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Yu the Great

Posted by seshdotcom on February 5, 2009

                  Yu is also a King of the ancinet Chinese Mythology and he is Often reffered with a name called Yu the Great and it was said that he ruled the chinese region for 8 years during the Before Christ era.Like many of the demigods of ancient times Yu the Great changes his shape whenever necessary like the most common forms which he takes will be form of forms of bears, humans, and dragons and sometimes even birds and insects.It was said that Yu was the first person to have passed down his status as ruler to the next Generation and his dynasty is called as Xia dynasty and it remains as a Mythical dynasty till now since it had their ancestor as “Yu the Great”.

Yu’s form:

                    He is an  composite creature meaning his body has a very interconnected structure with the horns of a deer, the ears of a cow, the eyes of a lobster, the head of a camel, the whiskers of a cat, the body of a snake, the bellyof a frog, the scales of a carp(A freshwater fish), the talons(A sharp hooked claw) of an eagle, and the paws of a tiger

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