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Wiki founder to break Google Search Engine’s Stranglehold

Posted by seshdotcom on November 26, 2008

Will Jimmy make it happen???

Will Jimmy make it happen???

Jimmy Wales–The Famous Wiki Founder hopes that wikia search—A Project that he Spearheads,will break Google’s domination as the world’s most widely used internet search engine.Google and fellow behemoths Yahoo and Microsoft dominate the internet search engine market which wales said was causing some worry among web users in one of the interview to a Pressman he said “Right now in the US in Particular we have a really strong concentration of Industry”.And he pointed out some Statistics that over 90% of the searches in the US are done through three firms(THE YAHOO,THE MSN,THE GOOGLE) so a lot of people are really concerned about this,the people feel that Do we really want all our editorial control of the internet all being piped and ripped  through one or two or three companies–What if they are down on a day 🙂 :P???Certainly not!!!!.

About Wikia Search:

Wales said that Wikia Search will run on a open Platform and follows the same principle like Wikipedia and he Quoted that “All of the existing search engines are proprietary Black Boxes”,—You don’t know how things are ranked but this is not going to be the case with wikia search you can get some meaningful answers for your Queries..

I am sure that Jimmy is a Determined Guy and will make it happen—->Lets c how the pages,the Brins,the yangs are going to handle this….

3 Responses to “Wiki founder to break Google Search Engine’s Stranglehold”

  1. Yet another Search engine??? It takes months to get used to another search engine

  2. seshdotcom said

    Yeah Philip this time it is Jimmy who has launched it—->Yeah it may take days—But I am sure it will prove to be a Great Success.The Design of the home Page is also good—->May not be very attractive but it is Good….It may take few months to compete with these Giants

  3. seshdotcom said

    Hey Philip and it had almost got about 8,122,759 queries as of 6:42 A.M 29th November I am sure it will be More day by day

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