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Birth of Drama and Play in Ancient Greece

Posted by seshdotcom on January 8, 2009


Greek Drama Performers

Greek Drama Performers

                                     Greek drama developed as part of Athens’s festival tribute to Dionysus who is god of wine and fertility and drama and the Greek name of this Godess is Bacchus, the son of Zeus and a mortal The ban(The Ban refers to an ancient city called Thebes in the Nile river Valley) woman. Dionysus was the god of drama and wine. Every year playwrights were chosen to present their plays, primarily tragedies at first, then comedies as well, at the festival.The Plays were performed by the people at an outdoor theater each spring and there would be thousands gathering to watch the play.The first Greek plays had just a single actor and achorus, with the main emphasis still on singing and dancing



                It was said that Aeschylus wrote 90 plays, including Seven Against Thebes*An ancient Egyptian city on the Nile River * and this inspired many films like The Seven Samurai and The Magnificent Seven and Aeschylus was credited with many Awards but but he was defeated in 468 B.C.E. by the 27-year-old Sophocles (c. 496–406 B.C.E.), whose plays introduced a third and later a fourth actor, expanding the importance and variety of dialogue in drama.Sophocles came to know the importance of the Dialogues and made use of that and that Inspired many people and he was rewarded

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