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The Inca Empire—>Just an Intro

Posted by seshdotcom on March 8, 2009

Hey this is a new category of my Weblog –>Quite an Young Category lets see how things Pan Out

               It is not easy to gather information about the Inca Empire like other Empires because the Inca Empire did not have any Written things they did not even have symbols called hieroglyphs in ancient Egyptian Language.The Inca civilization passed its history along by means of oral tradition.

What does Inca mean?

                                   Inca is a Member of the Quechuan people living in the Cuzco valley in Peru.The Cuzco is the Capital city of the Inca Empire.The Word “Inca” in Quechuan Language refers to a Leader/Chief.There is one more word called Sapa Inca which means unique leader.So according to some of the works made on Inca Empire —>It was said to have been ruled by 13 Sapa Incas.The empire began in Cuzco, a village founded by Manco Capac, thefirst sapa inca, and settled by his followers. The village still exists in what is today southeastern Peru.They(The Incas)ruled over 2500 miles in along the South America and not to forget one another thing these were just known by the Oral sayings no records or anything to Prove this.

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