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Fasting wakes up the Mind and Soul

Posted by seshdotcom on January 27, 2009

                               I have already wrote a lot about fasting and this is the other one  added to the stash.Fasting helps us develop a keen brain and extrasensory perception.We can find solutions for problems that once caused me hours of anxiety and nerve-exhausting worrying when we were in fasting.I don’t know how to explain the exact feeling but Fasting creates an internal Blitz in everybody’s Life——>It make us feel more Serene and Peaceful,it creates a Queitude in our mind—-a state of tranquility.When you Purify your body and Mind you will feel like you have achieved a Great thing in life.The memory becomes sharp as that of an edge tool.Fasting the “Seven Letter word has totally three meanings attached to it You purify your body physically, mentally and spiritually.

Let us do Fasting regularly or atleast say thrice in a week to keep our body fit I am going to try and do this Join me….:)


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