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Agriculture in Ancient Egypt

Posted by seshdotcom on February 2, 2009

                                   Like all the other Countries even Egypt have the same caption Agriculture- – – – ->Backbone of the Economy.It was Built on a completely new technique called basin Cultivation.There were dams to Hold water near the Natural Depression areas when it gets filled with  water because of  inundation.The inundation often destroyed or moved boundary markers and damaged or destroyed canals, berms, ponds, and dams. Once the floodwaters receded, farmers helped government officials re-survey croplands. Damaged systems had to be rebuilt or repaired swiftly, so planting could begin.Mainly there were two kinds of wheat crops grown Triticum dicoccum and Triticum spelta.

          It was said that the ancient Egyptians were beer freaks so for that they Planted and cultivated a type of barley Crop called Hordeum vulgare.The very Important thing to be noted here is the Unity among the Farmers in Egypt they worked in concert to get the work done in one filed so that they can Plant some other crop in another field and the work was mainly carried out  using wood sickles with flint blades.I am not sure whether all the Agricultural people have these kind of a pastime but in Egypt the farmers had a very good pastime and work time by singing songs and drinking Gallons of Beer together as recreation acts  so that they wont get exhausted quickly—->I have heard of this kind of recreation in Indian Agriculture also I have seen many Village telefilms where the ladies would be singing the Traditional Songs called Naatupura Padalgal throughout the day taking turns but I am not sure of the Beer though 😛

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