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Bush Shoe creates 100 new jobs in Turkey

Posted by seshdotcom on December 28, 2008

The world’s most ill-famed pair of black leather shoes,that made history,has even generated 100 jobs in Turkey.The pair of shoes that robbed and made Bush mortified of his dignity and landed its owner—>Iraqi Journalist Muntazer al-zaidi in prison,has yielded an unexpected bonanza for its proprietor

How it created Jobs????

                The incident took place some days ago and there was a Great Fan club sort of thing Generating for this shoe and after sometime the owner of the Istanbul-based Baydan shoe company,has been Overwhelmed with orders for shoes all around the Globe.This Brand of shoe became famous because this was used to hit Mr.Bush–Said one of the Fan.And to manage and deliver the Overwhelming orders Baydan has recruited an additional 100 staff to meet orders for about 3 lac shoes of that particular model(model 271) which is actually much much higher than that footwears’ annual sale

5 Responses to “Bush Shoe creates 100 new jobs in Turkey”

  1. jamesad2012 said

    The Bush shoe-throwing incident: A fitting end or an insult to America?:

    Make your voice heard!!

  2. jewelrypearlca said

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