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Now Macbook is comparitively faster than its heralds and more Affordable

Posted by seshdotcom on December 30, 2008


The Macbook goes faster and more affordable

The Macbook goes faster and more affordable

                            APPLE systems  unvieled a patched up Macbook systems which has many new features it released a line of computer systems which are cheaper and leaner and comparitively high performance systems than their heralds.Steve Jobs the CEO of Apple Inc said to the penmen that ‘We sell a ton of these MacBooks and people love it’.Apple Inc has cut the price of original version to 999 USD.The new MacBooks have certain new features like custom-designed graphics processors by Nvidia to enhance computer play and video viewing,Glass Touch Pads that allows finger gesture controls.The MacBooks are released in 3 versions MacBook,MacBook Air,MacBook Pro models each have different price ranges.This was really a significant sale because this is the first time that Apple is selling the Laptop for less than Thousand USD—THOUSAND US DOLLARS.

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