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Ha Ha A Pen Drive can be Used as a RAM(_)Hastened world

Posted by seshdotcom on March 20, 2008

Windows vista with AERO Interface brings you a new technology A pen Drive can be Used as a RAM..Say if you have 1Gb Ram and a 1 Gb Pen Drive Your system can be made into a System with 2 Gb RAM…isn’t it Interesting there is a separate option in Windows Vista using to speed up the System called Ready Boost-ReadyBoost enables you to plug a USB key into your machine and have Windows Vista use it as memory which can speed up your System….Some says it works only with CTP version only but it runs well also in Windows Vista Beta 2 version

Conditions are

1.your USB must be left with free space of Atleast 64 MB

2.USB key should be atleast USB 2.0

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