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TVS to Launch two new Scooters

Posted by seshdotcom on June 4, 2008

TVS Motors sold more than a Lac and twelve Thousand units in May,posting a 4% growth over lac and eight thousand units in the same period last year…The Company plans to introduce two new scooters,designs of which would draw inspiration from Wimbeldon.TVS-Motors has signed up with the All England Lawn Tennis Club as a licensee..It Plans to launch the fuel injection variant of the Apache RTR range of motorcycles this month,to coincide with Wimbeldon tennis event,the company said on Monday.In May,it sold 54,717 motorcycles against 49,651 Units recorded in May 2007.The recently launched variant of Apache RTR is said to have contributed handsomely to clock a 60% growth in Motorcycles sales in the segment over the last year..


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Salary Cut for Sumo Wrestler

Posted by seshdotcom on May 31, 2008

CUTLERY FURY EARNS SALARY CUT: A veteran sumo wrestler who attacked a Junior Matman with a Cooking Instrument has been ordered to take a salary cut for his violent Outburst..TOYOZAKURA,whose assault left the victim bleeding and needing eight stiches,will take 30% pay cut for three Months,This was confirmed by Japanese Sumo Officials..The Same Punishment was also given to a GYMNASIUM Chief Magaki for beating a Junior Wrestler with Bamboo Sword

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Decision on Fuel Price Hike by this Saturday!!!

Posted by seshdotcom on May 30, 2008

The Fuel Price speculation in the Country went on even as Crude Oil Prices held firm at around $130 a Barrel(42 Gallons)..Mr.Manmohan Singh has now stepped to take a final call on Price hike after the respective ministers have failed to take necessary steps Mr.Manmohan himself enters the Party…The P.M held two rounds of meetings with lynchpins like Chidambaram,Pranab Mukherjee after the brief discussion Mr.Manmohan however would consider the fact that Already there was a Abject defeat in the state elections in Karnataka so most probably i think there would not be a steep increase eventhough there would be a Hike…

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Jet Airways With Bluemagic->Reliance

Posted by seshdotcom on May 27, 2008

JET with BLUEMAGICReliance Bluemagic is in talks with Jet Airways to offer its DTH Service on Planes.Till now only Kingfisher Airlines is the only Indian Airline that is offering live feed of 16 channels to its Passengers in a Joint Venture with DISH TV.According to sources RCom’s DTH Service is likely to replace the company’s in-flight entertainment system Jetscreen,which offers only pre-recorded content.

Reliance Bluemagic is likely to kick off by June-end.And it has already placed Order of about 5 Million Set-Top Boxes with its venders.The Company is Also in Talks with several LCD and Television Manufacturers to offer Bundled Services…The DTH Company has Decided to Import all these set-top Boxes by June and start the Proceedings by July

Hey Guys Njoy Reliance Bluemagic in your Jet Airways Coming up SHortly

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Arun Sarin Surprises Universe

Posted by seshdotcom on May 23, 2008

The Brigadier of Telecom SectorArun Sarin the CEO of the VODAFONE has a customary of surprising people time and again.Today the element of surprise is GUESS??????->Sarin Announced that he is stepping down as the CEO of Vodafone on July 29th..In a Press conference held Sarin told the reporters “I have Achieved what I set out to achieve and it has been a Privielege to be here for 5 yrs now the company is well positioned Strategically”..When asked what next??? Arun told that he has decided to spend time with his family.Vittorio Colao who is said to be Sarin’s successor said that it is GREAT CHALLENGE to FOLLOW SARIN

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Camel sold for 2.72 Million USD!!Pricey Camels

Posted by seshdotcom on April 10, 2008

The Exhorbitant CamelsThe crown Prince of United Arab Emirates has bought a female camel for $2.72 Million which is approximately equal to 1 Billion 76 lac and 64 Thousand.The crown prince Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashed AlMaktoum bought camels worth 4.49 Million which include the female camel(Described Above).The deal got over in a Camel pageant Organized in United Arab Emirates capital Abu Dhabi.A outrageous amount of Camels are taking part in this Fair(More than 10000 camels)and are vying for prize money of about $9.5 Million

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Blackjacked MOTORO”ller coaster”A into 1+1

Posted by seshdotcom on March 27, 2008

images3.jpgAfter a two-month strategic deadlock critique of its businesses, which was widely Published in The Guardian,Tuners on Wednesday Mot”W”orola promulgated that it would split itself into two separate PTC(Public traded company), spinning off its unprofitable mobile phone unit to investors.

IPhone’s Scathe on Motorola:

One of the Important resons behind this splitting was because of Apples Iphone which caught the eye of many buyers of the High end Market so obviously because of many other special features in Iphone and Bellwave the clients were made to think very hard and the Result is concavity in Motorola’s market(44% slump in the last years review)

Is Motorola planning for a free Distribution to Improve its Market ?????????

The Answer is Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!Motorola is expecting for a Spinoff during which it is to give thier shareholders whatever product obtained free of cost

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Posted by seshdotcom on March 26, 2008


200px-amazon_com_logosvg.png known to an Washington(American) Based company it has done everything for which it can be considered as a Lynchpin of the Blogosphere.Founded by Jeff Bezos in the early days of May 1994 it started by making sale by Online Bookstore But sooon it branched out by entering into the area of DVD’s,VCD’s,Computer Games,Apparels etc and it has its HQ at seattle Washington 180px-seattle-pacmed-2571.jpg

Amazon’s astounding Break:

It was on the Year 1997 that got a Break for Amazon it got listed in the NASDAQ.And at 2005 Amazing Amazon entered the S&P 500-a stock market index which has the stocks of Top 500 Corporations.

Now Amazon is in competition with other famous organizations like paypal,Auctionate etc…

Latest News:Now Amazon is all set to Open a Global worldwide Library at Amazonate-a separate City(Source Ind Exp)…Mostly this Project is set to be Over by 2014—Reuters

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