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Don’t Live to Eat – Eat to Live & Be Healthy

Posted by seshdotcom on December 14, 2008


An Ultimatum

An Ultimatum

                  These Kind of warnings should be given

                                  I would like to share a very funny thing  which happens in almost every Hotel.Consider an example of Hotel Guests they did absolutely nothing to earn all these meal nothing was done to make the food but they paid for them and felt they should have that food. So this clearly shows that they don’t have any necessity to eat that much is  a Large Buffet they have that Just because they Paid for it.The very same thing happens in a Cruise Liner(I saw this in a English Film) there will always be heavy rush in front of dining halls people were swarming like bees to enter into the dining halls to rush and have the food(There is nothing like you won’t get food if you don’t involve in that Stampede but people are tend to do that).So now I am enetring into the real topic of debate


Food–>It can be a Blessing to man,but also a anathema why???lets see here

              We all know what contaminated fast foods can do to our Stomach but eventhough we know that we take that foods.There is no doubt that the Stomach is like a Grinder People used to eat in Huge Quantity and it gets Grinded and digested.But a day will surely come for everybody where their digestive system cannot withstand the Over-Stuffed and Overwhelmed Quantity and will not be able to do the Natural Things which it did before—>This is the root cause of all the Health Problems

             Digestive troubles plague modern man. Constipation heads the list of his miseries.Gargantuan amount  of pills, powders and liquids are sold to try and flush out the waste packed into people’s intestines and colon.The Problem with the Modern Man is he takes food very fast which is faster than the functions of Digestion and Elimination do their repsective tasks

             So it is a Kind request to everybody who surf  this Post don’t overeat/Do not be a gormandizer.Have food in a limited manner eventhough it tastes Good in a Star Hotel

Dine with little, sup with less: do better still, sleep supperless–This was the famous Quote of Ben Franklin


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A Superb cure for Alcoholism

Posted by seshdotcom on December 13, 2008


You can easily come out of it now!!!Think of it

You can easily come out of it now!!!Think of it

                                          At last a French Doctor has found a Wonderful/(Miracle) cure for Alcoholism.According to Doctor Oliver Ameisen–There is a Cheap drug called baclofen—>Baclofen,Which has had a reputation for  a Very Long time to cure Muscle Spasms and through his research Ameisen claimed that it can also ease and destroy an intolerable craving for alcohol in people who are attracted too much hooked to that.It was also said to be an very very effective drug that the Alcoholics can go to a Party and have Social Drinking without being getting feared to getting the bad habit again

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Glycine Max(Soya Bean)–The Greatest Oilseed Plants with more Natural Powers which may even cure the most worst of diseases.

Posted by seshdotcom on December 10, 2008

The round seed Soya has many Great things to do in this world

The round seed Soya has many Great things to do in this world

The soya PlantSoya bean was first domesticated in northeastern China in about the eleventh century BC. From there the crop spread to Manchuria, Korea, Japan, and Russia, and to other Asian countries. It was introduced into the USA at the beginning of the twentieth century as a hay or pasture crop,but became cultivated for oilseeds and is now the most important crop in that country bringing in Bulky Cash(To be precise it is Cash crop).

Soya bean is one of the world’s greatest oilseed(Very rich in Oil) plants.Unfortunately  Soya bean is a subtropical plant and is cultivated throughout the middle latitudes of the world and because of this you cannot find many of soya bean stuffs over there in Europe(Countries like Germany,England etc.,)

Nutritional Value:

1.One of the important Products made out of Soya is Soya Milk it is  made by adding water to defatted(The soya Bean with fat removed)soya bean meal together with some sugar and refined soya oil. It is manufactured by traditional and industrial methods. As the milk is free of lactose, it is suitable for lactose intolerant people.And the other Good thing about Soya Milk is it is easy to prepare and I say you it takes only some 20 to 30 Minutes to prepare (Wow what a damn Good drink it was).

2.Soya is a very good source of calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, and magnesium, although because of a compound called Phytin(Present in it) it may reduce the Absorption of Iron in the Body.

3.As far as I know I discussed with a dietician and I heard that Soya is also a very Good dietary fibre

And some of the other things were also said about Soya—Soya is depicted as the best anticancer food.People consuming Soya Products regularly are said to have lower levels of breast cancer in females and prostate cancer in males, less osteoporosis.

Courtesy:Natural Remedies and Health Council

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The trend has changed–tailormade Bones comes into Pharos Light

Posted by seshdotcom on November 26, 2008

Now there is nothing like you cannot do in the 206 hard things you have in your Body if something happens to it.A Famous Private clinic in Japan are running a Clinical Trial on the World’s first custom made bones which according to one of the Leading Orthopedic Surgeon will exactly fit into the Skull and moreover it also gives way to the Natural Bones.It is still under vigorous testing if it turns out to be a Success then this will certainly help the Doctors all over the World—They could easily create new Bones now(Would you believe it!!!!The technology has taken us very far).The way that the Patients(Whose Bones are Broken)are treated now is the real bones are replaced by Substitutes made of Ceramic—>But now what these Nipponese Chaps have done is they have created this Made-to-Order Bones using a Powder of Calcium Phosphate(This is actually the Substance that makes up real bones & they are called CT Bones(Computed tomography Bones)—-A Medical Imaging technique introduced by Alessandro Vallebona.It is said that the bones made out of these technique can match even the Bones which have Complex Structures like that of Jaw,cheeks etc..,

Certainly this is a Boon to the People all over the World—-A renaissance in the Medical Industry

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Ban the advertizings for FAST Food to overthrow Obesity

Posted by seshdotcom on November 23, 2008

The Attractive Tasty/Vicious Stuffs (The excess body fat )Obesity the Seven Letter word is becoming a horror to the World(especially for the Young Guns who have just started to realize what life is).A survey conducted in one of the most crowded states of U.S reveals the fact that—THE BAN OF FAST FOOD ADVERTISEMENTS AND HOARDINGS PLAY A VERY MAJOR ROLE IN CUTTING SHORT OBESITY.One of the senior member of the team said “We have Known for sometime that childhood obesity has gripped our culture,but a small research-A experiment sort of research has been done that advertises television advertising as a possible cause”.The team is also appointed by the Government to create awareness about Obesity—Like Promoting/explaining the people to have Green Vegetables like(Why they should have it????/The Good things which the Vegetables do to your Body)as their morning Breakfast instead of Cheese Bread/Burgers.They are trying to come up with new policies to try and curb America’s Obesity outbreak.

The Percentage is said to steadily rise.Television watching itself is said to rise Obesity rates..(Why don’t we Stand and Watch TV at home 🙂 dudes follow this for next one month 🙂 lets see whether there is any improvement 🙂

So try to avoid things that mainly cause Obesity like Sedentary lifestyle,having excess Burgers and items which increase fat in your body….Youngsters this will Help/play a Huge Part in your Future when you go in search for 🙂

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All about Honey-The Universal sweety Alkahest

Posted by seshdotcom on November 10, 2008

A Sweet Intro:

Honey is made from the nectar of flowers. The nectar is collected by theWorker bee(A Sterile Bee which is proficient in collecting food and maintain hive) and stored in a ‘honey bag’.It was used as a sweetening substance long before refined sugar – in bread, cakes, and other sweetened stuffs like sweetmeats,confections etc.,–and in some countries, is still used as such.And almost all parts of the world honey has its important application in coating breakfast cereals


The Busy Worker Bee on full song

Chemical composition and Other areas where honey proves to be a frontrunner:

Wiki says honey has 40% fructose, 35% glucose, and 4% other sugars, including
sucrose and it has a very small composition of Protien.

You cannot expect much of Benefits from this Sweet Fellow but he does have some Medicinal Qualities..The Presence of Sugar Fructose and Glucose makes honey a rapid source of energy.But even more Medicinal Claims have been made for Honey—>Like it is used for giving some sweetness to Cough Syrups,I don’t know whether this is true or not my relatives used to tell me that Honey is applied as an antiseptic to skin sores and ulcers and I have also heard of Egyptians, Assyrians, Romans using Honey as an antiseptic.

One of the far-famed product of Honey is Royal jelly is a salivary secretion of the worker bee. It is whitish in colour, has a Soggy appearance, and possesses a slightly acidic flavour with a characteristic perfume

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A New Problem with Plastics

Posted by seshdotcom on October 8, 2008

A New study has linked a controversial chemical widely used in baby bottles and plastic food containers to diabetes,heart diseases and liver abnormalities.The JAMA-Journal of American Medical Association reviewed the effect on Adults of the chemical known as Bisphenol A(BPA).It was also found that the Adults with the highest concentrations of BPA on their Urine had nearly triple the odds of Cardiovascular disease.A survey was taken by the JAMA which had some 1500 Adults,those with the highest BPA levels had more than double the odds of having diabetes—Higher Urinary Concentrations of BPA is associated with an increased prevalence of cardiovascular disease,diabetes,and liver-enzyme abnormalities


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Fasting is too Good for Health

Posted by seshdotcom on September 21, 2008

It might sound weak but makes you really strong

It might sound weak but makes you really strong

Fasting by the Oxfords,by the Websters means-Choose not to Consume Food,But it has got much more meaning than that-Fasting is one of the effective method of removing the Poison from the Body this technique have been practiced by our ancestors to make themselves look Youthful and Healthy.What fasting does is it gives all your internal organs a rest so you will feel better after a fast it would be like revamp of your body.Even doctors advice to do fasting once in a week it enhances our body’s Self-Healing Power.Fasting works by self-digestion. During a fast your body intuitively will decompose and burn only the substances and tissues that are damaged, diseased or unneeded, such as abscesses-(A damaged tissue),tumors, excess fat deposits, excess water and congestive wastes.Even a crisp fast say for about 2 days a Week will accelerate elimination from your liver, kidneys, lungs, bloodstream and skin.

What is that which Makes Fasting a Great Act:

I think the Greatest Discovery by the Modern men is he has learnt how to rejuvenate his body both mentally and physically by the help of fasting and it is said that Man is able to prevent Premature aging and Premature death by doing a regular fasting.

What happens when we eat a Large Meal:

I read this in one of the Magazine that when we eat a heavy meal It takes a tremendous amount of Vital Force to pass a large meal through the gastrointestinal tract and also to eliminate the waste via the 30 foot tube that runs from the mouth to the rectum(The bottom Part)-When we food and as it passes through the body, it must be mashed, digested, assimilated and then the waste is eliminated and this is done by the eliminative organs. In order for these eliminative organs to work perfectly, the body must build a high Vital Force which makes the food to go through that tube fast.Fasting helps our body to improve this vital force

I think it would be nice if everybody practice fasting which doesn’t cost anything other than controlling your tongue– Fasting promotes health and Long living

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Wellness of your Heart depends on how you brush your teeth

Posted by seshdotcom on September 14, 2008

Little things that can make a Hiroshima/Nagasaki-A Heart Attack

Little things that can make a Hiroshima/Nagasaki-A Heart Attack

This might look as if a Matter of no importance but this is the fact Guys-An research done by a senior research group has confirmed that Poor Dental Hygiene stimulates Heart Attack and it increases the risk of Heart Attack and Strokes–You can think how a silly little plastic with a Cleaning device connected it can have huge impact in our heart—But it is true as we all know that Heart Disease is the #1 Killer around the Globe where it is responsible for some 35-40 % of the deaths which takes place every year.Altho some of the other well known factors like Smoking, obesity,High cholesterol play a major role for Heart complications I am shocked and also found it interesting when I read this–It is good that atleast now we realized the value of-Brushing our Teeth :)-

Why is proper Brushing Mandatory|||||

Because the bacterial infection that is caused when your teeth is not brushed properly Punctures your Heart– the research concludes that even neglected gums which gets deteriorate because of Bacterial Infection can also be a reason for Heart Attack.And only now I realize the value of Brushing teeth with neem sticks-The Universal Alkahest-This shows that our ancestors are wiser than us because we know that neem sticks has got Medicinal Property and probably I think to Kill these Bacteria’s Only in Olden days people used to use neem Sticks to Brush their teeth-And Poeple to be Frank I have never tried that :).

So only now we realize some of the little things that should be done properly in an routine manner


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Dustbins should be kept for every 1 K.M

Posted by seshdotcom on September 6, 2008

People as you know that the Number of shops are increasing day by day I think this will have a Great Impact on environs cleanness and Pureness,because of this Dustbin and Trash bin or some other Bins where rubbish would be collected should be made Mandatory.And It is not that a Minister or a Socially Graded Person should come and Place it in the corner of the street,Anybody can Just like that Go and Keep a Dustbin- which saves the Environment.I would like to tell you an Incident that Happened in a country some 2 weeks back-A Minister coming and Opening a Dust Bin in a Cricket Stadium to trash the Pepsi Bottles-What do you think about this Incident????I think this is totally staged it is not by his true disposition.And I want to confess to my friends that I am not a staunch environmentalist but I have decided to follow certain Basic things that I think will save the Environment.

The saviour of Environment-Dustbin

The saviour of Environment-Dustbin

What happens when you go to stores:

This one I have been following for the past 2 weeks-Do carry a Bag with you when you go to Store and don’t ask for a Plastic Bag(When you read this you might think who is this fella to tell us-Because Even I was thinking the same when people said me)-These Plastic bags are detrimental to the nature guys so be careful.And one of the common thing I have noted among people is what they will do is they will buy a banana and they will throw away the sheath into the roads or what they will do is they will go and put it in a corner-I think atleast for people of this category Dustbin should be kept after every 1 K.M and people should Use that(thats more important guys).And a periodical cleaning should happen there.I think in our country this will not happen as Setting up of Dustbins will not give that much money(Like putting roads).So I request all the people of our country to somehow take initiative and Save Environment-(Even I was thinking this as minor issue when People come and talk in Schools and Colleges but I don’t know something happened when I read about this guy Bjørn Lomborg.)So saving our Environment is not restricted or bounded within countries it is applicable to the entire Humanity and the Globe.

So while reading through this you might surely think-What man what this guy is writing in a way How Politician Speaks-I thought of writing something more Important and Useful which throws a beacon light on some of the simple things we can do to save our Environment

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