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The Most Virulent Computer Worm-Conficker~ AKA~ Downadup~ AKA~Kido BEWARE

Posted by seshdotcom on January 20, 2009

Nobody could put an end to this worm

Nobody could put an end to this worm

There has been a BUZZ around the world for the past 3 Months about this deadly computer worm.This is a totally different Kind of a worm that People have even Microsoft and security experts have ever seen.The worm does things very Quietly without revealing its identity till it does a considerable damage to your Computer.

More About the Worm:

This is spread by a very Poisonous Program written to trigger it called Conficker.And about 8.9 Million Machines are estimated to get affected by this Virus Program and it is also said to grow larger and the irony is even Microspft’s Patch is not going to save you from Danger.Although Microsoft Corporation helped People by Updating its Patch in the Local Home Computers it couldn’t do much with the Business firms and there still remains a ? on this..

Modus Operandi:

According to Security Experts and Microsoft the worm works by searching for a executable Services.exe then it starts to Play in our system its first target is the system folder it pierces the security anti virus we have and enters it and gives itself a five character <Five Character Name>.dll and modifies the windows registry to run this .dll as a high Priority service.Once it modifies the Windows registry you are gone—–It deletes the System Restore Point you have and making it hard to recover from an early damage and then creates a HTTP Server for itself—And then the virus starts downloading Harmful things from the Hackers Site–The saddest part of all these things is when it modifies the registry keys everything happens in sometime and your computer will become Unusable.And there is one site Operation for this worm it opens a random site.And one of the security experts said to the BBC:

“Right now, we’re seeing hundreds of thousands of [infected] unique IP addresses”

So this is an Ultimatum to all the Business firm and IT industry if any of your employees are going to Plug in a Sick USB drive you are gone.So Please ensure that you use your Clean USB’s  to transfer Data.

Courtesy BBC


2 Responses to “The Most Virulent Computer Worm-Conficker~ AKA~ Downadup~ AKA~Kido BEWARE”

  1. Conficker.A and Conficker.B can both be removed using free software like F-Secure’s Downadup removal software as well as bdtools which was made just for this. However Conficker.C has to be removed manually still. In just another day a fix will be made for it. You can view the Microsoft site for more information on how to remove this manually.

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