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Antivenin/Antivenom-A Elixir How is it Prepared?????

Posted by seshdotcom on May 29, 2008

ANTIVENIN THE ELIXIR In olden days there were no proper panacea to a Snake bite inflicted person they used to have many techniques to take out the venom.But none of these things were proven to be scientifically effective to cure the sting and then the God made Humans think and gave a figment that why not take the same venom of a snake and why can’t we take some antibodies and prepare a Medicine?????And we can also say ANTIVENIN(VENIN in french means Venom)or ANTIVENOM is a BRAINCHILD of Louis Pasteur-?Whose vaccine principle was effectively used the main difference is in Antivenom Treatment is it is Injected into a Body of a host animal and the hyperimmunized serum is then Injected into the Body of the Patient.The first Antivenom was prepared in the year 1895 to treat people who are bitten by the SPECTACLE COBRA.


It is Prepared by injecting a small amount of venom into animals like sheep,goat,horse etc.,and when it is injected the animal’s body will produce antibodies against the venom and this can be taken from the animal’s body(This is called Antivenom)and can be used to treat people affected by the sting.But the thing is only if you catch some 15-20 snakes you can get some mg of Antivenom Substrate.

Antivenom can also be prepared from others like SPIDERS,Box jellyfish,Stonefish etc.,

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