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The Wi-Fi networks are no longer shatterproof

Posted by seshdotcom on January 28, 2009


This will prove costly if an access point attack takes place

This will prove costly if an access point attack takes place

                                            Recent studies and reserach done by the security and network splinterproof experts has revealed a shocking fact that the Malware could easily spread through wi-fi routers.The wireless access Points could be easily used by the hacker and other Criminals  to spread the Viruses and Worms.It is said that WAP(Wireless Access point)which is used to connect the communication devices to wireless network using Bluetooth etc..,are not tamperproof and there is every chance that it could be taken control by the malicious user and could be used to spread the Malice Program.

                                  The security and cryptography experts had simulated this Kind of an attack and an Shocking news was revealed which said that around 55% of the wi-fi networks could be heavily reconnoitered by the cyber criminals.This has not taken place till now(The capturing of the wi-fi networks)as of now the attacks have been carried out by creating fake access points and stealing others Identity.This research carried out by a team has also made some Improvements int eh technical and logic side of a router—->They are now trying to implement lockout mechanisms in almost all the routers—->which tries to stop endless attempts to find Password by using some of the string matching mechanisms…The simulation done by the experts affected about 18000 access points in manhattan and Newyork and if this is going to happen in real time it is going to be a Costly attack I say you…The research workers have aslo recommended people to try and change the password they use very frequently so that it doesn’t give the malice person a easy Guess…

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The Most Virulent Computer Worm-Conficker~ AKA~ Downadup~ AKA~Kido BEWARE

Posted by seshdotcom on January 20, 2009

Nobody could put an end to this worm

Nobody could put an end to this worm

There has been a BUZZ around the world for the past 3 Months about this deadly computer worm.This is a totally different Kind of a worm that People have even Microsoft and security experts have ever seen.The worm does things very Quietly without revealing its identity till it does a considerable damage to your Computer.

More About the Worm:

This is spread by a very Poisonous Program written to trigger it called Conficker.And about 8.9 Million Machines are estimated to get affected by this Virus Program and it is also said to grow larger and the irony is even Microspft’s Patch is not going to save you from Danger.Although Microsoft Corporation helped People by Updating its Patch in the Local Home Computers it couldn’t do much with the Business firms and there still remains a ? on this..

Modus Operandi:

According to Security Experts and Microsoft the worm works by searching for a executable Services.exe then it starts to Play in our system its first target is the system folder it pierces the security anti virus we have and enters it and gives itself a five character <Five Character Name>.dll and modifies the windows registry to run this .dll as a high Priority service.Once it modifies the Windows registry you are gone—–It deletes the System Restore Point you have and making it hard to recover from an early damage and then creates a HTTP Server for itself—And then the virus starts downloading Harmful things from the Hackers Site–The saddest part of all these things is when it modifies the registry keys everything happens in sometime and your computer will become Unusable.And there is one site Operation for this worm it opens a random site.And one of the security experts said to the BBC:

“Right now, we’re seeing hundreds of thousands of [infected] unique IP addresses”

So this is an Ultimatum to all the Business firm and IT industry if any of your employees are going to Plug in a Sick USB drive you are gone.So Please ensure that you use your Clean USB’s  to transfer Data.

Courtesy BBC

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The use Square Sails by Egyptian–Travel was easy and brought an revolution in nautical science

Posted by seshdotcom on January 19, 2009


The Nile reed boats set as an example for Designing  Boats

The Nile reed boats set as an example for Designing Boats


 The Egyptian Science of travelling in the sea was little bit Surprising and the technology they invented was very useful and the Travel south to north in Egypt was always easy because that is the direction in which the Nile River flows. But north to south travel was slow and cumbersome until a clever boatman had a brainstorm(A Very Clear Understanding)and after that he planned of a thing and attached a large square of fabric (mostly linen) to a yard(a horizontal pole) that was attached to a mast(Mast- -A Vertical Stout rounded Pole to support the Sails)near the front of his Nile boat. This sail caught the prevailing north-to-south winds and propelled his boat upriver. Square sails are very inefficient if conditions require much steering and tacking (sailing on a zigzag into the wind) Tacking in natical theory means —a line (rope or chain) that regulates the angle at which a sail is set in relation to the wind. But since the Nile is relatively straight, calm, and the Egyptians found it very easy to navigate,Egyptian sailors saw no need to improve much upon this invention of their Square Sails—This was also told to be one of the Greatest invention in BC season. The little steering that was required needed only a steering pole or the use of slender steering oars. The square sail served them well for thousands of years.


After reading this I certainly felt that the Egyptians were the masters of Nautical Science with their groundbreaking implementation.And as of now  the basic shape of all square sails originally Orginated from those ancient Nile Square Sail boats

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Enhanced Sewing Machine comes into Market

Posted by seshdotcom on January 3, 2009

                              A new and enhanced sewing machine is introduced in the market.A Company named Brother Industries has introduced a High tech Sewing Machine,embroidery,quilting and a Crafting Machine(Four in one).It was also accepted by the  Universal Standards and it has Passed all the standars of a Sewing Machine and an Embroidery Machine.It has many different  features like InnovEye Technology and an Magnified viewer to project the needle area onto the Display.This industry has also  produced a Sewing machine with completely new set of features which is like Mounting a Built in camera above the needle so that we can see during every knitting where the needle is getting placed in the fabric,the Brothers Industries came with a deal with Sharp Corporation and so all the action that is performed by the machines were clearly viewed in a HD LCD  television of 32 inches.

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Kodak to Uncover First OLED Photo Frame

Posted by seshdotcom on December 30, 2008



Kodak Offers a Bigger one than this---Imagine!!!!

Kodak Offers a Bigger one than this---Imagine!!!!

 This company has the credit of having developed the first diode device back in 80’s,it is now to be a Lynchpin in the Organic Light Emitting Diode Market.Kodak is planning to Uncover the world’s first/largest Photo Frame of 7.6 inches and it is called OLED Photo Frame.And there was also a Buzzing around the market on its Price—>It is a bit costly affair–It costs around 1000$ and it is considered to be the Status Symbol in the international market at that price.

Features Offered by this new entrant:

                                                      It has some special attributes like it has  a very Good/Brilliant colour and a sharp image of 800×480 pixels(to be accurate) on a very slim OLED Panel which has a contrast ratio of 30000:1.The one Disadvantage with this Photo Frame is it is not very advanced–After two or three years it is going to be a herald–It has just made an entry to the market.Some of the disadvantages or say the features not supported are the WiFi Panel connects to Flickr or say to Kodak’s Own Video Hosting Website but will not transfer images from Macs direct to the Frame..Mac Users may have to move to some other Options like USB Drives,SD Cards etc.. as they cannot do a direct transfer.The frame is touch-sensitive and it has also two jacks for Audio I/p and Audio O/p

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Now Macbook is comparitively faster than its heralds and more Affordable

Posted by seshdotcom on December 30, 2008


The Macbook goes faster and more affordable

The Macbook goes faster and more affordable

                            APPLE systems  unvieled a patched up Macbook systems which has many new features it released a line of computer systems which are cheaper and leaner and comparitively high performance systems than their heralds.Steve Jobs the CEO of Apple Inc said to the penmen that ‘We sell a ton of these MacBooks and people love it’.Apple Inc has cut the price of original version to 999 USD.The new MacBooks have certain new features like custom-designed graphics processors by Nvidia to enhance computer play and video viewing,Glass Touch Pads that allows finger gesture controls.The MacBooks are released in 3 versions MacBook,MacBook Air,MacBook Pro models each have different price ranges.This was really a significant sale because this is the first time that Apple is selling the Laptop for less than Thousand USD—THOUSAND US DOLLARS.

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Be a Part of Computer Society Conference today

Posted by seshdotcom on December 21, 2008

This might be a new information for many who Browse through the post.Each year,the Computer Society sponsors more than 180 conferences in Software Engineering,networking and Communications,pattern analysis and machine intelligence,design automation,and many more topics of interest to Computer Engineers.From Symposia that attract a wide representation of practitioners to workshops that hone(to sharpen) in on narrow problems.This is will really important for the fresh engineers who are vying to Prove themselves in this competitive world.The Computer Society conferences are arranged by a group of expert volunteers.We can also Join and demonstrate our leadership position in our discipline ,these committees determine the content for our meetings.Program committee members are selected well in advance of a conference date by the Lynchpin’s in the Computer Society.

For further information on this visit this website:

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Wiki founder to break Google Search Engine’s Stranglehold

Posted by seshdotcom on November 26, 2008

Will Jimmy make it happen???

Will Jimmy make it happen???

Jimmy Wales–The Famous Wiki Founder hopes that wikia search—A Project that he Spearheads,will break Google’s domination as the world’s most widely used internet search engine.Google and fellow behemoths Yahoo and Microsoft dominate the internet search engine market which wales said was causing some worry among web users in one of the interview to a Pressman he said “Right now in the US in Particular we have a really strong concentration of Industry”.And he pointed out some Statistics that over 90% of the searches in the US are done through three firms(THE YAHOO,THE MSN,THE GOOGLE) so a lot of people are really concerned about this,the people feel that Do we really want all our editorial control of the internet all being piped and ripped  through one or two or three companies–What if they are down on a day 🙂 :P???Certainly not!!!!.

About Wikia Search:

Wales said that Wikia Search will run on a open Platform and follows the same principle like Wikipedia and he Quoted that “All of the existing search engines are proprietary Black Boxes”,—You don’t know how things are ranked but this is not going to be the case with wikia search you can get some meaningful answers for your Queries..

I am sure that Jimmy is a Determined Guy and will make it happen—->Lets c how the pages,the Brins,the yangs are going to handle this….

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Now no More Hinderance to 100% Solar Energy

Posted by seshdotcom on November 2, 2008

This is going to change the Universe Green pow N

This is going to change the Universe Green pow N

A New Material have been created by the researchers that overcome two main Obstacles to solar power:

In the Current Existing System we were not able to make a Material which absorbs all the energy contained in the Sunlight—>This new Material overcomes this Conundrum by helping the Panel/Any other Objects which is Used to absorb 100% power from Sun and it does this by making electrons in a way that makes them easier to capture–>The researchers haven’t revealed the name of the substance that is going to turn the future

The research carried out by a team in Ohio State University chemists and their fellowmen combined electrically conductive plastic with metals including Molybdenum and Titanium to create a Hybrid Material—-The Purpose of Using these two metals in Particular is by using this the entire Solar Spectrum can be covered.Now let me explain you what exactly is happening in a Solar Energy Generation

The Sunlight has the entire spectrum of colors that can be seen with the naked eye and all these colors are said to be in different Energy levels/Frequencies of Light—>Today’s Solar Cell Materials can capture only a Small range of frequencies or say is able to absorb only certain Colors at certain frequencies of light so because of this we were not able to get the full energy of which the sunlight Provides they were able to absorb only a small fraction of the energy contained in Sunlight.

This new material(Titanium+Molybdenum) can absorb all the energy contained in the visible light at once.The Material generates electricity just like the other solar cell materials do like it Energizes the atoms of the material and then the The Electron flow out of the device as electric Current(And this should be captured in a Matter of Seconds or else you will lose about 40% of what you actually get from the Sun)_,but this is the place where most of the current system proves to be inefficient—>It is said that the materials which the Current Solar Cells use where not able to Capture the electrons flow as current Quickly as they should be captured and this task is termed as Charge Separation by the Connoisseurs in that field.By using this new Material it is said that Charge Separation has become Effective—->By making a Longer Survival Time for Electrons.

By using this I think we can extract the 100% of the Solar Energy and Promote Green Atmosphere

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Objects may become unseeable in future—–>This is no Magic

Posted by seshdotcom on October 26, 2008

Ah finally the Science has come to a level where you can make Objects Invisible.A long term research conducted by the Scientists has almost come to a level of having a cheers when they said we are almost complete with the research of materials that make 3D Objects and even living beings invisible.The scientific theory behind this was the materials they prepared redirect the light around the Object and this was indeed a great invention by the research committee because they were previously able to mask only 2D Objects.Why can’t we make Humans Invisible by using our cloak theory?????This has been a longstanding Question I mean from the day the Project Started–>This new thinking moves scientists to somehow take up the Challenge and work toward it.When I read this I got a perfect explanation from one the scientists How is this achieved????–>It was said that People can see Objects because they scatter light that strikes them,reflecting some of it back to the eye,Now coming to how cloaking is done—->Cloaking uses a special type of materials called Metamaterial,to reflect the any sort of waves around an Object like light waves this Metamaterial are Manufactured by using metal and circuit board materials such as ceramic or Teflon–>Which is very often used in coating of Objects to reduce the sticky nature.And the scientists are now doing a vigorous research on how to make Meta-materials to make the light bend..

I hope that this would be the greatest challenge to the mankind(making a thing invisible is not easy)lets c the result

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