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Posted by seshdotcom on March 22, 2009


If you were seeing this Disaster and if you were a West Indian Fan you would have felt like Why not Hang Dyson :@?????? because that was a Blunder caused by Dyson and the West Indies dressing room is filled with darkness when they lost their first ODI against England on Friday.

                                    The Pitch in Providence stadium Guyana is always a Subject of speculation so it was a good decision by Enlgand opting to bat first.Though the openers Ravi Bopara and Andrew Strauss failed to fire from their Guns Collingwood,Owais Shah steadied the English innings with 60 apiece.And then it began the W.I were looking Positive and even the Himalayan Target seems to be very less when Simmons and Sarwan were Charging, Simmons  came down the pitch and lofted Batty over the top and that alleviated the pressure  a bit.And there were some lustrous blows from the Bludgeoning arm of Pollard and that took the pressure out of Shivanarine Chnaderpaul who was playing a beauty at the other end.But the disaster period started when the Light started Fading and Stuart Broad trapped Dinesh Ramdin to satisfy D/L so as to make the English Side ahead with that Crucial Wicket during that time West Indies required 27 from 22 balls but when the seventh wicket went down a Wierd thing happened that Dyson called Off his not out Batsman to come to the dressing room and this was a Blunder by Dyson because he saw the wrong row in the scorecard column and thought that W.I is in the Favourable Position and if they walk now they will win,but on the other hand Strauss knows that English side is ahead when he took the wicket of Dinesh Ramdin and finally because of this Miscalculation England won by 1 run(D/L Method).When asked by the penmen after the match Dyson told 


      I went down the wrong column. It\’s my responsibility, that\’s it. I\’ve apologised to the team, that\’s all I can do. It was a bad mistake.But in one way I am proud of Dyson in one way because only very few people in this world  have fortitude to accept their mistake  and Dyson is one among them.I am sure this will be a Black day for W.I cricket but I believe this will also improve Dyson Coaching standards and thinking hereafter.

Captain Chris Gayle wasn\’t that happy but said \”Yes it is a Bad Mistake and here\’s no reason to point any finger. I\’m not going to kill him for that\”.


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