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Alec Ste’wart’ the man of Steel

Posted by seshdotcom on March 9, 2009

                Hey I just thought I could write about this Guy—>Supposed to be the best Wicket Keeper batsman that England has ever Produced.Alec James Stewart’s Blood is not new to Cricket the Cricket Gene was in his Blood when he was born–>(He is the son of Former English test Cricketer Micky Stewart.)Notable thing is both Father and Son were Good Opening batsmen. But that epic Gloves of the England Wicket keeping did not come to him immediately he was playing in the team just as an Opening Player since the exeprienced Jack Russel was keeping the Vigil over the Batsman behind the timber,but as years passed by Jack Russel decided to Pin up his Gloves (this happend around the year 1998) and that made Stewart as the unchallenged/unquestioned Wicket Keeper of the English Cricket team.But Stewart has also worn the wicket keeping gloves during some of the Matches where Russel was rested.(So it doesn’t mean that he first had his Glovework with the  Quilt only on 1998)

Composed Man

When did Stewart Unviel himself to the Globe:

                                           Stewart had a very Good Start to his career and he impressed the selectors and they had good faith on him.But on 4th June the stage was set for Stewart to Perform and it happened against the Mighty Pakistani Attack which included the W’s and Waquar Stewart scored 190 in this test at Edbgaston but it resulted in a draw.(This was stewart’s Highest Individual score in tests).Alec Stewart from his very young age had Leadership Qualities and he was appointed as the Vice Captain of the English side when Graham Gooch was leading the side.After sometime(i.e after Artherton era) the Captaincy was Handed to Alec Stewart and he led the English side during the 1999 World Cup and due to his Captaincy records Alecs’ captaincy was rifled and it fell in the Hands of Nasser Hussain.He has a Unique record  he is the Only batsman to have his average<40.00 with 8000 or more runs scored in Tests.

I can still remember the breathtaking knock he played against the South Africans in Old Trafford and the SuperSonic innings he played against the West Indies during the England tour of West Indies in late 1994.(I think he scored some 140 odd runs I don’t exactly remember).

On the Whole stewart was considered as a Powerpack in the English Side in both ODI’s and Tests—>He really is a rare pearl in the Ocean called Cricket.

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