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Stem Cells have Great Powers

Posted by seshdotcom on December 26, 2008


The cells with Mythical Power

The cells with Mythical Power

                                               Doctors say Stem Cells are Building Blocks of life or in other words all in the functions in body are done only with the help of these stem cells.They have mythical Powers of transforming themselves to any kind of tissue in the Body like say the tissue of Heart,Skin or any other internal Organ in our body.They are found in almost all Multi Cellular Organisms.It has ability to renew themselves in case of any loss and the scientific term for this Property is called Mitotic cell division. There are two types of stem cells found in Living Organisms one is  embryonic stem cells and the other one is called Adult Stem cells.These cells can be got from embroys,umblical cord blood,and even from a persons Body.


Stem cell Therapy:

                            The stem cell theraphy  has become very simpler nowadays that no major surgery is required.In most of the treatment techniques these cells are infiltrated(Imbued or say Pass or say Inject into Body) directly into the patient’s body.Scientists have also got the best of ethical question of creating an Embryo to extract stem cells and then destroy it by using therapeutic cloning process.

Stem cell research in India:

                                We cannot deny that fact that India was bit slower in this research to start but it has immense potential.The doctors have also treated several disorders like neurological,cardiac and even some Blood Pressure an d Diabetes using this special kind of theraphy.These cells are cryopreserved(Stored in Liquid Nitrogen at -270 degree Celsisus).

This has now become a very advanced technique and sure India will excel in this field.India has rich brains which are able to make many IT companies running and I am sure that Medical Industry will also become the same.


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