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Hi I am Seshadri I am a clamant cricket lover who will anything for cricket my other areas of interests are Vikings,Hindu Mythology …And I finished my B.E degree from a Private College…I am a Mythology freak I read a lot about different Mi’tho’lujee especially Norse…Leave comments as you stop by for Good Posts..

19 Responses to “About me”

  1. Sundar said

    Assault da..

  2. Milan said

    Where is that College?

  3. Mahesh said

    You rock da masai…great interest of urs to gather all info and put here…

  4. seshdotcom said

    Thanks Man

  5. davidfarney said

    Hey Seshadri . . . thanks for stopping by my blog!

    What got you interested in Vikings and Norse myth?

  6. seshdotcom said

    Hey David I used to play a Game called Age of Mythology so there were Gods whom you can select to be on your side during that time I became very Interested in studying about Norse people and I will always select Norse in the campaign.

  7. seshdotcom said

    Hey I saw the Post of Lorry Driver Murdering his Wife it was like Surprising….

  8. This is a good post. Coconut oil and coconut cream is something I use daily. It is healthy and it tastes good.

  9. seshdotcom said

    Hey yeah I also use Cocunut Oil for various Purposes it is very Good Natural Healing elixir for various Problems–>It has also many other Good Healing Powers

  10. axinia said

    Hi, you have an intresting collection of topics… such a variety of interests!

  11. Vijay said

    Is there any reference that Varma Kalai was practiced by Sambavars

    • seshdotcom said

      Hey Vijay yeah there are some reference to this.I will surely email you when I come to know about this in detail..Thanks for visiting my Weblog

  12. Tadefo said

    How come you know so many things about ginger? I’m farming ginger and I’m looking for market outside my country or for means of transformation based on all the properties you mentioned on this subject how can you help? I’m from Cameroon in Africa.

    take care.

    • seshdotcom said

      Hey tell me in what way I can help you…yeah I read a lot of books related to Ginger so I know more specific things in Ginger

  13. Tadefo said

    how should an African based Farmer mange to find a market for his organically produced ginger?

    what are the transformations one can carry on especially for ginger essential oil (I mean the process of production and equipments used to do that?) for what purpose and which market?

    it goes without saying that for a beginning it will be much more simple to farm and sell raw ginger while preparing to transform in a more or less short period once the whole production system will be put in place.

    thanks for you input.

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