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The Wi-Fi networks are no longer shatterproof

Posted by seshdotcom on January 28, 2009


This will prove costly if an access point attack takes place

This will prove costly if an access point attack takes place

                                            Recent studies and reserach done by the security and network splinterproof experts has revealed a shocking fact that the Malware could easily spread through wi-fi routers.The wireless access Points could be easily used by the hacker and other Criminals  to spread the Viruses and Worms.It is said that WAP(Wireless Access point)which is used to connect the communication devices to wireless network using Bluetooth etc..,are not tamperproof and there is every chance that it could be taken control by the malicious user and could be used to spread the Malice Program.

                                  The security and cryptography experts had simulated this Kind of an attack and an Shocking news was revealed which said that around 55% of the wi-fi networks could be heavily reconnoitered by the cyber criminals.This has not taken place till now(The capturing of the wi-fi networks)as of now the attacks have been carried out by creating fake access points and stealing others Identity.This research carried out by a team has also made some Improvements int eh technical and logic side of a router—->They are now trying to implement lockout mechanisms in almost all the routers—->which tries to stop endless attempts to find Password by using some of the string matching mechanisms…The simulation done by the experts affected about 18000 access points in manhattan and Newyork and if this is going to happen in real time it is going to be a Costly attack I say you…The research workers have aslo recommended people to try and change the password they use very frequently so that it doesn’t give the malice person a easy Guess…


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