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Fushi – 伏羲 the first King of Magical period teaches People

Posted by seshdotcom on January 30, 2009

The Tutor to chinese

The earliest myths involve the Ten Legendary Kings out of them Fushi is one of the most famous and Popular King who is well known for the magical tricks he did.

             After Nuwa created people it was Fushi who educated them certain things that made them effective against the Hazards in the world.Fushi 伏羲 was the first ruler of this magical period. Many scholars believe that his story is based on an actual monarch(Monarch:Nations Ruler or say an head of an State) who lived sometime between 2953–2736 B.C.His notable contribution to the chinese were he taught people the survival skills these include These include using fire, fishing,hunting, writing, and fortune-telling.In some of the articles I read Fushi was described as the one having a human body in some of the other articles and myths about chinese mythology he was described similar to Nuwa having a Human Head and a Body of a snake.

 He is famous for the invention of Trigrams:

                       Fushi is credited with  introducing the trigrams, which are patterns made with short and long sticks. People threw down six sticks and then interpreted the patterns they formed. In the beginning, the interpretations of the trigrams were passed down orally and after that ir was writen down after many many years.Fushi is credited with introducing writing,which was was invented to improve upon the ancient tally system of tying knots. However, its creation has also been attributed to T’sang Chieh, a palace record keeper who lived around 2 and a thousand years Before Christ.

Fushi also taught many other things to people I will Update further things about Fushi once I am done with amassing information.


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The Wi-Fi networks are no longer shatterproof

Posted by seshdotcom on January 28, 2009


This will prove costly if an access point attack takes place

This will prove costly if an access point attack takes place

                                            Recent studies and reserach done by the security and network splinterproof experts has revealed a shocking fact that the Malware could easily spread through wi-fi routers.The wireless access Points could be easily used by the hacker and other Criminals  to spread the Viruses and Worms.It is said that WAP(Wireless Access point)which is used to connect the communication devices to wireless network using Bluetooth etc..,are not tamperproof and there is every chance that it could be taken control by the malicious user and could be used to spread the Malice Program.

                                  The security and cryptography experts had simulated this Kind of an attack and an Shocking news was revealed which said that around 55% of the wi-fi networks could be heavily reconnoitered by the cyber criminals.This has not taken place till now(The capturing of the wi-fi networks)as of now the attacks have been carried out by creating fake access points and stealing others Identity.This research carried out by a team has also made some Improvements int eh technical and logic side of a router—->They are now trying to implement lockout mechanisms in almost all the routers—->which tries to stop endless attempts to find Password by using some of the string matching mechanisms…The simulation done by the experts affected about 18000 access points in manhattan and Newyork and if this is going to happen in real time it is going to be a Costly attack I say you…The research workers have aslo recommended people to try and change the password they use very frequently so that it doesn’t give the malice person a easy Guess…

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Fasting wakes up the Mind and Soul

Posted by seshdotcom on January 27, 2009

                               I have already wrote a lot about fasting and this is the other one  added to the stash.Fasting helps us develop a keen brain and extrasensory perception.We can find solutions for problems that once caused me hours of anxiety and nerve-exhausting worrying when we were in fasting.I don’t know how to explain the exact feeling but Fasting creates an internal Blitz in everybody’s Life——>It make us feel more Serene and Peaceful,it creates a Queitude in our mind—-a state of tranquility.When you Purify your body and Mind you will feel like you have achieved a Great thing in life.The memory becomes sharp as that of an edge tool.Fasting the “Seven Letter word has totally three meanings attached to it You purify your body physically, mentally and spiritually.

Let us do Fasting regularly or atleast say thrice in a week to keep our body fit I am going to try and do this Join me….:)

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Nuwa Created the People

Posted by seshdotcom on January 26, 2009


Powerful Godess of CHinese

Powerful Godess of CHinese

We all know Panku Created the people according to Chinese Mythology and then what happened  how did the people came into existence????it was because of Nuwa- – ->The Creator of People(Human Beings)was a female goddess named Nuwa.It was also said the the Nuwa was Mentioned in some of the early works in chinese like- – ->”A Classic of History” and “A Classic of Mountain and Seas”.


                                  Many images of Nuwa have been uncovered on ancient Chinese bronze sculptures and paintings by the Archeology Crew. Like many of the early Chinese gods(Nuwa did not have a full human form), Nuwa was half animal, half divine. Most often, Nuwa had the face and arms of a human but the body of a snake or dragon. She could change her shape at will to a shape of a tree or like a small ant or like a Bird. But many of the Chinese Mythical works have Nuwa as a Beautiful woman.In the chinese mythology you cannot find more female Godess- – – ->But eventhough there were less female Godess when compared to male Gods Yuma was an Outmatch(She was one of the Powerful God taken on the whole—–>More Powerful than many of the Male Gods)According to the chinese Belief She creates mankind and is responsible for repairing the earth.

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Chinese Mythology—->How was the new World Created

Posted by seshdotcom on January 25, 2009

                           Hey to People who have been visiting my weblog for the past 5 months I am going to start write about a Completely new topic or say a new section to me but I have collecting matters and writing things in a small paper thinking of how I should write.For the past 2 months I had a Great interest on writing this one so lets see what I have for you

Panku the Creator of the World

 We  know that each Mythology has something called an Creator and in chinese mythology the Creator of world is called PANKU盘古-Once, the world was a mass of swirling(Twisting or say Spinning )with darkness. There was no heaven. There was no earth. All the forces of the universe were trapped inside a small egg, tumbling and spinning in utter chaos.And inside that egg there was a there was a tiny creature called Panku.And it was said that for 18000 years Panku Slept inside the egg and as days passed Panku and Egg grew and Panku became a Muscular Giant whose body length was about ninety thousand li(Li- The Chinese measure of Half a Kilometre).One day when the universe was especially unstable, Panku woke up. All around, he saw nothing but darkness and confusion. At first, he became curious by the irregular rhythms of the world and at one point he became tired of all the confusion and Whirling of particles  that happened and he decided that he has to do something.–>He picked it up like an ax and swung it down with every ounce of his strength. It crashed upon the exact center of the egg with a huge sonic boom. The sound reverberated throughout the world and split all the particles and gases of the universe in two and he was very happy since a very new world and environment was created but the sad part of Panku’s Story is as days passed he became Older and weaker and each and every Part of his body became one of the Parts in the Universe his teeth and bone Parts became as Solid and Precious Metals(It was said that Panku’s teeth became as a Gold,Silver etc.,)and his Hair became a the roots and Branches of the trees,his blood trickled over the land to create large pools and swift rivers.

And with that Panku was believed to have been died.

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Papermaking in Egypt—–>Part1

Posted by seshdotcom on January 25, 2009

                                          This was interesting when I read about this—-The art of papermaking in Egypt.And I felt that the Egyptians were the Frontrunner for all the Prizes if something like Innovtive thinking  award is going to be given  


The extensively used Papyrus

The extensively used Papyrus




                   Paper made from the papyrus plant by cutting it in strips and pressing it flat; used by ancient Egyptians and Greeks and Romans

 Papyrus paper was made in single sheets and in long scrolls. Our word “paper” comes from the Egyptian word pa-pe-yo(This has a Pronunciation like an Fruit called Pappaya :)–he he  ), “that [plant] ofthe Nile.”The papyrus plant (Cyperous papyrus) grew in great quantities in the Nile shallows and in the swamps and wetlands surrounding the river, especially in the Delta. Papyrus was a forerunner or say an Predecessor of paper, although unlike true paper (which was invented by the Chinese), it is a laminated material (made in layers).Trusting to their amulets and magical spells.When demand increased, they grew papyrus as a crop.

                                And there were some more to tell about this let me write once I finish reading.

Stay tuned for Papermaking in Egypt Part2

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The Most Virulent Computer Worm-Conficker~ AKA~ Downadup~ AKA~Kido BEWARE

Posted by seshdotcom on January 20, 2009

Nobody could put an end to this worm

Nobody could put an end to this worm

There has been a BUZZ around the world for the past 3 Months about this deadly computer worm.This is a totally different Kind of a worm that People have even Microsoft and security experts have ever seen.The worm does things very Quietly without revealing its identity till it does a considerable damage to your Computer.

More About the Worm:

This is spread by a very Poisonous Program written to trigger it called Conficker.And about 8.9 Million Machines are estimated to get affected by this Virus Program and it is also said to grow larger and the irony is even Microspft’s Patch is not going to save you from Danger.Although Microsoft Corporation helped People by Updating its Patch in the Local Home Computers it couldn’t do much with the Business firms and there still remains a ? on this..

Modus Operandi:

According to Security Experts and Microsoft the worm works by searching for a executable Services.exe then it starts to Play in our system its first target is the system folder it pierces the security anti virus we have and enters it and gives itself a five character <Five Character Name>.dll and modifies the windows registry to run this .dll as a high Priority service.Once it modifies the Windows registry you are gone—–It deletes the System Restore Point you have and making it hard to recover from an early damage and then creates a HTTP Server for itself—And then the virus starts downloading Harmful things from the Hackers Site–The saddest part of all these things is when it modifies the registry keys everything happens in sometime and your computer will become Unusable.And there is one site Operation for this worm it opens a random site.And one of the security experts said to the BBC:

“Right now, we’re seeing hundreds of thousands of [infected] unique IP addresses”

So this is an Ultimatum to all the Business firm and IT industry if any of your employees are going to Plug in a Sick USB drive you are gone.So Please ensure that you use your Clean USB’s  to transfer Data.

Courtesy BBC

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The use Square Sails by Egyptian–Travel was easy and brought an revolution in nautical science

Posted by seshdotcom on January 19, 2009


The Nile reed boats set as an example for Designing  Boats

The Nile reed boats set as an example for Designing Boats


 The Egyptian Science of travelling in the sea was little bit Surprising and the technology they invented was very useful and the Travel south to north in Egypt was always easy because that is the direction in which the Nile River flows. But north to south travel was slow and cumbersome until a clever boatman had a brainstorm(A Very Clear Understanding)and after that he planned of a thing and attached a large square of fabric (mostly linen) to a yard(a horizontal pole) that was attached to a mast(Mast- -A Vertical Stout rounded Pole to support the Sails)near the front of his Nile boat. This sail caught the prevailing north-to-south winds and propelled his boat upriver. Square sails are very inefficient if conditions require much steering and tacking (sailing on a zigzag into the wind) Tacking in natical theory means —a line (rope or chain) that regulates the angle at which a sail is set in relation to the wind. But since the Nile is relatively straight, calm, and the Egyptians found it very easy to navigate,Egyptian sailors saw no need to improve much upon this invention of their Square Sails—This was also told to be one of the Greatest invention in BC season. The little steering that was required needed only a steering pole or the use of slender steering oars. The square sail served them well for thousands of years.


After reading this I certainly felt that the Egyptians were the masters of Nautical Science with their groundbreaking implementation.And as of now  the basic shape of all square sails originally Orginated from those ancient Nile Square Sail boats

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All about Ginger-A Spice which is a Boon to Humans and a Great Medicine

Posted by seshdotcom on January 9, 2009


Ginger has been used as a spice and medicine in India and China since ancient times.Nowadays it is cultivated all around the world Jamaica, India, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Australia, and China are well known sources.The Ginger is not costly in the shops over here in India  but I don’t know rate in other countries.One Kilogram of Ginger Costs around 50 Rupees in India which is equal to 1$ (1 USD)


The Ginger at its best!!!!!

The Ginger at its best!!!!!



Nutritional Value:

             The plant is of great importance as a spice or flavouring agent, and it is widely being included in biscuits, puddings, cakes, gingerbread,soups, pickles, curry powder, ginger beer, ginger ale, and ginger wine etc.,It is also good for digestion so it is added in very spicy Foods Like Biriyani in India. For these purposes, the rhizome-(A horizontal plant stem with shoots above and roots below) itself may be utilized, or its essential oil or its oleoresin, a solvent extraction of the rhizome, which contains other substances in addition to the oil

Claims and Talks about Ginger:

Ginger has had many uses in herbal medicine. It is said to be carminative, and has been used for hundreds of years to treat gastrointestinal distress. It is also employed as an antipyretic, diuretic, diaphoretic, and antitussive (stops coughing) – these properties would explain its use for colds and influenza. It is claimed that ginger stimulates the circulation and helps blood flow to the surface, useful for chilblains->Inflammation of the hands and feet caused by exposure to cold  and poor circulation to the hands and feet

What the Medical experts say:

             Many of its traditional uses have been supported. Essential oil and gingerols and their derivatives (shogaols) present in the oleoresin are regarded as the active principles.Some animal experiments indicate that ginger shows cardiotonic activity (favourable action on the heart). The essential oil has been demonstrated as antibacterial, atleast in vitro.It is used as a very good medicine for Digestion Problem (Dyspepsia).But Doctors say that excessive Ginger intake should be avaoided during Pregnancy

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Birth of Drama and Play in Ancient Greece

Posted by seshdotcom on January 8, 2009


Greek Drama Performers

Greek Drama Performers

                                     Greek drama developed as part of Athens’s festival tribute to Dionysus who is god of wine and fertility and drama and the Greek name of this Godess is Bacchus, the son of Zeus and a mortal The ban(The Ban refers to an ancient city called Thebes in the Nile river Valley) woman. Dionysus was the god of drama and wine. Every year playwrights were chosen to present their plays, primarily tragedies at first, then comedies as well, at the festival.The Plays were performed by the people at an outdoor theater each spring and there would be thousands gathering to watch the play.The first Greek plays had just a single actor and achorus, with the main emphasis still on singing and dancing



                It was said that Aeschylus wrote 90 plays, including Seven Against Thebes*An ancient Egyptian city on the Nile River * and this inspired many films like The Seven Samurai and The Magnificent Seven and Aeschylus was credited with many Awards but but he was defeated in 468 B.C.E. by the 27-year-old Sophocles (c. 496–406 B.C.E.), whose plays introduced a third and later a fourth actor, expanding the importance and variety of dialogue in drama.Sophocles came to know the importance of the Dialogues and made use of that and that Inspired many people and he was rewarded

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