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US Jobless claims and Obama’s Actions

Posted by seshdotcom on November 28, 2008

NEW Jobless Claims fell more than expected in last month or 2 weeks or so from a 16 year high.The MASSIVE stimulus plans to drive the world out of recession has took center stage on all the countries.The number of people continuing to claim Unemployment insurance have also dropped—->Economic expert from different countries say that the Jobless claims now can show you the clear picture of how fast the companies are laying off workers—>The important thing about this is the Employees who quit or fired are not eligible for any of the benefits that are given to the people.The economy has been beaten to death for the past 3 months and it will take time to bring it back to the normal position—>It has been Bludgeoned very badly that you cannot recover from this menace easily.

Obama’s Actions:

Obama with the Possible Saviour of Fiancial Markets

The new entrant + Experienced Person will it make a difference

Obama’s who became the new entrant to the White house has taken some necessary measure which may appease many of the Human hearts—>he has named Paul Volcker–A famous economist and The Former Federal Reserve Chairman) as the Head of the advisory panel to advice and assist him to stabilize the Financial Market which is in a Jeopardy Level 1 now.Obama said to a Pressman that he will now focus squarely on economy.He has also taken a very good step to cut billions of dollars in uneconomical government spending.Volcker will head the White House Budget Office and will take care of all the financial things going in and around the US Markets

4 Responses to “US Jobless claims and Obama’s Actions”

  1. davidfarney said

    Hi Sesh. I know this has nothing to do with your post, but I wanted to say hello and that I hope none of your friends or family were hurt in the Mumbai attacks. Take care.

  2. seshdotcom said

    Hi David it is really great to hear that you take care of people of India.This Horrifying new has Spread throughout the world.All are safe and fine..Hope all are fine at your side…

    —Thanks Sesha

  3. aslam said

    Well, the anticipation in India initially was that, Obama after coming to power would put a stranglehold on outsourcing, in order to create jobs for unemployed Americans. However the economic “slow down” has prevented Obama from executing this plan, at least for now.

  4. davidfarney said

    Glad you and yours are all okay! All’s good over here. For now at least.

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