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Don’t Live to Eat – Eat to Live & Be Healthy

Posted by seshdotcom on December 14, 2008


An Ultimatum

An Ultimatum

                  These Kind of warnings should be given

                                  I would like to share a very funny thing  which happens in almost every Hotel.Consider an example of Hotel Guests they did absolutely nothing to earn all these meal nothing was done to make the food but they paid for them and felt they should have that food. So this clearly shows that they don’t have any necessity to eat that much is  a Large Buffet they have that Just because they Paid for it.The very same thing happens in a Cruise Liner(I saw this in a English Film) there will always be heavy rush in front of dining halls people were swarming like bees to enter into the dining halls to rush and have the food(There is nothing like you won’t get food if you don’t involve in that Stampede but people are tend to do that).So now I am enetring into the real topic of debate


Food–>It can be a Blessing to man,but also a anathema why???lets see here

              We all know what contaminated fast foods can do to our Stomach but eventhough we know that we take that foods.There is no doubt that the Stomach is like a Grinder People used to eat in Huge Quantity and it gets Grinded and digested.But a day will surely come for everybody where their digestive system cannot withstand the Over-Stuffed and Overwhelmed Quantity and will not be able to do the Natural Things which it did before—>This is the root cause of all the Health Problems

             Digestive troubles plague modern man. Constipation heads the list of his miseries.Gargantuan amount  of pills, powders and liquids are sold to try and flush out the waste packed into people’s intestines and colon.The Problem with the Modern Man is he takes food very fast which is faster than the functions of Digestion and Elimination do their repsective tasks

             So it is a Kind request to everybody who surf  this Post don’t overeat/Do not be a gormandizer.Have food in a limited manner eventhough it tastes Good in a Star Hotel

Dine with little, sup with less: do better still, sleep supperless–This was the famous Quote of Ben Franklin


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