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Posted by seshdotcom on March 6, 2009


                             The History of cricket has seen many great bowlers Uprooting the Sticks but there were Only very few who will be in our Mind forever.I believe that Dale Steyn is one of them.His fiery Pace takes the Timber far away in the Ground to a Distance between Nadir and Zenith.



He has  Bowled some Unplayable deliveries which always stays in our memories.Steyn started his cricketing career with the domestic season with  Nashua Titans.He is also a handy batsman lower down the Order who set the SA Spectators with fire and enthusiasm when he comes to crease you can either expect a Big hit or a early dismissal he has a typical Style of batting.In the second match of the recently concluded tour in Australia Steyn had a 180 run Partnership with JP Duminy who scored a Double ton.Steyn scored 76(191).

 He is currently a lethal weapon in test cricket with having the record of having second best strike rate behind George Lohmann.

Coming to his negatives he is a kind of aggressive bowler who very often have face to face conversation with Batsman which has resulted in some problems I can never forget the Spat he had with Gayle when Chris Gayle hit him his delivery to a Six.But we cannot forget the ODI series where he damaged the entire WI Line Up Uprooting many sticks(Devon Smith was the first victim)and it is hard to believe that one of them broke unable to withstand Dale’s igneous  Pace.

On the whole he is an everlasting Package that South Africa has Produced.

I would like to attach the Video for the readers to see those rippers.

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