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Kodak to Uncover First OLED Photo Frame

Posted by seshdotcom on December 30, 2008



Kodak Offers a Bigger one than this---Imagine!!!!

Kodak Offers a Bigger one than this---Imagine!!!!

 This company has the credit of having developed the first diode device back in 80’s,it is now to be a Lynchpin in the Organic Light Emitting Diode Market.Kodak is planning to Uncover the world’s first/largest Photo Frame of 7.6 inches and it is called OLED Photo Frame.And there was also a Buzzing around the market on its Price—>It is a bit costly affair–It costs around 1000$ and it is considered to be the Status Symbol in the international market at that price.

Features Offered by this new entrant:

                                                      It has some special attributes like it has  a very Good/Brilliant colour and a sharp image of 800×480 pixels(to be accurate) on a very slim OLED Panel which has a contrast ratio of 30000:1.The one Disadvantage with this Photo Frame is it is not very advanced–After two or three years it is going to be a herald–It has just made an entry to the market.Some of the disadvantages or say the features not supported are the WiFi Panel connects to Flickr or say to Kodak’s Own Video Hosting Website but will not transfer images from Macs direct to the Frame..Mac Users may have to move to some other Options like USB Drives,SD Cards etc.. as they cannot do a direct transfer.The frame is touch-sensitive and it has also two jacks for Audio I/p and Audio O/p

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