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More on Varma kalai–>How many vital spots are there??

Posted by seshdotcom on March 21, 2009

                   Varma ati(Varma Kalai)practitioners usually agree that 108 is the actual number ofvital spots first identified by the sage Agasthya. Unlike the 107 vital spots identified in Susruta’s medical treatise as the total number of spots identified by forty-three names, 108 is actually the number of names of the vitalspots in this tradition. Since some names identify single spots, and othersare double, the number of vital spots may total more than 200.

                 In the varma Kalai tradition, of the 108 spots, 96 are classified as minor spots (thodu varmam) and 12 as the major deadly vital spots (padu varmam).These most deadly spots are those that, when penetrated enough, cause instant death. The more numerous minor spots are not as dangerous when penetrated, but penetration does cause pain and incapacitation

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Could Breaking Ships become an Industry???Yes indeed

Posted by seshdotcom on December 26, 2008


The Hazardous but most effective and Profitable Industry

The Hazardous but most effective and Profitable Industry

                                                     Could Breaking Ships become an Industry???Yes Indeed,This new industry is all about recovering steel by dismantling it.It all started way back in 1979.As a result the Ship breaking Yards in Alang Mumbai developed.It is really surprising to believe that there were about 200-250 ship breaking Plots and it was also said that it is one of the largest of the Ship Breaking Industry and largest in world dismantling by breaking apart about 450-490 ships each year.It has a turnover about 7000-7500 Crores and has approximately 0.5 Lac Workers working on the Ship Breaking Tasks.


BlackPrints on Atmosphere:

                                     The ship building industry is a very good industry to have bu it has also some  disfavors it is a great Pollutant to the Atmosphere—-The disacharge and emissions of toxic materials to sea,sediments,Grounds and air cause acute and long-term pollution.The careless Discharge of the Oil into the sea has left many of the aquatic living Organisms in Lurches and it has not only made them change their Shelter but has also resulted in deaths of many marine Organisms.

The Environmental Committee and the “Go Green” Committee are figuring out measures to make this “Profitable” and Hazardous industry less Hazardous

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Some Berliners want the Wall Back

Posted by seshdotcom on August 10, 2008

Panoramic view of the Wall on 1961

Panoramic view of the Wall springing Up on the year 1961

The Berlin Wall(Separates East Berlin and West Berlin)is already a Place of Great Historical Importance but see what has happened now—Some of the Berliners want the Wall Back(This wall was broken on November 1989 to the scenes of the Happy/Aroused German-Berlin Crowd).Now after 19 Years some of the Berliners are not happy about the Wall being made irrevokable and feels that it has Been Crushed Miles and Miles Underneath the Land called History.And the some people Probably don’t like the Union of the West and East Germany.This Great wall was built on August 1961 and It separated East and West Germany for 28 Years.So according to a Survey Carried out on the Behalf of Berlin’s Free University 10% of the People of Berlin wants the Wall to be Built Again. This wall was Broken with a Concert Played by Leonard Bernstein and don’t know what sort of concert will be Played when by chance the construction of Wall is going to Start will it be a Grief-Stricken Note????If so who is going to Play that???–And I think this is too early to think of this think this is not going to Happen so lets c what History is going to teach the Germans

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The Hotshots to fight against Tobbaco

Posted by seshdotcom on July 27, 2008


We all know about Bill Gates what kind of a Man he is in “The World of Computers” but guys are you looking out something more of him here it is “The Computer conjurer has committed a deal with a Person to fight against tobacco”–>The person is none other than the Newyork Lynchpin Michael Bloomberg(who is the Mayor of the New York city).This rally sort of thing is Organized to mainly focus on Youths who are being Pulled into this Lure stone called->(The Tobacco) and this will include Bill/Bloom duo to perform anti-smoking rallies or say a Campaign mainly in countries like INDIA,CHINA,and other Asian Countries.Actually how Bill Gates got Involved in this is through Global Health Program organized by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation where he actively participated in the Campaigns and put forth some important points to make the Future Pillars of the World(CHILDREN’S) aware of the TOBACCO and its Effects.

As far as the news world is concerned it is told that Bill Gates will actively do his campaign in INDIA where the death caused due to tobacco is increasing 19% every Year and the advent of Beedi has made things worser and as we know People who can’t afford to buy Cigarette are going for a Low cost Beedi which is a easy way to give Lung Cancer.So Indians I think are not taking any control Measures A Person from thousands and thousands of Miles is going to come and do this repair work.I really appreciate Bill and Bloom for their efforts May this duo save the YOUTH My Hearty Wishes to them

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Pista House Rocks!!!!

Posted by seshdotcom on June 22, 2008

Hello i would like to tell you about a favourite dish called “HALEEM” and it is manufactured by the Pista House group in Hyderabad..The city of Hyderabad has got many Striking features but when it comes to Food and Snacks nothing can lay over Hyderabadi Haleem..The Hyderabadi haleem has made a Exhorbitant sales in the Last few Years in Hyderabad Once can also say the thing which made Hyderabad Special is the Tasty Haleem which are Ordered and consumed by the foreign palates..The High Calorie dish is Huge draw among among NRI’s in the Middle East and Several other countries with a Huge Muslim Population…Haleem is a Semi-Hot Liquid made up of Wheat,Meat,Lentils and Spices and sources say that it can be also done without meat->Called as Veg Haleem and it costs 320 INR…The Hyderabadi Haleem is well known for its rich presence of Nuts like Hazels and Badam and other Nuts which are like ambrosia to have->You will only realize having Spoon in your Mouth filled with haleem after that you won’t even recognize that you are in this Earth it will take you to heaven…One more point to be Noted is it is available only during the Holy Month and it is generally served to end the Fasting ..Haleem is also served as a Starter in the Weddings like soup to get Started Off…For more details visit

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Royal Enfield Uncovers Upgraded Thunderbird

Posted by seshdotcom on June 19, 2008

ROYAL ENFIELD,one of the Oldest Motorcycle maker in India Unveiled its 350cc Thunderbird Twinspark Motorcycle on Wednesday(18th June) and it has a compact Engine..This Upgraded Version of Thunderbird will first ride on the Unit Construction Engine which has been one of the Major development Company has been doing in the last five years..The Price of this Motorcycle is the main thing that the people will eye on and this was also disclosed to be around 1,03,000 to Lac and five Thousand Approximately and the mileage Under Standard and Testing Conditions were found out to be 45 Kilo Metres/Litre…And coming to the Engine whatever i read in the Motosporty was it Integrates the separate external Clutch and the Gearbox with a Common Crankspace(If there is any Mechnical engineers reading please tell me what is the Advantage of this Because i have no Knowledge about these Machines)->I really don’t know what happens and the Manager in chief said that by Using this UCE the Engine efficiency improves because there are less number of Movable parts..And the other thing is this is also going to be expandable and a new 500 cc Enfield is expected to be released Shortly with Electronic Fuel Injection realized…

The Picture u saw above was Just a Picture of the Enfield Bullet not that of the 350 c.c New Enfield released….

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Bloggers Face Legal Quandaries

Posted by seshdotcom on June 15, 2008

Blogging Becomes a Legal issue

A Real Estate agent from MIAMI(A city and resort in southeastern Florida on Biscayne Bay) Lucas Lechuga began Blogging to share his Knowledge of the local market..He did not bargain for a 25 Billion USD defamation lawsuit when he wrote that a Miami Developer had gone bankrupt decades ago…

The Man at Geneva,Wisconsin->commodities trader Gary Millette registered the internet domain name eight years ago,but is so worried about the legal Boundaries of writing online that he still hasn’t started the Ultra Local news site.The Local Journalists who have entered the Blog have already stamped their Authority and they provide the News they Gather in their Profession and the Non-Local Journalists entering the world of Blogs,Online feedback forums,online videos,and news Websites provide information that news-Papers and other media can’t or don’t..But many of them are now turning into Professional Journalists for help with dilemmas they’re facing.When is something Harmful/Untrue??What is the difference between Opinion and a News???How can the Public documents be Gathered Effectively???..So the Bloggers are likely to face some Legal issues and there may be strict laws Enforced(Now itself there are some strict laws present of what to write and what not to write)..In future this Screw may be Tightened

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EspnStar optimistic on Euro 2008

Posted by seshdotcom on June 10, 2008

The EspnStar sports believes it has a Solution and a Quiet Deal on the Upcoming Euro 2008,for which it has a exclusive Broadcast Rights..The Vodafone has signed up as Co-Presenting sponsor for Euro 2008 and there are also some associate sponsor like Hp<hYundai etc..,


ESPN is expected to churn Huge Profit from this Euro 2008 but the thing is Tata Sky(A collaboration of TATA and SKY Sports) may certainly play an Spoilsport on ESPNSTAR’s Party.As per the latest rates,Tata Sky plans to charge an additional 40(INR) from its customers who want to avail ESPN-Star sports and Star Cricket…(Tata Sky is said to have a Prolific Growth and it has Currently some 2.2 Million Customers all over the World),So how many of them you think would Subscribe for the New Package out of 2.5Million may be some 50% the Other 50% is a Huge  Loss in the ESPNSTAR Point of view.Media Buyers on their part,believe that the Euro 2008 will continue to be a niche in India and in no way it is Comparable to the IPL obviously it doesn’t have a Greater Image when Compared to the IPL Cricket Tournament..With respect to Asia ESPN STAR is Asia´s complete sports provider reaching over 128 million for ESPN and 57 million for Star Sports (as of July 2004) with 11 networks – ESPN Asia, ESPN India, ESPN Taiwan with additional channels of Korea are Available

So there is every chance that TATA SKY is expected to Gatecrash the ESPNSTAR’s Party lets see whats going to happen

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Yahoo Still in talks with Microsoft

Posted by seshdotcom on June 7, 2008

The POST GIANT with INTERFACE GIANTYahoo said on 4th June that the deal talks with Microsoft are going as the company resisted an attack by Billionaire Critic Carl Icahn ->Icahn called the recent actions of the Yahoo were double-tongued..Yahoo has also signed new ad Partnerships with Wal-Mart Stores and other leading retail stores..Susan Decker the President of the Yahoo Services said that some form of deal with Microsoft could still come about and in turn this will benefit Yahoo in multiples of Dollars of thou,On the other Hand Carl Icahn has called on Yahoo to rescind anti-take offers over defenses and merge with Microsoft Writing and one of the Press releases Mr.Icahn has Quoted “Even I am Amazed at the length Jerry Yang and the Yahoo board have gone to in order to entrench their positions and keep shareholders from deciding if they wish to sell to Microsoft” In turn Yahoo has Given a HOT Answer to Icahn telling that it was a Pure Misrepresentation of the facts….

A New Turn to all these Stories: Sources also has said that YAHOO is in Talks with the Ontology Giant Google Inc and if Microsoft doesn’t meet its terms and condition then YAHOO Signs with GOOGLE Will be the news Flashed..

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Reliance Big Acquires Rights of Karzzz

Posted by seshdotcom on June 5, 2008

The Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group(ADAG) Reliance Big has acquired the world,internet and satellite rights of T-Series Himesh Reshamiya starrer KARZZZ..This is actually the Second of Himesh’s three ventures with T-Series owner Bhushan Kumar,where he combines his acting skills with his Musical talent.Reliance Big entertainment President told “We are delighted to present a Potent combination of talented Himesh and classical Karz we are very confident that this will be a Huge Success..The Reliance BIG is going to get launched very soon in INDIA and an Important thing to be noted is Just now Reliance got into tie up with Jet Airways launching BLUEMAGIC..Now with T-Series/Reshamiya You will go very far Reliance

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