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Cow’s Urine is a Medicine

Posted by seshdotcom on March 30, 2009


In Olden Days Cows Urine was considered to have both divine/medicinal value

In Olden Days Cows Urine was considered to have both divine/medicinal value

                        According to our ancestors Cow Urine is considered to be the most effective Medicine in the world which during their time was the elixir of many incurable diseases.This substance is said to cure all ills the body have.Out forefathers say that in cow blood there is pran shakti (Life Force). Cow urine is cow’s blood that is filtered by kidney.Kidneys filter blood. Whatever elements are present in blood are present in cow urine also.People in Olden days had a long standing practice of having cow’s urine early in the morning.Cow urine contains copper and gold salts, which are elixirs. Gold has capability to cure diseases. Gold can counter all kinds of poisons, that is why it is used in teeth, ears, nose and finger as ornaments. So that food, air, water enters the body through mouth, eyes and nose enter after touching gold. According to the Vedic Sayings the Cow’s Urine has the following Features:- 

                           Cow  urine destroys miseries and diseases. It purifies both body and mind. Thus mental disease does not persist. It is in the mode of goodness (Satvik). Cancer is due to virus in poison. These toxin generated viral diseases like cancer are destroyed by regular intake of cow urine. Cow urine is fully successful in destroying toxins. A lot of poisonous herbs mentioned in Ayurveda are purified from their poison by cow urine. Cow urine keeps mind happy & calm. So body remains healthy.

But while mentioning all these things they(Our Forefathers)have also mentioned some preconditions like from where you can take the cow Urine—–The cow which roams in a jungle or in a forest, excercises herself, fully grazes grass and medicinal herbs as she desires, drinks

I am not sure how many of them follow this now but I am sure that the old saying will not be a delusive stuff so I am also not sure how many of them in this Generation are following it ,but this certainly proves to be an Unique Method of curing diseases and One more thing is you cannot take the urine of the cow which are in this world now—–because I believe none of the cows are Grazing  Grasses they are only Grazing the Plastic sheets and newspapers 😛  nowadays

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The Dyson Bloomer

Posted by seshdotcom on March 22, 2009


If you were seeing this Disaster and if you were a West Indian Fan you would have felt like Why not Hang Dyson :@?????? because that was a Blunder caused by Dyson and the West Indies dressing room is filled with darkness when they lost their first ODI against England on Friday.

                                    The Pitch in Providence stadium Guyana is always a Subject of speculation so it was a good decision by Enlgand opting to bat first.Though the openers Ravi Bopara and Andrew Strauss failed to fire from their Guns Collingwood,Owais Shah steadied the English innings with 60 apiece.And then it began the W.I were looking Positive and even the Himalayan Target seems to be very less when Simmons and Sarwan were Charging, Simmons  came down the pitch and lofted Batty over the top and that alleviated the pressure  a bit.And there were some lustrous blows from the Bludgeoning arm of Pollard and that took the pressure out of Shivanarine Chnaderpaul who was playing a beauty at the other end.But the disaster period started when the Light started Fading and Stuart Broad trapped Dinesh Ramdin to satisfy D/L so as to make the English Side ahead with that Crucial Wicket during that time West Indies required 27 from 22 balls but when the seventh wicket went down a Wierd thing happened that Dyson called Off his not out Batsman to come to the dressing room and this was a Blunder by Dyson because he saw the wrong row in the scorecard column and thought that W.I is in the Favourable Position and if they walk now they will win,but on the other hand Strauss knows that English side is ahead when he took the wicket of Dinesh Ramdin and finally because of this Miscalculation England won by 1 run(D/L Method).When asked by the penmen after the match Dyson told 


      I went down the wrong column. It\’s my responsibility, that\’s it. I\’ve apologised to the team, that\’s all I can do. It was a bad mistake.But in one way I am proud of Dyson in one way because only very few people in this world  have fortitude to accept their mistake  and Dyson is one among them.I am sure this will be a Black day for W.I cricket but I believe this will also improve Dyson Coaching standards and thinking hereafter.

Captain Chris Gayle wasn\’t that happy but said \”Yes it is a Bad Mistake and here\’s no reason to point any finger. I\’m not going to kill him for that\”.

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More on Varma kalai–>How many vital spots are there??

Posted by seshdotcom on March 21, 2009

                   Varma ati(Varma Kalai)practitioners usually agree that 108 is the actual number ofvital spots first identified by the sage Agasthya. Unlike the 107 vital spots identified in Susruta’s medical treatise as the total number of spots identified by forty-three names, 108 is actually the number of names of the vitalspots in this tradition. Since some names identify single spots, and othersare double, the number of vital spots may total more than 200.

                 In the varma Kalai tradition, of the 108 spots, 96 are classified as minor spots (thodu varmam) and 12 as the major deadly vital spots (padu varmam).These most deadly spots are those that, when penetrated enough, cause instant death. The more numerous minor spots are not as dangerous when penetrated, but penetration does cause pain and incapacitation

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Alec Ste’wart’ the man of Steel

Posted by seshdotcom on March 9, 2009

                Hey I just thought I could write about this Guy—>Supposed to be the best Wicket Keeper batsman that England has ever Produced.Alec James Stewart’s Blood is not new to Cricket the Cricket Gene was in his Blood when he was born–>(He is the son of Former English test Cricketer Micky Stewart.)Notable thing is both Father and Son were Good Opening batsmen. But that epic Gloves of the England Wicket keeping did not come to him immediately he was playing in the team just as an Opening Player since the exeprienced Jack Russel was keeping the Vigil over the Batsman behind the timber,but as years passed by Jack Russel decided to Pin up his Gloves (this happend around the year 1998) and that made Stewart as the unchallenged/unquestioned Wicket Keeper of the English Cricket team.But Stewart has also worn the wicket keeping gloves during some of the Matches where Russel was rested.(So it doesn’t mean that he first had his Glovework with the  Quilt only on 1998)

Composed Man

When did Stewart Unviel himself to the Globe:

                                           Stewart had a very Good Start to his career and he impressed the selectors and they had good faith on him.But on 4th June the stage was set for Stewart to Perform and it happened against the Mighty Pakistani Attack which included the W’s and Waquar Stewart scored 190 in this test at Edbgaston but it resulted in a draw.(This was stewart’s Highest Individual score in tests).Alec Stewart from his very young age had Leadership Qualities and he was appointed as the Vice Captain of the English side when Graham Gooch was leading the side.After sometime(i.e after Artherton era) the Captaincy was Handed to Alec Stewart and he led the English side during the 1999 World Cup and due to his Captaincy records Alecs’ captaincy was rifled and it fell in the Hands of Nasser Hussain.He has a Unique record  he is the Only batsman to have his average<40.00 with 8000 or more runs scored in Tests.

I can still remember the breathtaking knock he played against the South Africans in Old Trafford and the SuperSonic innings he played against the West Indies during the England tour of West Indies in late 1994.(I think he scored some 140 odd runs I don’t exactly remember).

On the Whole stewart was considered as a Powerpack in the English Side in both ODI’s and Tests—>He really is a rare pearl in the Ocean called Cricket.

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The Inca Empire—>Just an Intro

Posted by seshdotcom on March 8, 2009

Hey this is a new category of my Weblog –>Quite an Young Category lets see how things Pan Out

               It is not easy to gather information about the Inca Empire like other Empires because the Inca Empire did not have any Written things they did not even have symbols called hieroglyphs in ancient Egyptian Language.The Inca civilization passed its history along by means of oral tradition.

What does Inca mean?

                                   Inca is a Member of the Quechuan people living in the Cuzco valley in Peru.The Cuzco is the Capital city of the Inca Empire.The Word “Inca” in Quechuan Language refers to a Leader/Chief.There is one more word called Sapa Inca which means unique leader.So according to some of the works made on Inca Empire —>It was said to have been ruled by 13 Sapa Incas.The empire began in Cuzco, a village founded by Manco Capac, thefirst sapa inca, and settled by his followers. The village still exists in what is today southeastern Peru.They(The Incas)ruled over 2500 miles in along the South America and not to forget one another thing these were just known by the Oral sayings no records or anything to Prove this.

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The Uproot’er’

Posted by seshdotcom on March 6, 2009


                             The History of cricket has seen many great bowlers Uprooting the Sticks but there were Only very few who will be in our Mind forever.I believe that Dale Steyn is one of them.His fiery Pace takes the Timber far away in the Ground to a Distance between Nadir and Zenith.



He has  Bowled some Unplayable deliveries which always stays in our memories.Steyn started his cricketing career with the domestic season with  Nashua Titans.He is also a handy batsman lower down the Order who set the SA Spectators with fire and enthusiasm when he comes to crease you can either expect a Big hit or a early dismissal he has a typical Style of batting.In the second match of the recently concluded tour in Australia Steyn had a 180 run Partnership with JP Duminy who scored a Double ton.Steyn scored 76(191).

 He is currently a lethal weapon in test cricket with having the record of having second best strike rate behind George Lohmann.

Coming to his negatives he is a kind of aggressive bowler who very often have face to face conversation with Batsman which has resulted in some problems I can never forget the Spat he had with Gayle when Chris Gayle hit him his delivery to a Six.But we cannot forget the ODI series where he damaged the entire WI Line Up Uprooting many sticks(Devon Smith was the first victim)and it is hard to believe that one of them broke unable to withstand Dale’s igneous  Pace.

On the whole he is an everlasting Package that South Africa has Produced.

I would like to attach the Video for the readers to see those rippers.

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