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The Norse God of Mischief,Conflict and Fire

Posted by seshdotcom on June 3, 2008

Hello guys i am back to this teutonic section in the previous posts we saw many of the teutonic Gods now i would like to present you some of them who were not known to  most of the people around the world->LOKI he is the Giant god of the Norse Mythology..

Birth and Relationship with other Gods:

God Loki is said to be the son of Fárbauti and in some of the other works in the Norse campaign he was described as son of Laufey..Actually in Prose edda where amny information about the Norse campaign is given describes LOKI as the Person who makes Plans for all Fraudulent things..Loki is sadi to live in Jötunheimr..Loki is also the Blood Broither of the Great ODIN.

The Power of LOKI-transmogrification:

Of all the Norse Gods LOKI has the extreme power and core Power of changing into different form or appearance and the only condition with that is he has to get the cloak of Freyja‘s whenever he has to change into a Bird Form he has also take any form like Dog,Cat,Horse,Cow without the help of others..He is also said to be a cheater in the Norse Mythology,He makes fake Promises whenever he gets into some sort of trouble.It is said that Loki has killed many of the Gods by TREACHERY.

Spousal Life:

He lived with Angrboda for a short span during that time he had three Children with her namely fenrir,Jormungandr and Hel..And after leaving Angrboda he married Sigyn and he had two  sons Narfi and Vali.Once he turned into a Mare(A female Horse) and during that time he had affair with Svadilfari and he gave birth to Sleipnir->A Eight legged Horse of ODIN.


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Telling “Thor” is he the Greatest of Norse Gods???????

Posted by seshdotcom on April 1, 2008


Thor the Teutonic god is Portrayed to be the Most Powerful of the Norse Gods “God of Thunder”/”God of Rains” and he is also called DONAR which is the term associated with Thunderbolt and Rains.He is often said to have red-hair and beard.Thor is believed to be the Son of Odin and Jörd(The goddess earth) he had a son Magni and daughter Thrud.And he is said to be the most fierceful man in the Battle field during the Ragnarok and he slayed the Giants in million and it was explained as “THORING NO MERCY”

Efficacious Hammer:


                                                     The lining shown above gives you the Structure of Thors Hammer in different Scandy beliefs. Thor is widely known for the hammer( Mjollnir ) which he has in his right hand and it is said that the life of thor lies inside that hammer he has got and once in abattle against the Giants one of the Giants disturbed the hammer’s Assembly which brought a little blood on thor’s ear.The Audacious Thor is said to have a Very good Aim he hits the target 99/100 times at rare occasion he misses like the incident which happened with the Giant.Mjolnir in Scands means Crusher because of the demolition it does to an Target

Spousal life:

His wife’s name is Sif(I would like to narrate in detail about Sif in my next Post)who is widely known for her GOLDEN HAIR and Thor the Muscular God of Norse Myth is said to still exist in the Deep woods of Germany where a Loud roar takes Place by the time any destructive incident takes Place

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Where do Gods abode????Series 2:The other 5 worlds of Teutonic Guys!!!!

Posted by seshdotcom on March 31, 2008

I left out with the five worlds lets c about what this wise Man->Odin has done in his other Worlds

*Vanaheimr :

The very name suggests that this name has got its root from some other term can u guys guess what it is???It is Vanir->Which is the name of a clan of the Two clans of Gods in Norse Mythology which is in Addition to Æsir.The gods in this World are said to be Primordial Gods they are said to be Oldest of Gods they are also called Quondam gods.Generally there arises some problem while considering Vanaheimr as one of the worlds of Norse Mythology but still it is considered to be the PREMIVAL PLACE OF GODS.

*Niflheimr :

Misty Niflheimr

This is also called the “Abode of Mist” or Mist World.The Niflheimr is a word which is not extinct even today even while comparing very Misty Place we used to say as Sort of Niflheimr ->Thier name still appears in Gylfaginning–>deals with creation and Destruction of Norse gods.According to Norse Myth the creation of living thing began between these two realms of Fire and Cold and later this became the Kingdom of Underworld ruler Hel and her lyceum was called as Éljúðnir.

Hel,the Goddess of demice is also the godess of fulfilment.Etymology of her name is from:”HOLE and WHOLE” and she governs not only death but also the process of birth and rebirth.Hel was hurtled down to the world of ice in the beginning of time and there she created 9 dark worlds.The bright of Balder and the power of the sun descend into her mistyrealm,but in the future Baldr->Second son of Odin will be reborn and he would rise from her womb like the sun during the spring


This is the world of Fairies and Elves.The interesting thing with these elves over here is it is similar to NAVAGRAHA in Hindu Mythology->If you have these Navagraha’s Grace you can go high similarly if you don’t have you will Slump even during the best part of your Life


This the world where the dominant power is fire it is said to be from this world the Fire Giants have arose and thier chief god Surtr is said to have Born only at Muspelheim so this draws some similarity between the Norse Myth and Hindu Myth think of Surtr to be the Lord of Agni who lives at Indra’s Court it is said that Surtr rids hid Hordes to meet the God in the Final battle of Ragnarok which tells the Ultimate destruction of gods in the Battle with evil.

These are the ten worlds of Scandinavians

Chaffers segment:Do you find any similarities between the Norse Myhtology and Hindu Mythology if so please feel free to exchange so that that makes me write in detail

Bye Bye—Sesha

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Where do the Gods Abode???lets go into the world of Norse Myth

Posted by seshdotcom on March 30, 2008

Prologue:There are lots of Sections in the Norse mythology and I’m going to make a short Brush up of the different types of worlds in Norse Mythology which tells you who lives in which world.

The gods created 10 types of worlds in the Norse Mythology and the Great Odin lives in the best of that.

Let us go into that Vikings world and lets c what are all the veracious things that has happened in that world for decades

It is a Magical world with a charm filled Space.It is said to be existed even before the Universe was created..Primordial existence of this Ginnungap makes sure that Odin employs all his Magical Assistants at correct Place and give them a Separate Job which cannot be carried out by Ordinary Norse campaigners.It was Once said that the Life of Odin itself lies only in “Ginnungagap“->Must be adopted as Heaven’s Heritage Site.It lies south of Niflheim.

The Yggdrasil

In the mid”GARD”dle of the universe you will find the world of man.People say that Midgard bears the most beautiful flora on the world.The great tree Yggdrasil , but the world of man is a very fragile world and it is under a permanent threat.The elevated/advanced balance between polarities is the fundament of Midgard , could easily be disturbed.If that would happen the forces of Confusion will inundate the earth and the end will be the only future for humanity.


At the top of all is a Mountain in general in all Mythologies-> in the Middle of the Universe,At the Celestial point above the world of man,rises the abode of the gods.The lustrous halls of the gods circle in the sky like the stars and there lies the twelve signs of the zodiac which represents the 12 Zodiacal constellations.Only those who are brave and pure of hearth will be brought up in the air to the palaces of Asgard.they will ride upon the rainbow and fight side by side with the gods on the end of days.


Beyond the Impossible->you can find out only the drumming and the heavy Stomping of Giants.They are born out of the primordial forces of nature and they are said to Exist even before the Gods were Born(Goodness me isn’t it Amazing).their roughshod power is only surpassed by their sapience,since the old age of the giants have made them see what neither gods nor men ever will.


The nanuses and the black elves are said to live inside the Stones,sepulcher,or Even beneath the Ground.They are said to be the inventor of blacksmiths Job.Deep down in the underworld they forge and they take atmost care for the treasures of gods like Relics/Odins Spear,Valkries Jewels.They use the metals from the veins of the earth to create the most precious things.It has been said that this folk may be able to teach you the secret of chemistry and they are said to be the Professors who explain how to get gold out of Magma.

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Northman-MoRtAl Vikings and the V@lkyrie

Posted by seshdotcom on March 24, 2008


Lets go into the world of Norse campaign:They are said to exist from 1 2th century to 18th century..Out of all Gods in Norse Campaign Odin is considered to be the chief God in NORSE Mythology born to Bestla and Borr Odin he had Many wives.Through them he also became father of Many children notable among them is Balder the eldest son who was the sign of Beauty and Wisdom..And Hodr-(The Lord of Swarthiness) was also his son who was Blind and was contradictory to the services of God Balder..

The Valkyrie are one of the powerful element in Odin’s army.

What is thier Main line of work:They used to round in the battlefield and look for the Warriors who died bravely in the Battlefield(einherjar )and she used to carry thier spirits to Valhalla-Heaven of Odin.And the other warriors are sent to Folkvangr-The Hell(Source-wiki).The Valkyrie also Wash the vessels and do all the domestic work in Odin’s kingdom.They are delineated as Beautiful Maidens Sitting on Winged Horses(as shown above)..

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