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Where is Gary Joseph Pratt??

Posted by seshdotcom on July 19, 2009

Many of them may not remember Gary Joseph Pratt–The hero of the iconic “Ponting Run Out” which paved the way for the English Victory in the 4th test of the Ashes 2005.Coming to Gary he plays cricket for cumbris currently and he is a good Off-Break Bowler who can turn the ball and a very good batsman who has a century feather in his cap in the First Class/County Matches.He scored 1,055 runs in a calendar year in the first class games his top score was 150 in a match against Northhamtonshire but that was way back in 2003 after that Gary did not have a very good form to impress the selectors but however he is playing a Good game so I hope I can see him back soon


Ponting’s Run Out:

This is the important thing that made Gary very famous.It was during the 4th ashes test match when Australia were on control and Poting was looking for a big score but it was too late for ponting to reach home when the Ligtning Tracer Bullet throw by Gary from short cover disturbed the timber and this made Australia lose a very strong position and resulted in their defeat.This made ponting shout at the English dressing room when he was walking towards the Pavillion seeing Duncan Fletcher and other English Players for making a twelfth man enter the field—Actually the twelfth man came to the field due to a genuine injury to “Simon Jones”

Where is Gary Now????:

See the “Irony of fate” Gary is now working in a container company transporting heavy things like cars etc., and he is the driver of that lorry but I believe he hasn’t lost his cricket touch till now because he plays some cricket for cumbria even now and it should be ok for him to start and play his natural game when he makes a comeback to the English cricket team.Will Gary be back!!!??Only time has to answer this question

Mr.Ponting to me twelfth man when he enters a field he is also a player so please do not give lame excuses for your “Run Out”

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Collingwood the Windbreak,Monty and James does it for the Barmy Army

Posted by seshdotcom on July 12, 2009

Hi this is the review of the final day of the 1st Ashes 2009 test match that took place in Cardiff..This is a match in which I enjoyed every ball and was happy finally that England Managed for a draw.What a fighback by collingwood having spent 350 minutes in the crease and he held together the English Batting and finally there was a new Hero for England in No:10 and No:11 James Anderson and Monty Panesar.

The Beginning:

This was a match that proved the Englishmens’ resistance against the Mighty Australian Attack that was dominating the game from the Beginning having won the toss put up a Good total of 470 odd runs but that was not enough to face the strong and rejuventated Australian team.Ponting scored a valiant knock of 150 and registered his eighth century in The Ashes Tournament and put on a useful partnership with Marcus North who made his second test century  which made Australia go past England’s first innings total and -Thanks to katich for his composed knock of 122 which created a good foundation for this Gargantuan total.

The Cardiff Saga:

Coming to the Last day of the test match—Johnson started to fire his deliveries from the River Taff End and just when it seemed that England were doing good Johnson gatecrashed their party mood with a Straighter one which did not have any swing and cook was found Plumb in front and he has to walk away and Hilfenhaus bowled a Superb delivery to get rid of Bopara and the Australian Bowlers likes of Siddles and the Johnsons were too good for the Englishmen and they fell on thier trap and it was collingwood who resisted their attack and faced them with a Challenge and composure–He really is a Great find for the British but he couldn’t complete the Job when he casually tried to send the ball to Third man at a good height Mr.Cricket Pulled off a catch which Broke many British Hearts at that time and task spilled over and was assigned to Monty and Anderson who became the Heros of the Match

Excited Heros

The Nailbiter:

When Monty came into the crease he had a huge task assigned to him.Now due to the loss of collingwood James Anderson became the senior partner and he wished to take most of the strike and he played Peter siddle and Nathan Hauritz to a Perfection of a middle Order Batsman and the over which I cannot forget was Peter Siddle was Begging the Umpire to give a Leg Before that was a Unforggettable Scene—‘He was appealing and pleading for 10 seconds continuously with the Umpire eventhough he was saying no :)’and ponting tried his best by giving the ball to Marcus North and he could’t penetrate Monty/James defense and finally england’s resistance paid off and the Moment which many eyes were waiting in the English Dressing room happened “The Handshakes” and then it was finally declared the Match was drawn..I am sure that Pietersen/Strauss would have lost all their nails like what David Lloyd mentioned–I bet you there are no nails left in that finger there is only flesh 🙂

Unforgettable delivery:

The Unforgettable delivery was the one that Hauritz made to turn Sharp and Anderson didn’t judge it properly decided sweep and then changed his mind and one more delivery which made a sharp turn pitching Outside Off

Crispy Scorecard —

England 435 & 252/9 (105.0 ov)–Star *Monty/James

Australia 674/6d–Star * R.T.Ponting

Courtesy Cricinfo

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It Took 25 years for Cricket to see this again

Posted by seshdotcom on December 21, 2008

Freddie was charged up and he Bowled some Unplayable deliveries to the Aussie Batsmen and that over was similar to the Great Michael Holding—Who Bowled the Greatest Over in test history with some rippers to Geoff Boycott in a Test Match Played during the year 1981(Boycott was Clean Bowled by Michael Holdings Delivery) …So I would like to add the Video of it—>Freddie You Rock!!!!.The first Victim was Langer of the Second Ball and then it was Ponting who wasn’t able to survive for five balls(The irony is he(Flintoff) Bolwed a No Ball when he was firing the last ball of the over and that made him bowl another delivery that captured the wicket of Ponting of a Superb Catch by Geriant Jones which made the England Team Jump in ecstasy.

Watch Holding’s ferine Bowling which Uprooted Boycott’s Timber here:

Watch Flintoff’s immaculate Bowling here:

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My 100th Post-World’s Greatest All rounders Swashbuckling type

Posted by seshdotcom on August 8, 2008

Hi/Hello blokes this is my 100th Post and I thought of writing Something related to my favorite Sport.Here it Unveils World’s two Greatest All Rounders and what they have done to make me add them to my Cart.So I have noticed some of the Gr8’s Playing and has heard of some of the Gr8’s who have Played but these two are extremely outstanding or simply superb to me.So I would like to start with my favorite Player-


He is more of a sort of Silent Killer and a Slow Poison you cannot guess when he will burst so to visualize him think of Naples(The Dormant Volcano).He has the Ability of hitting through the Line whenever he feels he can also become a Class Act whenever he feels.I cannot forget the Match in which he Clobbered Mr.Pigeon to 5 Lightning Boundaries which made Pigeon Share some Words of No Use,And one of the Match which still flashes in my Memory when I think of Cricket is the match he Played against New Zealand where he made the KiwiPak Crowd Bite their nails however pakistan lost their Match but Razzaq with his willow took a Match which looked like “NO VALUE FOR MONEY GAME” to “FULL VALUE FOR MONEY GAME”.And who can forget his Timely Knocks against India,Sri Lanka and against Australia this page would not be enough to describe about Razzaq-the Greatest All rounder I have Ever Seen.And coming to his Bowling he has made many Great Batsman(Even Sachin)to go to Pavilion in Minutes he was brought to attack due to his High and Backing wrist Position many of the Batsman face trouble to Pick him an will often get Leg Before to Him.I think PAKISTAN is Wasting such a Talented Player like Razzaq I don’t think they know how to use a resource like Razzaq-He is a Great Player guys watch out for his Videos



Next comes the Great Freddie:

Freddie Flintoff is a great All rounder we all know about his Heroics in the Ashes 2005 Cricket Series where he turned the Whole series Upside Down with his Bowling and his Batting,He is a Man of Power and Technique but if you see his recent past you will not recognize that he is a Great Player.Injuries put a Stoppage to this Great Man.Who can forget his Over(An Unplayable one man) where he scalped Ponting after a No Ball that was actually the Test Cricket’s Greatest over,According to me can also be considered to be equal to the Greatest over in the History of Test Cricket- Holding to Boycott Over.Flintoff has also performed Well against all the Oppositions he is Big man Stands tall and punches down the Ground and can Come down the Track and can take you to cleaners.After Inzamam I think he is a Correct Blend of Power and Technique.He has also captained the side but that didn’t give him that much of a success.And remember he is also a Dormant Volcano like Razzaq may erupt at any Time the shot which I like with him is the Straight Hit(Goes to 2nd or third floor or even out of the Ground-(The Six he hit of Lee in that series)which he does with ease.And coming to his bowling he is a Subtle Bowler Who hits the Deck Hard and extracts bounce of the Pitch and Makes you feel Uncomfortable and you will nick one and go to your dressing room-He is really hard to Play tats sure-Even the Great Gilly Mentioned that.

Has a Tracer Bullet in both his Bowling and Batting

Has a Tracer Bullet in both his Bowling and Batting

So i have to thank all the readers who regularly visit my Blog–Thanks for doing that I will try to give you something more Interesting/different always on Whatever I like tats more important else you will never feel like writing.

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