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Varma Kalai–Is this a Branch of Martial arts

Posted by seshdotcom on February 22, 2009


                             Varma Kalai(வர்மக்கலை)in Tamil—>means hitting in Vital Spots  so as to make you inactive(motionless) for some days or even  for years together with just heart beat alone.Mainly this Martial arts system is Practiced by a Group called Sambavars during the early days when it came to existence and even by a sect called Nadars who had a reputation of being Great Warriors ine arly days.This Branch of stunt came into the world by the sage Agasthya according to Old Myths and Stories.The Master who teaches this Varma Kalai is called Asans..The first lesson will be how to defend yourself from a Vicious strike from the other person who does Varma Kalai well(Varnam in Tamil means Vital Spots in your body),and as the days pass there will be Practice made with practitioners  fighting with sticks, especially long-staff.The practice of varma Kalai involves no preliminary physical training, as does kalarippayattu. Rather, students are immediately initiated into vigorous sets of methods of attack and defense, which can be used directly for self-defense or with a variety of weapons. The basic steps and body movements learned for self-defense are the basis for manipulation of all weapons

Varma Kalai

Varma Kalai Techniques:

                            VARMA KALAI techniques include a variety of methods of attacking the vital spots with the hands, fingers, elbows, and similar natural weapons.Some masters even provide some  esoteric(Understandable only to an specific Group) explanations of the potentially deadly significance of each part of the hand

How they Describe the fingers:

            “The thumb is the mother finger of the hand. The right index finger is the guru. The second [middle] finger is Saturn, god of death. The third finger is directly connected to the heart, and the fourth is for tantric practice. . . . When you want to kill an opponent use the second finger of death. If you only want to incapacitate or  Handicap your opponent use Saturn supported by the guru finger so that you only penetrate halfway” 


Use of Varma Kalai in films:

                                     There is  film in Tamil starring Kamal Hassan(Film Name:INDIAN)where he used Varma Kalai to dienable the opponents

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Sandpit Drollery@ Antigua–The shortest match in history of test cricket

Posted by seshdotcom on February 14, 2009


The sandpit Farce

The sandpit Farce

 Just ten deliveries were fired from the hands of Taylor and Fidel Edwards when the Umpires decided abondone the match due to the Sandpit Incident.The Groundsmen decided to have a  sand based Outfield which looked somewhat risky to the Bowlers it was a Skiddy place for the Bowlers when they were about to deliver the Ball from the Bowling Crease or say the mark they have to Fire in the deliveries.This all happened when Fidel Edwards failed to bowl his fifth delivery after trying very hard to deliver that ball(he tried 2 times)and then it was like he has gone very Frustrated and because of this Sandpit based Outfield and he he Just threw the ball to the Ground with Violent anger the Ultimate Problem was he couldn’t get any stability in his Delivery Stride and he missed it thrice and that made him wild.

                               This in turn made the Umpires and Captains(Chris Gayle and Andrew strauss)and the Umpires had no option other than to Abandon the match.I would liek to say one another Incident which happened in West indies it was a Kind of similar thing but it happened @ Sabina Park and that time it was Abandoned considering the Safety of batsman in an Very ruthless and pitiless and Uneven pitch and the Ball was going somewhere else if it Pitches in middle and Off it goes to somehwhere else and very much Unbelievable thigns were happening in that Pitch and you can say this Incident  is a Kind of repeat of the  Sabina Park Incident.And this made both the teams leave the ground in a desolated state.Englishmen and English fans felt that it wasn’t an Auspicious day for them and they did not start the tour well they had an Abject Loss to the Valourous Windies Sife who were now charged up to face what is called the Best English team in the History of the Cricket for these many years.This is also an Incident which has marked a Balack day in the History books of Windies Cricket this is second such Incident happening in that country.The English people doesn’t want to take any risk as they Knew what happened to Simon Jones(The toughest bowler that the Aussi couldn’t manage during the Ashes 05′)Simon broke his knee when he was fielding in such sort of Sand based Outfield during a slide to stop the ball.

                                               The frustration in the Bowlers face was seen from the beginning Jerome Taylor failed to Bowl his first delivery because of the Sand based run up issue but it was actually Fidel Edwards who threwed the ball to keeper in Frustration when he realized that he cannot bowl considering his personal safety.And atlast considering all these things the Umpires and the Match refree decided to call it a day and that point Abandonment was the only Viable Outcome.There were Plans to move the match to Sir Aleen’s Stanford’s Ground but this has not been confirmed yet.

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The Goodness of Pineapple—The Tropical American Plant with a terminal tuft

Posted by seshdotcom on February 8, 2009



The Edible Friut will take some time to tear Open the sheath and eat :P--That is a Kinda tough Job really 🙂

  Hey viewers this Post is about the Pineapple–the edible fruit. ‘Pineapple’ has various lineaments to make it famous and proud.It is not very commonly available in all places when it first came into existence but it gradually took branches and nowadays it is even grown in Tropical and Subtropical countries.But it is not very commonly grown in India like some of the oter countries(U.S.A,Formosa,Thailand and Philipines)

                                             Pineapples are a common fruit, and one of its Unique characteristics is being available fresh, canned, and you can also get it in the form of a Juice (you can have any form of Pineapple product you wish to have). Both the  fruit and the stem contain the protein-digesting enzyme bromelain.This used to prevent a proteinaceous haze(Moisture) in chill-proof beer when refrigerated,and to tenderize meat and modify dough.

Medicinal Values:

                         And Pineapple also has got a very Long history and good stories and claims and folklore in the tropical Medicine used to improve digestion.It is also a diuretic fruit(Used to improve the flow of Urine)Bromelain has been included in preparations that are claimed to be therapeutic as regards inflammation, wounds, and infections, and in some diets that are alleged to enhance fat excretion.There were also some side effects Side-effects that the doctors say harmful if an Pineapple Indigestion happens and they were uterine contractions, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, and skin rash.

I feel that Pineapple has many Good Qualities I have heard the Old People talking about this fruit—They say that it is a Good cure to running nose and Cold.

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Yu the Great

Posted by seshdotcom on February 5, 2009

                  Yu is also a King of the ancinet Chinese Mythology and he is Often reffered with a name called Yu the Great and it was said that he ruled the chinese region for 8 years during the Before Christ era.Like many of the demigods of ancient times Yu the Great changes his shape whenever necessary like the most common forms which he takes will be form of forms of bears, humans, and dragons and sometimes even birds and insects.It was said that Yu was the first person to have passed down his status as ruler to the next Generation and his dynasty is called as Xia dynasty and it remains as a Mythical dynasty till now since it had their ancestor as “Yu the Great”.

Yu’s form:

                    He is an  composite creature meaning his body has a very interconnected structure with the horns of a deer, the ears of a cow, the eyes of a lobster, the head of a camel, the whiskers of a cat, the body of a snake, the bellyof a frog, the scales of a carp(A freshwater fish), the talons(A sharp hooked claw) of an eagle, and the paws of a tiger

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Agriculture in Ancient Egypt

Posted by seshdotcom on February 2, 2009

                                   Like all the other Countries even Egypt have the same caption Agriculture- – – – ->Backbone of the Economy.It was Built on a completely new technique called basin Cultivation.There were dams to Hold water near the Natural Depression areas when it gets filled with  water because of  inundation.The inundation often destroyed or moved boundary markers and damaged or destroyed canals, berms, ponds, and dams. Once the floodwaters receded, farmers helped government officials re-survey croplands. Damaged systems had to be rebuilt or repaired swiftly, so planting could begin.Mainly there were two kinds of wheat crops grown Triticum dicoccum and Triticum spelta.

          It was said that the ancient Egyptians were beer freaks so for that they Planted and cultivated a type of barley Crop called Hordeum vulgare.The very Important thing to be noted here is the Unity among the Farmers in Egypt they worked in concert to get the work done in one filed so that they can Plant some other crop in another field and the work was mainly carried out  using wood sickles with flint blades.I am not sure whether all the Agricultural people have these kind of a pastime but in Egypt the farmers had a very good pastime and work time by singing songs and drinking Gallons of Beer together as recreation acts  so that they wont get exhausted quickly—->I have heard of this kind of recreation in Indian Agriculture also I have seen many Village telefilms where the ladies would be singing the Traditional Songs called Naatupura Padalgal throughout the day taking turns but I am not sure of the Beer though 😛

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