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The Origin and the Goodness of Henna

Posted by seshdotcom on June 29, 2009

Henna is an evergreen shrub, considered
native to Africa and Asia but also
naturalized in America and Australia. It is
widely cultivated in tropical regions, e.g.
Egypt, Sudan, China, India, Florida, and
the West Indies

Henna is an evergreen low woody perennial plant , and it was considered to be the  native to Africa and Asia but also naturalized in America and Australia. It is widely cultivated in tropical regions like Egypt, Sudan, West Indies and in some part of china and West Indies.Henna as we all know is very famous Hair dyeing and common in South/North Indian Marriages especially to color the palm Called Mehndi for more information visit .Henna also has many Herbal Values but people seldom know about that—>Henna is very famous for Orange-red dye.It has also got its application in the Perfumery Section a Lilac scented oil is obtained after crushing henna and making it dry and it is mixed in perfumes to impregnate an odour.

Henna Crushed

Henna Crushed

Other places where Henna plays a lynchpin role:

  • It is used as a windbreak in the Wineyards to prevent erosion and lessen the force of wind.
  • It is used as a medicine for dysentry and leprosy

But we all know that Henna plays a Major role only as a Dyeing agent…

Bad effects of Henna according to Medical reports:

Food and Drug Administration carried out a research and it has found some drawbacks with henna they say that Henna pre-Mixed paste has been found to have ingridients of Heavy Metals like Nickel,Cobalt,Chromium,Lead which would cause considerable tampering to our skin but people are least bothered about that because henna makes you beautiful.It enhances the beauty in you..

Courtesy Wiki

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Cow’s Urine is a Medicine

Posted by seshdotcom on March 30, 2009


In Olden Days Cows Urine was considered to have both divine/medicinal value

In Olden Days Cows Urine was considered to have both divine/medicinal value

                        According to our ancestors Cow Urine is considered to be the most effective Medicine in the world which during their time was the elixir of many incurable diseases.This substance is said to cure all ills the body have.Out forefathers say that in cow blood there is pran shakti (Life Force). Cow urine is cow’s blood that is filtered by kidney.Kidneys filter blood. Whatever elements are present in blood are present in cow urine also.People in Olden days had a long standing practice of having cow’s urine early in the morning.Cow urine contains copper and gold salts, which are elixirs. Gold has capability to cure diseases. Gold can counter all kinds of poisons, that is why it is used in teeth, ears, nose and finger as ornaments. So that food, air, water enters the body through mouth, eyes and nose enter after touching gold. According to the Vedic Sayings the Cow’s Urine has the following Features:- 

                           Cow  urine destroys miseries and diseases. It purifies both body and mind. Thus mental disease does not persist. It is in the mode of goodness (Satvik). Cancer is due to virus in poison. These toxin generated viral diseases like cancer are destroyed by regular intake of cow urine. Cow urine is fully successful in destroying toxins. A lot of poisonous herbs mentioned in Ayurveda are purified from their poison by cow urine. Cow urine keeps mind happy & calm. So body remains healthy.

But while mentioning all these things they(Our Forefathers)have also mentioned some preconditions like from where you can take the cow Urine—–The cow which roams in a jungle or in a forest, excercises herself, fully grazes grass and medicinal herbs as she desires, drinks

I am not sure how many of them follow this now but I am sure that the old saying will not be a delusive stuff so I am also not sure how many of them in this Generation are following it ,but this certainly proves to be an Unique Method of curing diseases and One more thing is you cannot take the urine of the cow which are in this world now—–because I believe none of the cows are Grazing  Grasses they are only Grazing the Plastic sheets and newspapers 😛  nowadays

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The Goodness of Pineapple—The Tropical American Plant with a terminal tuft

Posted by seshdotcom on February 8, 2009



The Edible Friut will take some time to tear Open the sheath and eat :P--That is a Kinda tough Job really 🙂

  Hey viewers this Post is about the Pineapple–the edible fruit. ‘Pineapple’ has various lineaments to make it famous and proud.It is not very commonly available in all places when it first came into existence but it gradually took branches and nowadays it is even grown in Tropical and Subtropical countries.But it is not very commonly grown in India like some of the oter countries(U.S.A,Formosa,Thailand and Philipines)

                                             Pineapples are a common fruit, and one of its Unique characteristics is being available fresh, canned, and you can also get it in the form of a Juice (you can have any form of Pineapple product you wish to have). Both the  fruit and the stem contain the protein-digesting enzyme bromelain.This used to prevent a proteinaceous haze(Moisture) in chill-proof beer when refrigerated,and to tenderize meat and modify dough.

Medicinal Values:

                         And Pineapple also has got a very Long history and good stories and claims and folklore in the tropical Medicine used to improve digestion.It is also a diuretic fruit(Used to improve the flow of Urine)Bromelain has been included in preparations that are claimed to be therapeutic as regards inflammation, wounds, and infections, and in some diets that are alleged to enhance fat excretion.There were also some side effects Side-effects that the doctors say harmful if an Pineapple Indigestion happens and they were uterine contractions, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, and skin rash.

I feel that Pineapple has many Good Qualities I have heard the Old People talking about this fruit—They say that it is a Good cure to running nose and Cold.

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Fasting wakes up the Mind and Soul

Posted by seshdotcom on January 27, 2009

                               I have already wrote a lot about fasting and this is the other one  added to the stash.Fasting helps us develop a keen brain and extrasensory perception.We can find solutions for problems that once caused me hours of anxiety and nerve-exhausting worrying when we were in fasting.I don’t know how to explain the exact feeling but Fasting creates an internal Blitz in everybody’s Life——>It make us feel more Serene and Peaceful,it creates a Queitude in our mind—-a state of tranquility.When you Purify your body and Mind you will feel like you have achieved a Great thing in life.The memory becomes sharp as that of an edge tool.Fasting the “Seven Letter word has totally three meanings attached to it You purify your body physically, mentally and spiritually.

Let us do Fasting regularly or atleast say thrice in a week to keep our body fit I am going to try and do this Join me….:)

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All about Ginger-A Spice which is a Boon to Humans and a Great Medicine

Posted by seshdotcom on January 9, 2009


Ginger has been used as a spice and medicine in India and China since ancient times.Nowadays it is cultivated all around the world Jamaica, India, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Australia, and China are well known sources.The Ginger is not costly in the shops over here in India  but I don’t know rate in other countries.One Kilogram of Ginger Costs around 50 Rupees in India which is equal to 1$ (1 USD)


The Ginger at its best!!!!!

The Ginger at its best!!!!!



Nutritional Value:

             The plant is of great importance as a spice or flavouring agent, and it is widely being included in biscuits, puddings, cakes, gingerbread,soups, pickles, curry powder, ginger beer, ginger ale, and ginger wine etc.,It is also good for digestion so it is added in very spicy Foods Like Biriyani in India. For these purposes, the rhizome-(A horizontal plant stem with shoots above and roots below) itself may be utilized, or its essential oil or its oleoresin, a solvent extraction of the rhizome, which contains other substances in addition to the oil

Claims and Talks about Ginger:

Ginger has had many uses in herbal medicine. It is said to be carminative, and has been used for hundreds of years to treat gastrointestinal distress. It is also employed as an antipyretic, diuretic, diaphoretic, and antitussive (stops coughing) – these properties would explain its use for colds and influenza. It is claimed that ginger stimulates the circulation and helps blood flow to the surface, useful for chilblains->Inflammation of the hands and feet caused by exposure to cold  and poor circulation to the hands and feet

What the Medical experts say:

             Many of its traditional uses have been supported. Essential oil and gingerols and their derivatives (shogaols) present in the oleoresin are regarded as the active principles.Some animal experiments indicate that ginger shows cardiotonic activity (favourable action on the heart). The essential oil has been demonstrated as antibacterial, atleast in vitro.It is used as a very good medicine for Digestion Problem (Dyspepsia).But Doctors say that excessive Ginger intake should be avaoided during Pregnancy

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All about Garlic-> The Universal Medicine

Posted by seshdotcom on January 4, 2009


The Universal Medicine

The Universal Medicine

GARLIC—>is an ancient crop in India and China. Spanish, Portuguese, and French settlers introduced the plant to the New World and it grows very fast Cold and Warmer Places.It is Generally an Aromatic Bulb which is used for  seasoning,The bulb consists of a number of segments, called ‘cloves’, enclosed in white or pinkish colour


Places where Garlic is used:

             Garlic is one of the  best known flavouring agents. It is rarely used as a vegetable but is included in some dishes,Garlic is udes as a flavouring agent in many dishes and products like Pastas,Soups,Curries,Garlic Bread etc.It has a very small amount of fat and Sugar.Study says that it has 8% protein, 15% starch and large amounts of potassium and phosphorus

Medicinal Value:

             From very Old ages, various cures have been attributed to garlic. It has been used as an antidote to snake and  scorpion bites,It is also a very good medicine for running cold and Saliva Formation,It was said that it was used to cure athlete’s foot, by placing Bulb between the toes.As a herbal medicine, garlic has been and is used to treat chronic bronchitis, respiratory catarrh(Which is an Inflammation of nose and throat),whooping cough, bronchitic asthma, influenza, and other health problems

What do Doctors Say???:

                 A very Good Number of scientific investigations, together with epidemiological(A Branch os science dealing with the transmission and control of disease)evidence which says that garlic has many Good Attributes like it is the most effective Medicine against some bacteria.There was also a research which concluded that there is an 80% chance that Garlic can curb cancer initiation and development.It has an very important feature which makes the Blood Cholestral to come down.Doctors say that they sometime use garlic to evacuvate small parasitic intestinal worms.But the main disadvantage is many people  doesn’t love the Odour of Garlic 🙂  and so because of this it is marketed in the form of capsules and tablets

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Obesity is in the genes

Posted by seshdotcom on December 31, 2008

The Genes may be the reason for this Guy!!

The Genes may be the reason for this Guy!!

               Hey People are you putting on weight.Reason is not just the Junk foods you eat you can now put blame on your genes.Researches say that Obesity is Pre-Programmed in your Body this was said after the Scientists took samples and tested–>They Identified Six new genes which Predispose their carriers to becoming heavily fleshy.The Genes actually cause carriers to eat more rather than affect body’d ability to process fat.This research was carried out by taking the Genes of more than 90,000 people.And finally they Zeroed out on some 6 Genes.

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Stem Cells have Great Powers

Posted by seshdotcom on December 26, 2008


The cells with Mythical Power

The cells with Mythical Power

                                               Doctors say Stem Cells are Building Blocks of life or in other words all in the functions in body are done only with the help of these stem cells.They have mythical Powers of transforming themselves to any kind of tissue in the Body like say the tissue of Heart,Skin or any other internal Organ in our body.They are found in almost all Multi Cellular Organisms.It has ability to renew themselves in case of any loss and the scientific term for this Property is called Mitotic cell division. There are two types of stem cells found in Living Organisms one is  embryonic stem cells and the other one is called Adult Stem cells.These cells can be got from embroys,umblical cord blood,and even from a persons Body.


Stem cell Therapy:

                            The stem cell theraphy  has become very simpler nowadays that no major surgery is required.In most of the treatment techniques these cells are infiltrated(Imbued or say Pass or say Inject into Body) directly into the patient’s body.Scientists have also got the best of ethical question of creating an Embryo to extract stem cells and then destroy it by using therapeutic cloning process.

Stem cell research in India:

                                We cannot deny that fact that India was bit slower in this research to start but it has immense potential.The doctors have also treated several disorders like neurological,cardiac and even some Blood Pressure an d Diabetes using this special kind of theraphy.These cells are cryopreserved(Stored in Liquid Nitrogen at -270 degree Celsisus).

This has now become a very advanced technique and sure India will excel in this field.India has rich brains which are able to make many IT companies running and I am sure that Medical Industry will also become the same.

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The aromatic leaf stalks—-> ‘Celery’

Posted by seshdotcom on December 24, 2008


A Huge Celery Field

A Huge Celery Field

Celery  :                                  

               Celery is a well known vegetable that has been cultivated for a long time, although wild forms are still found growing in moist places near the sea in Europe and Asia.This plant has a life cycle lasting only for two seasons it produces a tall flowering stem in its second year.It is also used as a very good herbal Medicine.The seeds are used to savour the Celery Salt(Savour-A Flavouring Agent). Essential oil produced from the seed may be included as a flavouring in many food categories, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.It was also said that Celery Seeds have the Power to cure bladder and Kidney Complaints.But eventhough the Celery has many natural Powers it is not supported by people in Germany and United Kingdom because of some Government Pressure and all those things.It is also used as a sedative, carminative(Preventing the formation of Gas in the alimentary tract)

Warnings about Celery——

                         The drug may cause dermatitis(Inflammation of Skin) or allergies. It should be used with caution during pregnancy. The oil contains irritant substances, and, if used as a diuretic, might affect the urinogenital system

Thanks Wordweb for Quick Reference to some words

Thanks wiki for the Picture

The Celery Seeds from wikipedia

The Celery Seeds from wikipedia

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The Origin and Goodness of Guarana

Posted by seshdotcom on December 20, 2008


Gaurana:A preparation from the seeds of a woody climber of Brazil, used in making an astringent drink–This is the definition in one of the internet Lexicons

The Guarana Powder in aTeaspoon

Now lets see some more things about this–

The Origin and the Nutritional value is much higher than we know about this one or may be we don’t know about Gaurana

                     Guarana is a climbing evergreen plant native to the Amazon region of South America (e.g. Brazil, Venezuela). It is said that it is commercially produced in the middle Amazon area of northern Brazil


The Woody Climber

The Woody Climber

Cooking and Nutritional Value:

                          The seeds which are prepared from the woody climber are pulverized, roasted, and then mixed withwater to form a paste and then it is put into cylinders and then finally it is dried up.The active constituent is the alkaloid caffeine  together with some related alkaloids (Alkaloids means–The Natural things which has some presence of nitrogen in it which are in Plants).

                                 It is  used to flavour carbonated drinks like Cola,cordials(liquers) and confectionery.Because of its caffeine content, guarana acts as a stimulant, relieving physical and mental fatigue.

Warning to people from Medical World:There was also a Warning by the medical experts that Overdose of guarana may lead to many complication in the Body health

The proof from medical experts:

                                 Guarana, because of its caffeine content, clearly acts as a stimulant. It has been claimed that it has a more sustained effect than tea or coffee, which may be related to the interaction of its caffeine with other substances present.Excessive intake of guarana leads to symptoms such as excitability, restlessness, increased diuresis, headache, and possibly tremor or palpitations(palpitations-A irregular heart beat)


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