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Where is Gary Joseph Pratt??

Posted by seshdotcom on July 19, 2009

Many of them may not remember Gary Joseph Pratt–The hero of the iconic “Ponting Run Out” which paved the way for the English Victory in the 4th test of the Ashes 2005.Coming to Gary he plays cricket for cumbris currently and he is a good Off-Break Bowler who can turn the ball and a very good batsman who has a century feather in his cap in the First Class/County Matches.He scored 1,055 runs in a calendar year in the first class games his top score was 150 in a match against Northhamtonshire but that was way back in 2003 after that Gary did not have a very good form to impress the selectors but however he is playing a Good game so I hope I can see him back soon


Ponting’s Run Out:

This is the important thing that made Gary very famous.It was during the 4th ashes test match when Australia were on control and Poting was looking for a big score but it was too late for ponting to reach home when the Ligtning Tracer Bullet throw by Gary from short cover disturbed the timber and this made Australia lose a very strong position and resulted in their defeat.This made ponting shout at the English dressing room when he was walking towards the Pavillion seeing Duncan Fletcher and other English Players for making a twelfth man enter the field—Actually the twelfth man came to the field due to a genuine injury to “Simon Jones”

Where is Gary Now????:

See the “Irony of fate” Gary is now working in a container company transporting heavy things like cars etc., and he is the driver of that lorry but I believe he hasn’t lost his cricket touch till now because he plays some cricket for cumbria even now and it should be ok for him to start and play his natural game when he makes a comeback to the English cricket team.Will Gary be back!!!??Only time has to answer this question

Mr.Ponting to me twelfth man when he enters a field he is also a player so please do not give lame excuses for your “Run Out”

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Collingwood the Windbreak,Monty and James does it for the Barmy Army

Posted by seshdotcom on July 12, 2009

Hi this is the review of the final day of the 1st Ashes 2009 test match that took place in Cardiff..This is a match in which I enjoyed every ball and was happy finally that England Managed for a draw.What a fighback by collingwood having spent 350 minutes in the crease and he held together the English Batting and finally there was a new Hero for England in No:10 and No:11 James Anderson and Monty Panesar.

The Beginning:

This was a match that proved the Englishmens’ resistance against the Mighty Australian Attack that was dominating the game from the Beginning having won the toss put up a Good total of 470 odd runs but that was not enough to face the strong and rejuventated Australian team.Ponting scored a valiant knock of 150 and registered his eighth century in The Ashes Tournament and put on a useful partnership with Marcus North who made his second test century  which made Australia go past England’s first innings total and -Thanks to katich for his composed knock of 122 which created a good foundation for this Gargantuan total.

The Cardiff Saga:

Coming to the Last day of the test match—Johnson started to fire his deliveries from the River Taff End and just when it seemed that England were doing good Johnson gatecrashed their party mood with a Straighter one which did not have any swing and cook was found Plumb in front and he has to walk away and Hilfenhaus bowled a Superb delivery to get rid of Bopara and the Australian Bowlers likes of Siddles and the Johnsons were too good for the Englishmen and they fell on thier trap and it was collingwood who resisted their attack and faced them with a Challenge and composure–He really is a Great find for the British but he couldn’t complete the Job when he casually tried to send the ball to Third man at a good height Mr.Cricket Pulled off a catch which Broke many British Hearts at that time and task spilled over and was assigned to Monty and Anderson who became the Heros of the Match

Excited Heros

The Nailbiter:

When Monty came into the crease he had a huge task assigned to him.Now due to the loss of collingwood James Anderson became the senior partner and he wished to take most of the strike and he played Peter siddle and Nathan Hauritz to a Perfection of a middle Order Batsman and the over which I cannot forget was Peter Siddle was Begging the Umpire to give a Leg Before that was a Unforggettable Scene—‘He was appealing and pleading for 10 seconds continuously with the Umpire eventhough he was saying no :)’and ponting tried his best by giving the ball to Marcus North and he could’t penetrate Monty/James defense and finally england’s resistance paid off and the Moment which many eyes were waiting in the English Dressing room happened “The Handshakes” and then it was finally declared the Match was drawn..I am sure that Pietersen/Strauss would have lost all their nails like what David Lloyd mentioned–I bet you there are no nails left in that finger there is only flesh 🙂

Unforgettable delivery:

The Unforgettable delivery was the one that Hauritz made to turn Sharp and Anderson didn’t judge it properly decided sweep and then changed his mind and one more delivery which made a sharp turn pitching Outside Off

Crispy Scorecard —

England 435 & 252/9 (105.0 ov)–Star *Monty/James

Australia 674/6d–Star * R.T.Ponting

Courtesy Cricinfo

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The Dyson Bloomer

Posted by seshdotcom on March 22, 2009


If you were seeing this Disaster and if you were a West Indian Fan you would have felt like Why not Hang Dyson :@?????? because that was a Blunder caused by Dyson and the West Indies dressing room is filled with darkness when they lost their first ODI against England on Friday.

                                    The Pitch in Providence stadium Guyana is always a Subject of speculation so it was a good decision by Enlgand opting to bat first.Though the openers Ravi Bopara and Andrew Strauss failed to fire from their Guns Collingwood,Owais Shah steadied the English innings with 60 apiece.And then it began the W.I were looking Positive and even the Himalayan Target seems to be very less when Simmons and Sarwan were Charging, Simmons  came down the pitch and lofted Batty over the top and that alleviated the pressure  a bit.And there were some lustrous blows from the Bludgeoning arm of Pollard and that took the pressure out of Shivanarine Chnaderpaul who was playing a beauty at the other end.But the disaster period started when the Light started Fading and Stuart Broad trapped Dinesh Ramdin to satisfy D/L so as to make the English Side ahead with that Crucial Wicket during that time West Indies required 27 from 22 balls but when the seventh wicket went down a Wierd thing happened that Dyson called Off his not out Batsman to come to the dressing room and this was a Blunder by Dyson because he saw the wrong row in the scorecard column and thought that W.I is in the Favourable Position and if they walk now they will win,but on the other hand Strauss knows that English side is ahead when he took the wicket of Dinesh Ramdin and finally because of this Miscalculation England won by 1 run(D/L Method).When asked by the penmen after the match Dyson told 


      I went down the wrong column. It\’s my responsibility, that\’s it. I\’ve apologised to the team, that\’s all I can do. It was a bad mistake.But in one way I am proud of Dyson in one way because only very few people in this world  have fortitude to accept their mistake  and Dyson is one among them.I am sure this will be a Black day for W.I cricket but I believe this will also improve Dyson Coaching standards and thinking hereafter.

Captain Chris Gayle wasn\’t that happy but said \”Yes it is a Bad Mistake and here\’s no reason to point any finger. I\’m not going to kill him for that\”.

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Sandpit Drollery@ Antigua–The shortest match in history of test cricket

Posted by seshdotcom on February 14, 2009


The sandpit Farce

The sandpit Farce

 Just ten deliveries were fired from the hands of Taylor and Fidel Edwards when the Umpires decided abondone the match due to the Sandpit Incident.The Groundsmen decided to have a  sand based Outfield which looked somewhat risky to the Bowlers it was a Skiddy place for the Bowlers when they were about to deliver the Ball from the Bowling Crease or say the mark they have to Fire in the deliveries.This all happened when Fidel Edwards failed to bowl his fifth delivery after trying very hard to deliver that ball(he tried 2 times)and then it was like he has gone very Frustrated and because of this Sandpit based Outfield and he he Just threw the ball to the Ground with Violent anger the Ultimate Problem was he couldn’t get any stability in his Delivery Stride and he missed it thrice and that made him wild.

                               This in turn made the Umpires and Captains(Chris Gayle and Andrew strauss)and the Umpires had no option other than to Abandon the match.I would liek to say one another Incident which happened in West indies it was a Kind of similar thing but it happened @ Sabina Park and that time it was Abandoned considering the Safety of batsman in an Very ruthless and pitiless and Uneven pitch and the Ball was going somewhere else if it Pitches in middle and Off it goes to somehwhere else and very much Unbelievable thigns were happening in that Pitch and you can say this Incident  is a Kind of repeat of the  Sabina Park Incident.And this made both the teams leave the ground in a desolated state.Englishmen and English fans felt that it wasn’t an Auspicious day for them and they did not start the tour well they had an Abject Loss to the Valourous Windies Sife who were now charged up to face what is called the Best English team in the History of the Cricket for these many years.This is also an Incident which has marked a Balack day in the History books of Windies Cricket this is second such Incident happening in that country.The English people doesn’t want to take any risk as they Knew what happened to Simon Jones(The toughest bowler that the Aussi couldn’t manage during the Ashes 05′)Simon broke his knee when he was fielding in such sort of Sand based Outfield during a slide to stop the ball.

                                               The frustration in the Bowlers face was seen from the beginning Jerome Taylor failed to Bowl his first delivery because of the Sand based run up issue but it was actually Fidel Edwards who threwed the ball to keeper in Frustration when he realized that he cannot bowl considering his personal safety.And atlast considering all these things the Umpires and the Match refree decided to call it a day and that point Abandonment was the only Viable Outcome.There were Plans to move the match to Sir Aleen’s Stanford’s Ground but this has not been confirmed yet.

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