 100% of them then atleast 50 % of the children.And the modern Problem is He/She doesn’t know what is happening to him after having excessive food(It results in a food Poison and they take an Injection+Vitamin Pills–>There it ends and they don’t realize what they did till they get that next time….So Yeah Banning Advertisements and Blaming company isn’t going to Help It is the Self-Control that is going to talk..

  3. Banning advertisements for fastfood to reduce Obesity is something like blaming spoon for one being fat… All one must have is the knowledge of the balanced diet. In the sense what are the daily required nutrients and where they can be found… there are lot of other ways to reduce obesity. And at times obesity is because of genitic disorder. And banning advertisements wont do any good. When a guy finds a fastfood restaurant they will have the tendency to eat in it… there’s nothing preventing it… All people need are the awareness for the balanced died… and thats my opinion

  4. seshdotcom said

    Yeah Philip I will go with you 50% But this is is the case in America..What if say for example a great star is going to come and take a bite in the Sandwich—>The survey held there says children go Crazy because of Advertisements and Hoarding—>I understood what you said that”And banning advertisements wont do any good. When a guy finds a fastfood restaurant they will have the tendency to eat in it”Yeah if this is going to happen nothing is going to Help him from adding extra calorie—>But consider the various Possibility like The Food Item is a new One so that they telecast it on idiot Box —>Think how many families would go there if it is going to be a Holiday..It might sound like an Unimportant thing but even Banning of Advertisements Plays atleast 10% of reducing Obesity.

  5. aslam said

    Well.. how about along with the advertisement they show you what happens if you overeat ( like a warning on cigarette packets )…?

    If they show two dopey fat ugly kids stuffing their faces in the advertisement, it might help to reduce obesity by more that 10%..!! 😉

    But maybe that’s not going to work either, just like on cigarettes.

  6. Yeah i agree with Sesha on that issue.

    @aslam: Well the ad strategy is to attract people to fast food and not to chase them away. So the owners wont produce such an ad.

    I propose the fast food restaurant owners to go on a month’s strike :p

  7. seshdotcom said

    Hey Aslam you probably thought of a Good alternative for this like showing the effects of Overeating :)—>(I like it but remember there are Some Chain Eaters 🙂 like Chain Smokers who will never give up Eating& give up anything for eating…Even if the Warning is Put over the Food item they don’t care—Obese are People who are forced to eat those kind of Oily/Greasy stuffs—>But it doesn’t mean that Overeating is the Only Cause of Obesity but there is 80% chance for People who Overeat to become Obese…Yeah so Probably I should so an Ad by making children have a bag full of Chips and then show them(After Rotating the reel) This is what has happened to him 🙂 Make his as fatter as possible 🙂 And Make a Bursting Sound 🙂

  8. This was a good post and the replies were great. Obesity is primarily the American epidemic. I have heard some advertisements that some of the fast food places are trying to make healthier foods, but it is hard to believe that fast foods could be healthy. What fast foods are healthy? Apples

    • seshdotcom said

      Yeah Nina Fast foods are never good for health(But to be Frank it is not that I don’t eat fast foods :)..And the other thing is if we ban the advertisements I think it will be helpful to raise the younger Generation as a very healthy one

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