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Delhi to surrender Russia’s Biggest Military ensemble

Posted by seshdotcom on December 27, 2008


The Domra

The Domra


The Balalaika

The Balalaika

                                                               On the early days of this December,The state of Delhi Surrendered Alexandrov Red Army ensemble.It consisted of domra-(A Long-necked Russian string instrument),Balalaika-(A Triangular stringed instrument that has  three strings) and Accordion-A Portable free-reed instrument.The 80-year-old-Organizational Performers is Russia’s Biggest military ensemble,established by Major General Alexander Alexandrov.And it has also got Music Lovers in more than 80 countries and the ensemble was in India to perform in Delhi and Kolkata for the first time.One of the Soloist in the troop said “We are Looking for a Great response form India,We will also be performing for the Public added to the Armed Forces–>It gives us a Happy feeling that our art/culture is recognized in India“.The ensemble(the chorus) has about 120-130 people  around the world and there were no first time Musicians,All of them were well trained and has already got a Good experience in this field.The special thing about this is ‘The Ensemble’ do not perform very often for the Public so now they have come forward to even perform to the Public added to the armed forces.


Courtesy Google for the Pictures


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