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Layoffs Going on and the World has a Big “?”

Posted by seshdotcom on December 7, 2008

                                 Now it is the turn of Swiss Bank to enter into the “Layoff” Party along with the Japan Major “Credit Suisse and Nomura Holdings Nomura Group“–They Both together announced the Biggest Job Cuts ever this is the further evidence that Global Financial Crisis is inexorable for any Industry battered by heavy Loss and weak markets.To be exact the number of layoffs made by Swiss Bank and the Japan’s Biggest Broker has reached 6500 with 5000 going into the Credit of Swiss and the other chiliad going to the Credit of “Credit Suisse and Nomura Holdings”—As I said in one of my Posts you can never Sleep Peacefully(You can roll ,You can fall from your bed, You can Drink–But nothing is going to save you from this contractable disease “Recession”-All these started with the Lehman’s fall which sparked mass murder in the Economics/Financial Markets.And because of this many of the other company like “State Street”(One of the World’s biggest institutional Money managers,said on wednesday that it has plans to layoff as many as 2 Grands of People.


A Good Cartoon to watch till you finish your college

A Good Cartoon to watch till you finish your college



                          Many of the Banks in Asia are axing Jobs across different countries like say for example India where the investors were affected to the Core.To my Surprise AT&T-AT&T Inc has joined the recession parade it was said that the Company is going to cut 12,000 Jobs Due to Downturn(Which is about 4% of Workforce)–We cannot say what is going to happen when it is going to happen said  Ralph de la Vega CEO of AT&T.”So in all companies the first thing they would say is as of now we are not clear which department will be affected but We will Keep You Posted(Posted with Firing Letter 🙂 😛 ).

2 Responses to “Layoffs Going on and the World has a Big “?””

  1. grizzlymedia said

    Great cartoon!

  2. seshdotcom said

    Yeah man…It was a Great cartoon but as I said it might look funny only when you studying college

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