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The trend has changed–tailormade Bones comes into Pharos Light

Posted by seshdotcom on November 26, 2008

Now there is nothing like you cannot do in the 206 hard things you have in your Body if something happens to it.A Famous Private clinic in Japan are running a Clinical Trial on the World’s first custom made bones which according to one of the Leading Orthopedic Surgeon will exactly fit into the Skull and moreover it also gives way to the Natural Bones.It is still under vigorous testing if it turns out to be a Success then this will certainly help the Doctors all over the World—They could easily create new Bones now(Would you believe it!!!!The technology has taken us very far).The way that the Patients(Whose Bones are Broken)are treated now is the real bones are replaced by Substitutes made of Ceramic—>But now what these Nipponese Chaps have done is they have created this Made-to-Order Bones using a Powder of Calcium Phosphate(This is actually the Substance that makes up real bones & they are called CT Bones(Computed tomography Bones)—-A Medical Imaging technique introduced by Alessandro Vallebona.It is said that the bones made out of these technique can match even the Bones which have Complex Structures like that of Jaw,cheeks etc..,

Certainly this is a Boon to the People all over the World—-A renaissance in the Medical Industry

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