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Incas were the first to plant Potatoes

Posted by seshdotcom on September 20, 2009

We all know Potatoes are tuberous crops and it is very commonly used to prepare various dishes in Asia and in Europe but the astonishing fact is the Incas were the first to plant potatoes.Wiki says that the annual diet of a Person in this world is like 33Kg of Potatoes.

History of Solanum tuberosum:

It would seem that a potato is a potato  but it is not so. The most common type of potato eaten in the world today is the solanum tuberosum, which is directly traced to Inca agriculture. In fact, the solanum tuberosum
was one of several hundred potatoes and tubers grown in the Inca Empire. Today, most potatoes worldwide fall under one of about seven different potato species. In the Andes, roughly 3,000 different potato varieties are grown and sold. Lima, Peru, is home to the International Potato Center,where some 5,000 potato species have been developed.

Preparation of the spud:

The Incas cooked potatoes in stews, baked them in coals, and prepared them for storage.The Incas developed chuño, Chuno is a freeze-dried potato made by the Quenchuan Community in the Parts of Peru and Bolivia .

Process of Making Chuno:

It is Generally told as a 6 days process where the  potatoes were sliced thin and placed in neat rows outside, where they froze overnight. Each morning for several days, ice crystals were removed from the potato slices until the potatoes were dry. Freeze-dried potatoes fed Inca families through long winters and famines, and were stored in warehouses for feeding    the army or hungry citizens.They were also placed at “rest stops”(Laybies)along Inca roads to feed travelers on their trips.

Courtesy Wiki/Inca World

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Origin of Sarabeshwarar

Posted by seshdotcom on September 7, 2009

Sarabeshwarar is one of the Greatest of the Hindu deities.Why I would say this is he gives his blessings to the people who come to him for help and benedictive people have always seen that some good happens to them when they pray Lord Sarabeshwarar.It is said that people get themselves relieved from the Curse of Shani,Raghu and Kethu if you pray with full devotion.

The Greatest Avatar of Shiva

The Greatest Avatar of Shiva

How did Lord Sarabeshwarar came into the world as an avatar:

It began with the act of termination of the lives of the Brutal Daemons called Hiranyakashipu who is the Father of Baktha Prahalad and the brother of Hiranyaksha and Lord Vishnu took Narasimha Avatar and killed the ruthless daemon who was giving continuous torutre to his buff Prahalad.After this he(Vishnu)drank the blood of the Daemon and  this Avatar of Narasimha was one of the most ferocious avatar of Vishnu and the avatar made him Uncontrollable and he(Vishnu) began to destroy all the three worlds.This act of Lord Vishnu made the Indra the King of Heaven to go and sort the help of Lord Shiva.Lord Shiva sent his chief army commander Veerabadrar and some of his army men to control Narasimha.But Veerabadrar was not able to control Narasimha and having known that it is not possible Veerabadrar immediately started to pray to Lord Shiva and after that a Bright Light from Heaven reached Veerabadrar and immediately it Transformed into one of the most ferocious creature the world has ever seen with the following features:

Mouth of a Crocodile,Tail of a Serpent,Sharp and Pointed nose like that of a Bird,Kali’s Trident(Sulam),Long Wings like Birds,Jadamudi(Long Hair spiralled at the top)and this creature saved the world from the demolishing hands of Lord Narasimha

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