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Delhi to surrender Russia’s Biggest Military ensemble

Posted by seshdotcom on December 27, 2008


The Domra

The Domra


The Balalaika

The Balalaika

                                                               On the early days of this December,The state of Delhi Surrendered Alexandrov Red Army ensemble.It consisted of domra-(A Long-necked Russian string instrument),Balalaika-(A Triangular stringed instrument that has  three strings) and Accordion-A Portable free-reed instrument.The 80-year-old-Organizational Performers is Russia’s Biggest military ensemble,established by Major General Alexander Alexandrov.And it has also got Music Lovers in more than 80 countries and the ensemble was in India to perform in Delhi and Kolkata for the first time.One of the Soloist in the troop said “We are Looking for a Great response form India,We will also be performing for the Public added to the Armed Forces–>It gives us a Happy feeling that our art/culture is recognized in India“.The ensemble(the chorus) has about 120-130 people  around the world and there were no first time Musicians,All of them were well trained and has already got a Good experience in this field.The special thing about this is ‘The Ensemble’ do not perform very often for the Public so now they have come forward to even perform to the Public added to the armed forces.


Courtesy Google for the Pictures

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Stradivariu’S’ecrets->How does it strike that Heavenly Sound man!!!!

Posted by seshdotcom on July 5, 2008

In general Stradivarius violins-A stringed instrument have a reputation of producing a heavenly sound when the string is played(This particular Instrument was designed and built by Antonio Stradivari).For Ages,connoisseurs have been having a discussion on the secret of Stradivarius violin’s heavenly sound.Now,a new exploration claims to have solved the Mystery and has found out the answer->The answer was very surprising to me when i heard why the Stradivarius sounds good!!! It was revealed that the Superior and heavenly sound the Stradivarius Violin’s attains is because of the density of the two wooden panels used to make its body->See how a perfect design using a Perfect log  can totally change the complexion of music..The Musical Instruments from the 17th and 18th centuries has a consistent density throughout the violin,allowing them to produce notes of Distinctive Richness and Power..But when you compare today’s Modern violin you can see that the density vacillates and it is not Constant..Because of this only The Stradivarius Attains that Pleasing sound—It was going well (this particular violin Stuff)when i scouted through The daily..Hope you will also find it Interesting…

chaffers Please—-



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Online Buccaneering hits Music Badly!!!

Posted by seshdotcom on June 20, 2008

The sales of the Music Cd’s and Dvd’s in all the main Shops fell tot hier lowest in the last ten years…The sources and the Music Reuters say that there was a Sudden Slump in the sales of the Music related Compact Discs and the DVD’s and the datum collected by the International Federation of Phonographic Industry with them shows that the Music sales dropped by 8% which resulted in a 1-1.5 Billion USD Loss for this Industry…What is the reason Behind this???It is nothing but the Growth of Broadband with Greater Bandwidths being supplied to each and every home Using hits High Bandwidth people used to Upload rare Songs and Very Costly Music Albums..So as the first Step of Tackling Online Music Piracy the International Organization for Music is going to enforce some Strict Weblog Barrier in their Websites and in their Portal….And reports say 30 billion illegal downloads was there in 2007,Digital Piracy accounted for 70% of this 30 Billion..Wal-Mart reported some 20% Slump in the Music Cd’s Sales in a Documented report Submitted by it…

So what will be the State of Music after Ten years..And what will Musicians and Singers do????Only GOD Knows

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The unprecedented KUnNakuDi Vaidyanathan

Posted by seshdotcom on March 21, 2008

images2.jpgKunnakudi-The Demigod with violin….Born to a abreast sanskrit Professor-Sri Ramaswamy Shastri.His (violin)It can even even cure the Brutal diseases..He is one of the greats of the Industry who Does classical Music with the Violin and his Adroitness in Handling violin is a Great thing even at this Age of 73 his notes and whatever he has envisaged in his Mind never Slip it comes out through the violin as Sweet Notes.At his young Age itself he was very much attached with loyalists like Semmangudi,Aryakudi etc…He is one man in that Industry who makes a Music lover/ardent fan and also a Layman Happy..He has a Great belief in the therapeutical merits of music(Source -Wiki).For his noble services to the field of Music he was Awarded the padma Shri by the Indian Government

Do you think Music is an panacea to whatever disease/restlessness in Mind you have????

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Yanni-The Self taught Ambrosia

Posted by seshdotcom on March 15, 2008

yanni a Greek Music composer who had No tutors to learn Music.The Pianist did some great works with his Fingers.Once George W.Bush  Presented him with some lustrous gifts.When he First heard Yanni’s work-Really a Hard Fighting Man this Guy Yanni is.—isn’t it was G.W.Bush comments!!!..when Once Asked about the Achievements he has done he didn’t Say any of his personal things instead he Said everthing goes to “Minnesota”.He became well known to the Music World by Live At Acropolis Satge Concert Show which got a Round of applause from the gathering.Even wiki says that Charlie Adams A American Drummer Said in one of the Best show or Concert in Last 25 years is yanni’s “LIVE AT ACROPOLIS”–Amazing Chap this Yanni….

Be there for my writeups comment about Yanni— A Tribute to Yanni releasing worldwide on March 18th

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