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Bush Shoe creates 100 new jobs in Turkey

Posted by seshdotcom on December 28, 2008

The world’s most ill-famed pair of black leather shoes,that made history,has even generated 100 jobs in Turkey.The pair of shoes that robbed and made Bush mortified of his dignity and landed its owner—>Iraqi Journalist Muntazer al-zaidi in prison,has yielded an unexpected bonanza for its proprietor

How it created Jobs????

                The incident took place some days ago and there was a Great Fan club sort of thing Generating for this shoe and after sometime the owner of the Istanbul-based Baydan shoe company,has been Overwhelmed with orders for shoes all around the Globe.This Brand of shoe became famous because this was used to hit Mr.Bush–Said one of the Fan.And to manage and deliver the Overwhelming orders Baydan has recruited an additional 100 staff to meet orders for about 3 lac shoes of that particular model(model 271) which is actually much much higher than that footwears’ annual sale

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It Might Sound Funny but its true–Singapore Men Put Love On Hold

Posted by seshdotcom on October 19, 2008

Empty Pockets force people to sacrifice many things in life!!!!

Empty Pockets force people to sacrifice many things in life!!!!

No Money No Darling this has now become the Caption of the Singapore Men may be I think there would be Hoardings displaying “SAY NO TO LOVE” the worst affected by this were the Singapore Match Making Agencies one of the Higher Official of the Agencies said we are seeing very Slow Progress in business as the financial crisis and the 9 letter nemesis Recession has taken a Gargantuan growth and this has in turn forced the Singapore men think N times before registering and spending some penny to the Match Making agencies to get a wife.I was able to capture the exact words said by one of the men in the Television “The economy is slowing down and I have no money so girls are of no importance for me now”.So I think this is not going to take much time to spread across the world there might be a situation where all the Bridal Agencies close and would be forced to go for some other business.

So see the impact that Inflation/recession has created around the Globe–This is a contagious disease which will Propagate across the world in a rapid fashion like forest fire(in fact it has already spread)A very rough epidemic disease

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A Gonzo Gift for Vladimir

Posted by seshdotcom on October 15, 2008

On Oct 7th Vladimir Putin the ex-President of Russia celebrated his 56th birthday and what was remarkable about this Birthday why am I writing this????All this is because of the  Unique Gift Presented on the occasion of his Birthday—A Tiger Cub 75 days old and weighing 20-pound.Putin invited journalists to his dacha(Dacha means Russian Country House usually very large) and took them to a room where the cub was kept in a wicker basket( Basket made of caning work which can be woven to a Useful Object) but Putin refused to tell to the Journalists that who gifted the Cub to him.The only thing which he told to the Journalists was this cub would be named Mashenka or Milashka.

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A New Problem with Plastics

Posted by seshdotcom on October 8, 2008

A New study has linked a controversial chemical widely used in baby bottles and plastic food containers to diabetes,heart diseases and liver abnormalities.The JAMA-Journal of American Medical Association reviewed the effect on Adults of the chemical known as Bisphenol A(BPA).It was also found that the Adults with the highest concentrations of BPA on their Urine had nearly triple the odds of Cardiovascular disease.A survey was taken by the JAMA which had some 1500 Adults,those with the highest BPA levels had more than double the odds of having diabetes—Higher Urinary Concentrations of BPA is associated with an increased prevalence of cardiovascular disease,diabetes,and liver-enzyme abnormalities


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Fat Dolphins go on to take prescribed selection of foods

Posted by seshdotcom on October 3, 2008

People see even Animals have started dieting

People see even Animals have started dieting

Dolphins at a Japanese Marine park was found to be too hefty and they have been advised by the vet to be on diet for 6-8 months.The Dolphins over there are going on a low fat diet after developing something called pot bellies.This was decided by the veterinary doctors when they threw some fishes into the pool and the Dolphins were not able to reach those fishes quick enough as they used to be in their aquatic performances.Kinosaki marine world in western Japan said some days ago that all its 19 Dolphins have been in practice of ingesting food in a regulated fashion to achieve or maintain a controlled weight—-These steps were also taken in order to control the Heart diseases that is getting developed in the Dolphins due to Overeating.One of the veterinary doctor told the media that “We are Puzzled by their poor performance and only then it struck to our mind that it looks rounder”.The same doctor visited that Place some 6 months ago and during that time the weight of the dolphin was measured and when he came back again it has increased by 25 Pounds-Goodness Me thats Huge!!!

So it was an interesting piece of article published in a Magazine so I thought of sharing it

Courtesy whale and Dolphin World

So lets c whether the Dolphins are going to teach a lesson to mankind to control Overeating :):)

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The Phrase that you are scared to Hear

Posted by seshdotcom on July 3, 2008

Hello Guys(who give voice to my Blog)i would like to tell you Something of what i read in a Book..Now your attention please no beating around the Bush directly into Subject now we all Know what’s the most dreaded four letter word :)….But we will come a Dreaded four word Locution(A Phrase used to convey particular meaning)..We will see Country to Country how four letter Phrase has made a Huge Impact.In United Kingdom the most dreaded four letter Phrase is “We Need to Talk” and this was inferred by a report submitted by a Surveys last year,The Right Guard Poll about the Phrases makes everyone think of thier future->It is “THE BOSS WANTS TO SEE YOU”….And for a B.E Student the most dreaded four letter Phrase will be any Guesses———————- “Machan result vandhuruchuda”-Ha Ha Ha

If you are Interested please feel free to share with me….:) What do you think as your Most Dreaded four word Phrase ?????

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Camelopard helps camels,Zebras Bilk from Circus

Posted by seshdotcom on July 2, 2008

In a circus in Netherlands(Amsterdam) A Camelopard made/helped the other  animals in the park to flee it is Unbelievable isn’t it???A Giraffe becoming a rescuer->But this certainly put doubts in front the Giraffe Scientists and the People who do research studies with the Earth Tallest Mammalian..There were some eye-witness who said that 15 camels,Two Zebras and a Undetermined number of llamas escaped from the Circus after a Giraffe kicked a hole in their cage..A Policeman at the beat house said that the Animals wandered in group through a nearby neigh-bourhood for several hours after their breakout at 5:30 A.M..aNd finally the animals were brought to the circus by a Hard fought Battle by the Policemen..

I think that the Giraffe is a Quiet Intelligent Creature..

Gossips Please


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Man Arrested for Drunken Wheel Chair driving

Posted by seshdotcom on June 25, 2008

An Australian Man has been arrested with charges related to drunken Wheel Chair Driving and he was arrested when the Officials found that he is driving his Motorised Wheel Chair while he is in a Excited State..The Motorists were forced to drive around hte 64-Year Old man after it was found that he Lacked Sensation in a Exit Lane in Queensland’s Famous Captain Cook Highway and the Man in the Unconscious state was taken and a First Aid was given after performing a breathalyzer test to Calculate the Amount of Chemical Intake and the Officials and the COPs say that the fine would extend Upto 2 Months Jail and 500 Australian Dollars as a penalty..

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Ha Ha A Funny Thing in Thailand

Posted by seshdotcom on June 16, 2008

The Thailand Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej used his weekly television address to give tips on cooking with Garlic,hoping to Prevent the occurrence of protests by Farmers of the Pungent Bulb..The colorful and Controversial Premier,Using Ingridients Such as Shrimp paste,Chillies,and the Mackerel(A Particular  Family of fishes),Urged People to buy local rather than imported Garlic,and rattled off his Favorite Garlic-Infused dishes…The final word By Sundaravej was “I Did not come here today for a

cooking demonstration but I came here to show these Ingridients”

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