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The Constantine’s Constantinople

Posted by seshdotcom on November 29, 2008

The Constantinople Saviour City erected by the Saviour--->Constantine

The Constantinople Saviour City erected by the Saviour--->Constantine

I should say thanks to Flavius Valerius Constantinus who was the saviour of the Christians of Roman empire and the Architect of the city called Constantinople by 395 C.E(Common Era). the Roman Empire had split in half, reunited, and then split again. The Eastern Part including Greece, was ruled from Constantinople(The new name is Istanbul/Stambul/Stamboul). Even before this point, the Greek-speaking people of the  east was becoming the epicenter of economic political center of the empire, and it was the seat of four of the five bishops of the Christian Church, who were based in different Places like Constantinople, Alexandria, Jerusalem, and Antioch, Syria. Rome and the western half of the empire fell to invaders in 476 C.E(Common Era) and this Hellenized empire was later  known as the Byzantine Empire.

The Byzantine/Byzantium Empire:

The Byzantine(Byzantine/Eastern Roman Empire)emperors were aware of what they had learnt and some indeginous Qualities they had like for example they had two cultural Traditions. Rome had been famous for its highly developed system of laws and courts, as well as efficient government and a very very skilled/sophisticated engineering. The Byzantines also knew their roots went back even further, to the greatness of Classical Greece and its art, science, and philosophy.The Roman Empire would have expressed strong disapproval of at its peak, the Roman Empire stretched from Great Britain to the Middle East, from North Africa to Germany. The Romans did not conquer as wide a  path or strip as Alexander the Great had, but their control braved out longer. Through that dominance, a culture known today as Greco-Roman combined the best that both Rome and Classical Greece had to offer<——–>Greco-Roman world <——–>

Courtesy:Wikipedia for the Picture


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