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Origin of Sarabeshwarar

Posted by seshdotcom on September 7, 2009

Sarabeshwarar is one of the Greatest of the Hindu deities.Why I would say this is he gives his blessings to the people who come to him for help and benedictive people have always seen that some good happens to them when they pray Lord Sarabeshwarar.It is said that people get themselves relieved from the Curse of Shani,Raghu and Kethu if you pray with full devotion.

The Greatest Avatar of Shiva

The Greatest Avatar of Shiva

How did Lord Sarabeshwarar came into the world as an avatar:

It began with the act of termination of the lives of the Brutal Daemons called Hiranyakashipu who is the Father of Baktha Prahalad and the brother of Hiranyaksha and Lord Vishnu took Narasimha Avatar and killed the ruthless daemon who was giving continuous torutre to his buff Prahalad.After this he(Vishnu)drank the blood of the Daemon and  this Avatar of Narasimha was one of the most ferocious avatar of Vishnu and the avatar made him Uncontrollable and he(Vishnu) began to destroy all the three worlds.This act of Lord Vishnu made the Indra the King of Heaven to go and sort the help of Lord Shiva.Lord Shiva sent his chief army commander Veerabadrar and some of his army men to control Narasimha.But Veerabadrar was not able to control Narasimha and having known that it is not possible Veerabadrar immediately started to pray to Lord Shiva and after that a Bright Light from Heaven reached Veerabadrar and immediately it Transformed into one of the most ferocious creature the world has ever seen with the following features:

Mouth of a Crocodile,Tail of a Serpent,Sharp and Pointed nose like that of a Bird,Kali’s Trident(Sulam),Long Wings like Birds,Jadamudi(Long Hair spiralled at the top)and this creature saved the world from the demolishing hands of Lord Narasimha

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Chettipunyam->Hayagriva Lord of Wisdom and Knowledge

Posted by seshdotcom on June 8, 2008

The Lord of KnowledgeOne of the Greatest of the Temples for Vishnu in the World Chettipunyam(About some 500 m to the right of Mahindra City going towards Chengalpattu).It will be a great feeling if you go to that temple

Intricacy->The Chettipunyam Hayagriva:

There were Handrails Planted to manage the Queue But when  i went there it had some 10 or 15 and i soon got the Blessings of the Deity.In Hinduism there were some Major Avatars for Vishnu like Narasima,Vamana,Rama etc..,.But there is also an another Important Avatar of Vishnu called Hayagriva.(Hayagriva has a Horse face and the other parts of the Body is Milky White and he will be seen sitting in the LOTUS) Lord Hayagriva is said to be the Lord of Knowledge and Wisdom and one who Prays him will go far in his life..Hayagriva is the Avatar taken by Vishnu to save the Vedas that were Stolen by demons Madhu and Kaitabha from Brahma..During this avatar he slayed the Demons and recaptured the Vedas and Thought the vedas to Goddess Saraswathi and Brahma and really this Chettipunyam is a Such a Famous temple Built Some 500 years ago..And here Hayagriva has the Consort of Goddess Lakshmi..

Hayagriva can be delineated as a God having a Scowling face and has roaring mouth and protruding teeth and he has a Still of a Warrior to be Precise

So It is one the Greatest Temples in World Undoubtedly

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The Raja of”RAJA”Kilpakkam-The Brawny Thenu Puriswarar

Posted by seshdotcom on May 24, 2008

 I would like to explain the History of a temple in Madambakkam->It is called as Dhenupurishwarar Temple and the Main God here is Lord Shiva in SVAYAMBU VADIVAM->isn’t it Great???..


Actually the Madambakkam and the Adjoining areas were under the control of the Chola King and the Majority of the People were The Yadhavas->One who look after and control the Cows.It happened that one day it was seen by one of the Yadhava that a Cow was pouring Milk into a Well and this went on for some days One day on seeing this The Yadhava became angry and he clobbered the Pasu(Feminine for a Cow)and even after getting Reapeated Hitting the cow didn’t move it went on Pouring the Milk into the Well Ther Angry Yadhava Hit the Cow reapeatedly but suddenly a Weird thing happened that a Blood River was seen inside the Well while hitting the cow(Note this the Cow didn’t get even a Slightest of Injury) and After this a Svayambu A Small Protruding was seen from the Ground and the Yadhava saw the bleeding from the Head of that Swayambu and seeing this he ran and called all the People in the village..After this particular Incident it was said that LORD SHIVA came in the Dreams of Raja kulothunga Chola and told him to make a Alayam for him and told that he is in SVAYAMBU Vadivam inside the Well->Amazing isn’t it???..Later it was revealed that the cow was none other than a Sage who got a Curse from Lord Shiva and he was Born as a Cow to Wash away his sin in this way…

And there is also a Altar for Dhenukambal(Parvathy devi)over here

Just Now the Brahmotsavam got completed after 100 Years->Blokes this Temple is really something you ahve to Visit

For me this temple is everything One the Most Powerful Temples i have ever Visited->LORD SHIVA THE GREAT

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The Lord of the Lord’s-The origin/Supreme Power of Hindu Myth

Posted by seshdotcom on February 25, 2008

ardanarishwar_lg.jpgShiva Eshwara(AKA)MUK Kannan(3 eyed person) is the chief Lord of Hindu Mythology everything is Said to have Originated Only from him.It is said that he is the one responsible for the Word OM in Hindu Mythology.There are Many forms by which people worship Shiva One is in the Linga Form in which a Small Mountain like form is Worshipped and Poojas are done.It is our responsibility that we should make our lord glad.Some of the other forms in which his highness is worshipped are


* Pottiponginadhu(Which inMalayalam means it raised on its own from Underground)


*Natraja(The lord of dance who stands at one leg)

Ardanarishwar-(Delineated as an Androgynous God) is a form of Shiva in which Half the Portion of the Body is a Woman and the other half is a Man and it is said to be one of the powerful Gods the History has ever seen.ButPredominantly it has a Female Appearance

Parvathi Devi is said to be Godess of Valour,Braveness,Anger(Kali) and she is the wife of Lord Shiva.It is said that “Shiva nil Paadhi Shakthi” Shakthi ella ael Shivan ellai Shivan ella ael Shakthi ellai .She takes different forms like

*Samayapurathu Ammal(One of the Greatest of Temples i have ever Seen)

* Vekkali Amman

It is often reffered to as OM SHAKTHI-Shiva and Oarvathi together

Shiva and Parvathi has 3 Sons Totally

*Vinayaga(Lord Ganesh)-Whenever we start any work if we worship him it will end only in success

*Karthik-The Tamil Lord Muruga who is said to have Born from the NETRI KANN of Lord Shiva and he ha s6 Forms totally(One of the Strongest of GODS)Famous for his Soora samharam(The Slaying of Sooran)

*Ayyapan-The Sabarimala Hero-He is one of the Gods-Only the man with Clean Mind and Clean Habits can Worship he is said to be born as a Son of Shiva and Mohini(Vishnu)in the Mohini Avatar

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