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Where is Gary Joseph Pratt??

Posted by seshdotcom on July 19, 2009

Many of them may not remember Gary Joseph Pratt–The hero of the iconic “Ponting Run Out” which paved the way for the English Victory in the 4th test of the Ashes 2005.Coming to Gary he plays cricket for cumbris currently and he is a good Off-Break Bowler who can turn the ball and a very good batsman who has a century feather in his cap in the First Class/County Matches.He scored 1,055 runs in a calendar year in the first class games his top score was 150 in a match against Northhamtonshire but that was way back in 2003 after that Gary did not have a very good form to impress the selectors but however he is playing a Good game so I hope I can see him back soon


Ponting’s Run Out:

This is the important thing that made Gary very famous.It was during the 4th ashes test match when Australia were on control and Poting was looking for a big score but it was too late for ponting to reach home when the Ligtning Tracer Bullet throw by Gary from short cover disturbed the timber and this made Australia lose a very strong position and resulted in their defeat.This made ponting shout at the English dressing room when he was walking towards the Pavillion seeing Duncan Fletcher and other English Players for making a twelfth man enter the field—Actually the twelfth man came to the field due to a genuine injury to “Simon Jones”

Where is Gary Now????:

See the “Irony of fate” Gary is now working in a container company transporting heavy things like cars etc., and he is the driver of that lorry but I believe he hasn’t lost his cricket touch till now because he plays some cricket for cumbria even now and it should be ok for him to start and play his natural game when he makes a comeback to the English cricket team.Will Gary be back!!!??Only time has to answer this question

Mr.Ponting to me twelfth man when he enters a field he is also a player so please do not give lame excuses for your “Run Out”

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The Wimbeldon Semifinal Saga Andy’s meet

Posted by seshdotcom on July 3, 2009

The Game of Power

The Game of Power

Hi there—here is a review of the Wimbeldon semifinals..The Highlights of today was a  good and competent match which took place between the British man Andy Murray and the American Andy Roddick..It was a match between Power and Determination—It finally turned to be Roddick’s day and my commiserations to Andy Murray who played a more or less equivalent game of Roddick but he wasn’t just able to resist the Thunderbolt serve of Roddick in the 4th set Tie Breaker but do not get me wrong he(murray)is a wonderful player with Subtle shots who can beat even the Best Player in this World on his day–

Thing I like with Murray–His serve return and the slicy Backhand

Things I like with Roddick–Probably the toughest serve to take is Roddick’s Serve and he plays net well

This was a superb match I saw eventhough it lasted only 4 sets one of the better match I have seen in this tournament which delineated the Will power and Quality tennis these chaps had.

Scores:6-4 ,4-6, 7-6(7), 7-6(5)

Murray you have a lots of challenges ahead so come fast I am expecting you to be crowned in US/AUSSIE open

I would like to mention one other Important person who actually have the same will power and determination like Andy Murray it is none other than Nadal but Unfortunately Nadal Pulled out of wimbeldon at the last minute due to Injury but I would say he is the Greatest Fighter the Game of tennis has ever seen

In the other match Roger Federer defeated Tommy Haas and it was a very clean finish in three sets–I don’t have  much to write about this but the other one was simply fantastic rush to youtube and see if you can pull out some of the clippings–

The williams’ sisters will meet in their finals of the Ladies Singles Wimbeldon lets see who is going to snatch the coveted trophy

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The Lakers Bounce Back in 1988

Posted by seshdotcom on December 25, 2008



The Los Angeles lakers does it in Style later in 1980's

The Los Angeles lakers does it in Style later in 1980's



                            LA LAKERS had a last moment of victory and a defeat as well in the NBA(US National Basketball Association) title clash.In 1966 they had a very sad loss against to Boston Celtics going down 1-3,Lakers then held to Boston and beat celtics twice to enforce the seventh game.Celtics beat Lakers 93-95 for their eighth consecutive title.And it was Lakers’s fourth consecutive loss to celtics in final

Lakers Bounce back in 1988:

                                 But all of a sudden in the year 1988 all of the rancor and fire the Lakers had were proving to be working well for the Lakers.Initially they were 2-3 down to the Detroit Pistons but in Game Six,they came back from a three point deficit with Just a Minute to go for the final Judgement Bell.With Two Free throws “The Spire Man of Basketball”–Kareem Abdul jabbar took them ahead and won 103-102 with 14 seconds left in the Game(It would have been a real nailbiter I tell you).And in Game seven,James Worthy’s superb performance(36 Points) brought Victory for Lakers 108-105.Kareem Abdul Jabbar has also won NBA Most Valuable Player award when he was at the top of his game.

For more details on Great Kareem abdul Jabbar visit this Post in the same Weblog where I wrote about the “The Spire man of Basketball”

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The Gavaskar Slow Coach

Posted by seshdotcom on June 6, 2008

The Slow Coach I would like to share with you a Particular Incident which happened in the Inaugural World cup of 1975..It was a highly expected match between India and England & England started the innings with a Blitz and more importantly it was a Full House at LORD’S Cricket Ground and the Indians and Britishers were Palying in front of a Jampacked…Dennis Amiss Scored a Brilliant and Hastened One day Century of 137(146) runs and he also piled those runs with Good Momentum..And after that the Indian Chase continued and they were 132 for the loss of 3 Wickets at the end of the 60 overs this was because of Sunil Gavaskar Innings he scored a patient 36(174-> balls) and this made everyone including the team manager G.S.Ramchand tempestuous and the spectators were even more Angry that one of them dropped his lunch in the middle of the pitch of Agony..After this incident Gavaskar was severly censured for his Lethargic Innings which made 16,294 fans return home with nothing to take from Lord’s they were Bilked,they were Thwarted ..You Know what Gavaskar replied—>Sorry I don’t know the rules of the Game…!!!It was a moment of shame to Indians all over the World..

What do you Guys say about this Post and gavaskar’s Behaviour?

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KaReEm AbDuL JaBbAr-Spire Man of BaSketball

Posted by seshdotcom on March 29, 2008

The magniloquent jabbarYou cannot miss this man in the Court even if you are in a half slumber not only because of his 7ft2 height but for his gumptious and never give up Policy in the court.Born as Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor he had great interest in Athletics and he was also considered to be one of the Best Player to have played the NBA.While studying in the School his team held one of the Stupendous  Record by a School in the state championship by winning 72 consecutive games.


Born on April 16th 1947 his father was in departmental store as a Price checker.He was raised as a Roman Catholic before his conversion to Islam in his college days.And he won surplus game for his school at his young age and was Portrayed as a Child with Supernatural powers because of his belligerence in the Court when he represented his school.

College Days and Conversion to Islam:

In his early college days Alcindor and the UCLA Bruins faced the Houston Cougars and this match->”Game of the Century” was the first ever Basketball match widely telecasted in the televison.And the result of the match is bruins Unprecedented winnign streak of 47 games was brought to an end and on Alcindor’s side the Dearth was ended.

On his conversion to Islam he said to the Playboy Magazine that he had a great devotion to Islam from his early childhood days and he got converted when he started to think that The Time Has Come.

Spousal Life:

He Married Janice Brown who later became Habiba Abdul Jabbar they had three children daughters Habiba and Sultana and son Kareem.

Famous Shot:

Abdul-Jabbar was well known for his trademark “sky hook” a shot in which he made his supple body bend like a Copper wire and Makes it reach the basket Safely.

Currently he is serving as a Coach and visiting coach to many Leading clubs like Lakers Eagles etc.,


He was named as the greatest college Basketball Player of all time by ESPN.


He created record by scoring 38,387 Points and by winning Most Valuable Player Awards Six times

Do you think that Jabbar is the greatest ever Player in the History to Play this sort of Ball Game????

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The recap of Hand Of God @ @ @ Estadio Azteca

Posted by seshdotcom on March 20, 2008

180px-hand_of_god_goal.jpgHey Guys i would like to give a small recap of whatever happened on 22nd june 1986 HAND OF GOD incident.It took Place at Mexico.It was Quarter Final match between Argentina and England it was a Illegal goal Scored by Deigo Maradona.And peter shilton the English goal keeper was trying to stop the ball which was a Handball from Maradona succeeded to put it inside the Goal and claimed for the goal infact None of them know that it was a Hand Ball before the Television replays clearly showed Maradona hit that with his Hand but Ali Bin Nasser Awarded the goal to Argentina….Later in an Interview Maradona confessed I was waiting for my teammates to embrace me, and no one came . . . I told them, ‘Come hug me, or the referee isn’t going to allow it……

Do you really think what Maradona did was right at that situation what will be your stand as a Argentinian civilian????

Give your comments here

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Best of Spats!!!

Posted by seshdotcom on March 17, 2008

images.jpgI would like to Expose you  what is said to be THE MOST UNDIGNIFIED INCIDENT in the History of Cricket.Mr.Lillee couldn’t Tolerate when Miandad Turned him down for a Single to Square Leg.And While Miandad is On the way for Completing a Easy Run Lillee kicked Miandad while returning to the Top of his bowling mark.And Aroused Miandad Lifted his Bat so as to off Lillee and created a SAGA.After which after TV Replays Showed Lillee was found guilty and he was the one who started it….And would you Believe It he was not effaced of the ICC or Censured Instead he escaped with Just 120$ fine and a 2 Match ban for Kicking a Player—– “wantedly”…
Do you Think that the ICC are partial to Australia from early days of Cricket?????

Give your gossips here —————-


Shane Warne was Bowling in a Match at MCG Mahanama was taking Strike and he Just made a Push to covers for no run…Healy:Can’t you Hit the Ball in the Air TIMID MAHA..

Mahanama:Do you want to Suck My cock…

A pressure cooker Situation was Going on

as The Next Delivery Got Mahanama Bowled Around the Legs

This is How these Aussies Take Wickets ……

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How Chintzy the Aussies can Be!!!

Posted by seshdotcom on March 15, 2008

192590.jpgHere is Mr.Dennis Lillee Arguing with Mike Brearley For Using Aluminium Bat..Dennis Lillee walked to resume his innings Against England at perth he was armed with metal. He Played with an Aluminum Bat instead of a Wooden Willow.And English Captain Mike Brearley Complained that the metal is Damaging the Leather of the ball..Mr.Lillee Who has Already Scored a Duck Against W.I using the Same Bat decided to Hit Some fierceful shots with that METAL Bat After some Overs greg Chappel told him to Surrender that bat he threw that like a Absolute Choleric player…

leave your Comments Guys

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the Sledge that Backfired To Pigeon

Posted by seshdotcom on January 13, 2008

My name is Sesha i am a Clamant Cricket Lover I have a great passion for that Sport.I would like to say one of my best in stash match it was a Match that took Place in westIndies in which the Arrogant Mcgrath Sledging backfired at Him by Sarwan Sarwan Hit 4 consecutive 4’s of Mcgrath After that Spat..The conversation

Mcgrath:How does brain lara’s dick tastes

Sarwan:Your wife knows better

The Autralians are chintzy people(tehre were also some Good Players)who damage their Personality by these kinds of comments

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