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The Origin and the Goodness of Henna

Posted by seshdotcom on June 29, 2009

Henna is an evergreen shrub, considered
native to Africa and Asia but also
naturalized in America and Australia. It is
widely cultivated in tropical regions, e.g.
Egypt, Sudan, China, India, Florida, and
the West Indies

Henna is an evergreen low woody perennial plant , and it was considered to be the  native to Africa and Asia but also naturalized in America and Australia. It is widely cultivated in tropical regions like Egypt, Sudan, West Indies and in some part of china and West Indies.Henna as we all know is very famous Hair dyeing and common in South/North Indian Marriages especially to color the palm Called Mehndi for more information visit .Henna also has many Herbal Values but people seldom know about that—>Henna is very famous for Orange-red dye.It has also got its application in the Perfumery Section a Lilac scented oil is obtained after crushing henna and making it dry and it is mixed in perfumes to impregnate an odour.

Henna Crushed

Henna Crushed

Other places where Henna plays a lynchpin role:

  • It is used as a windbreak in the Wineyards to prevent erosion and lessen the force of wind.
  • It is used as a medicine for dysentry and leprosy

But we all know that Henna plays a Major role only as a Dyeing agent…

Bad effects of Henna according to Medical reports:

Food and Drug Administration carried out a research and it has found some drawbacks with henna they say that Henna pre-Mixed paste has been found to have ingridients of Heavy Metals like Nickel,Cobalt,Chromium,Lead which would cause considerable tampering to our skin but people are least bothered about that because henna makes you beautiful.It enhances the beauty in you..

Courtesy Wiki

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